How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G (SCH-R920) on MetroPCS

The Galaxy Attain 4G is a relatively new device available on MetroPCS and a mid-range phone at that – this makes it a low priority device for most of the devs.  But some owners of this device are not sitting quiet and due to their hard work, the Galaxy Attain 4G can now be rooted.  This post will show you how to gain root access, enabling you to use all those root-requiring apps and may be even flash a custom recovery and ROM in the future if the devs keep working on it.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  This procedure could result in you owning a very expensive brick, so be sure that you indeed want root access on your device before proceeding.

2.  The following procedure has been known to have issues when tried on a Windows XP PC; so make sure that you run it on a Windows 7 PC to minimize the chances of bricking your device.

II.  Necessary Files

1.  Odin 1.85.

2.  Attain-Rooted-Update.tar

3.  Attain 4G PIT File.

III.  Rooting the Galaxy Attain 4G

1.  Extract that you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.

2.  Double-click on Odin 1.85.exe to open up Odin3.

3.  Click on the PDA button.  Navigate to the location where you downloaded the Attain-Rooted-Update.tar file from the above link and select it.

4.  Click on the PIT button.  Navigate to the the location where you downloaded the Attain-4G.pit file from the above link and select it.

5.  Make sure that repartition is unchecked.  This is important as checking this will most definitely brick your device!

6.  Power down your device.

7.  With your device switched off, press and hold the Volume Down + Home buttons and then press power.  Then press the Volume Up key to enter the Download Mode.

8.  Connect your device to the Windows PC.  You should see the ID:COM field light up yellow when you do this; if this doesn’t happen, it means that you don’t the necessary drivers installed.  You can download Samsung Kies and install it to rectify this problem.

9.  Your Odin3 screen should now look like the picture posted below.  Again, make sure that the Re-Partion tickbox is unchecked before you click Start!

10.  Click on Start.

Once Odin3 says “PASS” and your device reboots, your Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G should be rooted!! If you are in doubt though, the usual way to confirm is to download Root Checker or look for the Superuser app in the app drawer.

All credits go to Shabbypenguin on Androidforums, and a thank you or a donation will always be appreciated by him!!

This is part of our Android How To’s. We have how to’s on rooting, loading ROMs, and tons of other tips and tricks for your specific device or for Android devices in general! For all of our Android How To’s, head here.

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  • Noel

    I followed your instructions everything load successfull but phone wont start I can see screen looks like power on but is just black. help please

    • Shabbypenguin

      the thread on android forums has plenty of people that didnt listen, this guide even has a nice picture that use refused to follow. you repartitioned and now your phone wont boot.

      • Dax Krishna

        Noel, that’s what you most likely did…I had put a note in two places in the post to make sure that re-partition is unchecked 🙁

        @Shabbypenguin, nice of you to drop by!! 😀

    • Chiwen

      You repartitioned. Your phone is useless until a way to recover it is found. Anyone attempting this make sure you COMPLETELY READ the directions. If repartition is checked, you must unchecked it.

  • j8n3a1

    i walked away from my laptop and my nephew hit the start button and re-petition was checked now my phone wont come on what can I do

    • Shabbypenguin


  • devin

    sooooo when i press the power volume and home my phone takes me thiis screen that says rebbot system now apply update from sdcard and ETC…. is that the correct screen

  • Luis

    hey man i’m having trouble finding my Pre-rooted.TAR file whenever i click pda it wont show up anywhere i put it. i have downloaded the file 3 times and still it wont show up. BTW the file says its 359 MB and when i finish downloading it says the file is 358 MB should i keep downloading until it says 359 MB?

    • Dax Krishna

      If you are on Windows 7 and if you downloaded it with the built-in Firefox Downloader, you should see in your Downloads folder

  • ivander

    The Attain 4G pit file link doesnt work, please fix

  • philip duta

    will there ever be a way to unbrick it if we left repetition was left on?

  • chris

    thank you followed the directions and in 2mins 15 secs got root. I had forgot to install drivers on my computer. did that and pop roooooot again thanks

    • Ivander

      Can you tell me where you got your drivers? Ive been looking everwhere

      • Ramon Leyva

        For drivers you can just go to the Samsung website and get the stock manufacturer drivers from their website for free. Google it 🙂

        • Ivander


          • Ramon Leyva

            No problem!

  • Ramon Leyva

    OK so I followed all the instructions and BAM!! I got root 🙂 So the thing is once you have selected your tar and pit file recheck to make sure that the repartition is not checked. Adding the files does re check the box so heads up on that! Thank you for helping me with this i hope people hear about this and I hope someone decides to make roms soon! Thanks once again!

  • Ramon Leyva

    Oh and I do have one question for you all since you probably already know the answer. I am attempting to use ROM manager so i can backup this ROM as a stock ROM just in case something happens. Now in order to do so i must first flash clockwork recovery and when prompted to select my device the Samsung Galaxy attain is not listed. Can i choose another Samsung device listed that is similar or must I wait for the actual attain device to be listed? Thanks for the help!

    • cmadd

      Do not use ROM manager for anything with the Attain. If you attempt to backup with Rom manager it will brick your device permanently. There is no clockworkmod for this device yet. We are all waiting im afraid. Im personally gonna go out and buy the LG connect because I dont think there will ever be a custom recovery for this device.

  • Ivander

    Finally rooted! Anyone know any cool apps o cam download?

  • Ivander

    Finally rooted! Anyone know any cool apps i can download?

  • Droidriotor

    So after I run this Procedure Will I have to redownload all my Apps?
    I upgraded from an LG Optimus M (which I rooted with Gingerbreak, doesn’t work on Attain)

  • Donnis

    I’ve been rooted using the above instructions for almost a month now. All of the sudden superuser no longer has superuser permissions. Some of my other root apps still have pernission and some don’t, and no new root apps will be granted permissions. What happened and how do I fix it (without having to factory reset, please)

  • Ivander

    If I want to unroot my phone, how would I do it?

  • anthony

    to unroot attain from metro
    download z4root from ryan at 4shared and press unroot

  • imme916

    so i did it but it froze at NAND write start and wont change from there does this mean the phone brik?

  • deandre leron stewart

    looks like a lot of you noobs bricked your Android i fill for you thats not cool sorry ta say but next time you better pay close attention and make shore you read the directions a few times and follow instructions cuz it was layed out step by step and i did it with no problems and now i have Root access THANKS A LOT
    Dax Krishna AND THANKS TO hansassisisgarcia FOR THE VIDEO AND THE LINK

  • tnhtrnbtrfg

    x vds vdsv sdvew342222222222222 asssdfffffgvbn mhjyutereqwwfebggfwdfbfdsvfbfdfsvbbfggbnfgreweq12wertghjm

  • mike

    i followed every step and it all worked but it is saying falure i dont know what else to do please email me i just want to unlock my phone

  • mobileplay

    There are also new roms available on android forums. They will also provide root.

    • Jess

      whats da site?

  • yamma noodles

    will this work with the ver.FG02 update released on oct 18th?

    • Dax Krishna

      no, this will not work with the newer update!

      • Mel

        does anyone know if there is any root method out there for ver.FG02?

        • Jacob J. Walker

          I think I need this also, I just followed the instructions on my new phone, and I think I am partly bricked (I say partly, as I hope there is a solution!) My phone boots, but it just keeps saying that basically everything needs to forcibly be closed. Is there anyway to undo this process? (Maybe get the pre-root image for ver.FG02?)

          • ww

            shabby penguin on xda developers forum has an update

          • Dax Krishna

            Guys, I have updated the link to the recent tar released by shabbypenguin. Comment again if you run into problems

          • Farid Kader

            I think i just bricked my phone. Odin says that it passed, my phone will not start no matter what I do. WTF!

          • Mahesh Makvana

            Did you checkmark the box labeled Re-partition in Odin?

          • ton

            mine wont turn on either n i had the re-partion marked off

          • Estefan

            Has the same problem just use simpleupdatetool for sch-r920 metropcs from samsungs software

          • jess

            nope when u brick ur fone uu bricked ur fone i think u need a new one!!!!!!!!! mr! dats why am studyin dis b4 i get into rootin my fone !!! i dont wanna crash it i jus got mines i got 3 weeks wi it i wanna root so i kan get cheat codes accessess to my games!!! =) so do ur studyin for ur next fone! dats wa am doin !!! im not riskin it

          • southernpride

            Write in English you dumb nigger.

          • j

            lol if u brick ur phone u can obvis unbrick it u fucks…wowowowowowowo

          • Its not bricked just download the update from samsung and follow the on screen instructions long as u unchecked repartition you’re goo

      • as of dec 24 2012 did not work with fg02 good thing is all you have to do is re download and install fg02 if you tried

        • j

          it works… just remove ur sd crad and 4gsim then do the flashing and o ya baby

  • Jess

    where can iget th rarf da lil book thingie>?

  • Jess

    i got the yeloow triangle on downloadin do i have to wait for long time or turn it off wi my battery off my fone i dotn want to brick my fone!! PLEASE ANY ONE HELP ME

  • Jess


  • 4g isnt working after root, can anyone help me?

    • ron.ron

      im having the same issue bro wish I wouldve read all the comments before I went forward with this I have no internet connection at all please let me know if u get this resolved.

      • scotti

        did you guys find anything to solve this or how to unroot?

        • ron.ron

          Yes I fixed the issue which was to unroot and yes im still a super user 🙂

          • sue

            how to do it? could you give me a link?

  • preembargo

    Were those who had problems using XP or Win7?

  • ron.ron

    rooted my samsung attain and now I have no internet in status it says mobile network state disconnected

  • scotti

    lost data . any fix or this or an unroot

  • ER

    maybe the problems is.. you unlocked the cellphone metropcs.. so right now you really can use the sim card slot because metro need cdma and the sim card slot its only for the 4g and the slot its ready for a really sim card 4g fully provider..

  • LucasEnrique

    how long should this take?

  • faith

    4g works all is good. thank you. the only problem with this is that, YES, this will root your attain and give you super user access. But.. because there is no custom rom for this phone yet you wont be able to really change very much.. after you root.. download titanium back-up, watch a youtube tutorial or two on how to use it and remove all the bloatware from your phone. rooting is the best thanks so much for this.

  • jack_snack

    the third link do not work


    Please upload this two files
    2. Attain-Rooted-Update.tar

    3. Attain 4G PIT File.
    Because I can´t download the files.