Android App of the Day: Puzzles for Toddlers Kids Lite

If you’re the parent of a young child, then your smartphone or tablet has probably already been taken over by little hands. Now that you’ve resigned to handing over your beloved device, it’s up to you to find age appropriate apps that will keep your little tater tot entertained.  My Android tablet has been the testing grounds for dozens of kid-friendly apps, but one in particular has stood out from the rest. As most toddlers love puzzles, the Puzzles For Toddlers app is a great way to exercise their brain and motor skills in a fun game.


  • Puzzles for toddlers and kids
  • Great colorful puzzles for children 2 to 6 years
  • Educational puzzles for toddlers and young kids
  • Great colorful puzzles for children 2 to 6 years
  • Fun upbeat music
  • Advertisements do not get in the way of play
  • Bright colors
  • Perfect skill level for different age levels
  • Educational
  • Motivational sounds when a game is won
  • An exclusive parent control feature allows parents to control sound, puzzles, start and finish of the game.


  • Lite version only comes with 6 free puzzles

How it works:

  • Download the app
  • Tap on play icon to start
  • To mute sound tap on volume icon to red color, to turn on sound tap volume icon to green color
  • Each page displays 4 games
  • To see more games tap on arrow
  • To play a game tap on image
  • Each game has 4 puzzle pieces displayed on the left hand side, child must drag a piece to the grey colored outline to match
  • If a puzzle piece is correctly matched the app will sound cheerful music and stars
  • Once the puzzle is completed correctly app will sound happy music for a few moments and then option to choose another puzzle appears on the left hand side
  • To access parental control, tap on parent icon on the top right hand side of app to change levels of control


Puzzles for Toddlers Kids Lite delivers everything as promised in a kid-friendly app. My 2-year old picked up the app within moments and hasn’t stopped playing it for months. I love the cheerful music and brightly colored graphics this app uses over some of the other games I have tried out in the past. I wish the Lite version game with more games, but that’s only because we love this app so much. If you’re the parent of a 2-6 year old and are looking for a fun and educational app for your Android give Puzzles for Toddlers Kids a try. You’re bound to love it just as much as your little one will.

Puzzles for Toddlers Kids Lite is available for free in the Google Play Store. Requires Android 2.2 and higher.  Play Link

This is part of our Android App of the Day series. We take our favorite app for Android for each day and post it here for you to check out. Feel free to check out all of our App of the Day posts here.


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  • anne

    I also really like Letterzoo. Recently downloaded it for my son and he is loving it so far.