How to Solve Media Scanner Problem on your Android Phone

Sometimes, the Media Scanner on your Android Phone keeps running for more than the expected time. It doesn’t stop even when it has finished scanning the media and while it is running on your phone, you cannot access apps like Music Player. A lot of users are facing this problem and if you are one of them, then here’s a solution for you.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have a rooted Android smartphone. Browse through our articles to find the rooting procedure for your phone.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the Startup Manager app from here. (Google Play Link)

III. Solving Media Scanner Problem on your Android Phone:

1. Download the app using the link given above and install it on your phone.

2. Open Menu and launch the app by tapping its icon.

Startup Manager App (Free)

[ Main Interface ]

3. From the main screen of the app, choose System tab.

System Tab

[ System tab ]

4. Tap on Media Storage from the list of apps that appear on your screen.

5. You will be presented with some options, choose Disable among them.

Choose Disable

[ Choose Disable ]

6. A success message will be shown on your screen, tap the OK button to close it.

Tap OK button

[ Tap on OK button ]

7. Exit the app on your phone.

8. Reboot your phone.

You have successfully solved the Media Scanner problem. From now on, whenever your phone reboots, the Media Scanner will not run, hence you won’t face any problem.

If this procedure helped you, then please head over to the XDA forum to thank/donate to the original inventor of this solution !

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  • Niko Rentola

    I had this problem on my Galaxy Ace 2 (Android 2.3.6). I killed Media Storage, then I removed it’s data.
    After reboot it was working properly.
    Also that freed lots of space without deleting anything important.

  • Kris Montano

    FYI you don’t have to have rooted phone to use this app, it worked fine for me, and my phone is not rooted. I did this on a LG Optimus L9, and instead of scanning the files on my media card, it just prepared them. Significantly improved the startup speed…

  • ahmad

    i also am used to engage with DOWNLOADMANAGER service running in background taking pretty cpu and battery on -both- my phones and keeps running for even hours till phone gets warm!
    this always happens on boot or right after managing my files(rename cut paste etc…)
    whats the relationship between file managing and DOWNLOADMANAGER service while being offline ? dose the process trigger the media scanning ?

    (my phones both rooted:Xperia mini GB and Xperia go JB
    my cpu monitoring app is usage-timeline
    excuse my bad English )

    Anybody experiencing this issue?!

  • Michael Denney

    Killer…thanks! Worked to cure errors in EVERY music playing app I have on my LG Optimus G (ATT Version).
    Already had Startup Manager DL’d months ago, to speed up startup on my phone, and ASUS TF300T tablet, so this was even easier.
    Pure genius–now I’m of course left wondering…’why, Google…why?’.
    The Android Media Scanner seems to have really been one huge screwup for Google–why not spend a million bucks and FRIKKING FIX IT, instead of building two massive floating showcases for products you haven’t even made yet?
    Oh, yeah, just like so many others…Google’s eyes got ‘googley-eyed’ over all that money they could be making, over and above the billions they’ve already raked in this month, even.
    Get your priorities straight, Google…what a mess.

  • Abhilash

    Hi,but I am not finding media storage.