How To Unroot the Samsung Galaxy S III (All Versions)(MSkip Method)(Video)

Need to send your Samsung Galaxy S III in for warranty reasons? Or perhaps you just want to start over back from stock? Well, we need to remove the custom recovery image and root access and get everything back to the way it was when the phone first came out of the box. Let’s begin.

I. Before You Begin

1. You must have a Windows computer.

2. If you already have the Toolkit and Drivers installed you can skip Section II and go to Section III.

II. Install the Toolkit and Drivers

1. Download the MSkip Toolkit for your device version below and save it to your desktop.

Galaxy S III (Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T Version) (Click on the Download link in the first post under the list of functions)

[Mirror Link – Some of our readers complained that the original toolkit link doesn’t work. Use this mirror link if you’ve having the same issue]

Galaxy S III (International Unlocked Version) (Click on the Download link in the first post under the list of functions)

2. Double click the Toolkit to launch it.

3. Click Next

4. If the next screen asks you for what version of the Galaxy S III you have, select that option and hit enter.

5. Type 1 and hit enter to install drivers.

6. On the phone, pull down the notification shade and click on Settings, then click on Developer Options and turn ON USB debugging mode.

7. Once done, plug in your Galaxy S III via USB cable to your computer.

III. Download, Extract, and Flash the Stock Firmware

1. Open the Toolkit.

2. Select the Option for “Download, Extract, and Flash Stock ROM via Odin”

3. Select the option to download the firmware. Then select your model.

4. After it downloads, select the option to extract the firmware and choose the firmware file you downloaded.

5. Finally select flash firmware via Odin.

6. When Odin opens, put the window side by side with the toolkit window and follow the steps listed in the toolkit.

Thanks to the developer MSkip for his amazing toolkit! If this procedure helped you in anyway, please thank/donate to him!

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