How To Root an Android Device

If you are looking to root your Android phone or tablet, then here is where you should start. Firstly, I’d suggest brushing up on some of the terminology here in our glossary and then also going here to learn a bit more about rooting. After you’ve checked those out, then you can come back here and we can get you started.

1. Firstly, head to our Android How To’s section, find your manufacturer and then find your device. After that, you’ll be presented with all the different procedures for that device. Look for the How To Root procedure and begin with that.

Android How To’s Section

2. Next, if you can’t find your device listed in our How To’s section about, then try out one of the universal rooting procedures. These work on a variety of devices (all though you might have to try a few different ones depending on your device) and also have failsafes that stop the process if your device is not supported. So, regardless of your device, head to our universal rooting procedures and try a few to see if they work on your device.

Universal Rooting Procedures

3. If after that, you still can’t find manage to root your device, please contact us and ask us to add the rooting procedure for your device and we’ll get to work on it ASAP.

Suggest a How To

4. When you’re all done rooting your device, be sure to check out our How To Load a Custom ROM procedure to get the ultimate in modifying your Android device.

How To Load a Custom ROM

5. After you’ve done all of that, you should be rooted and running a custom ROM. To learn more things you can do with your device, head to the Android tips and tricks section and find out all the fun and exciting things you can now do.

 Android Tips and Tricks Section

  • liz

    hi, i’m trying to open superoneclick but it doesn’t let me i have windows xp, a box pops out that says ” the application failed to initializa properly (0xc0000135). click on OK to terminate the application. 🙁 please help 🙁

    • Mahesh Makvana

      The error you mentioned above doesn’t seem to be the SuperOneClick’s error, it’s your machine error.

      Try Re-installing Windows on your PC, it should work fine afterwards.

      • Guest

        holla, i need to get my lg optimus e405 l3 dual sim phone rooted asap.
        someone , help.

  • Guest

    Hei I have a big problem with ALL of the apk for rooting i am trying to download.
    eset nod32 recognizez them as viruses – superoneclick or z4root (any versions)
    i tried to download from you link – the z4root but it says that google cant let me download it because its an infected file and only the owner can download it.
    So please sent it through some other ways – the apk so i can root my Milestone 2 and go for cyanogenmod9. thank you

    • Turn OFF your Antivirus when you are doing a rooting procedure.

  • Vikodin

    i cant find m phone and a previous attempt ended in device not found. i have a my touch 4g tmobile, glacier i believe. droid 2.3.4 software 2.32.531.1 im trying to root this thing. any ideas or links/////.

  • Guest

    how do can you root t mobiles huawei prism

  • Guest

    how can you root t mobiles huawei prism

  • Richard

    Can you show us how to root BLU Vivo 4.3?

  • Heyy you show us how to root motorola xt 389/390 thankss

  • amank

    how to root micromax A56

  • mathieu

    I get an error saying my device does not have android ADB interface driver installed
    what should i do?


    XT389 ROOT PLZ

  • luuk

    please help me I try everiting… I have a htc desire z (4G) and it wil not root…


    how do i root my sony ericsson xperia pro mk18i ??i tried z4 ,oneclick both didnt work.pls help

    • kalmah

      Hi, Could you successfully root your Xperia Pro? Even I’m looking for help to root my device. pls help.

  • Jacques

    I have tried the A100 with ICS root method, . I get adb is not a recognized file message, Root is not received.
    I am running the standard Acer ICS 4.0.3 received OTA last may. I follow the instructions from your site, i tried from xda , get the sane message every time. Fouuhh.. I do not understand. It is driving me nuts..Can you help. All I want to do is to get rid of the bloatware.. Thanks Jacques

  • Edd-BR

    I have updated my GalaxyTab P1010 (WIFI only) to Gingerbread 2.3.6 (XXKPO) but I did not get how to root it. Other tutorials which I have found does not work properly . Last time which I tried one I had my tablet bricked. I would like to have it bricked again 🙂

  • Viqueens

    How do you root a Zoostorm ICS 4.0.3?

  • bg

    how do i root samsung gravity smart?

  • bg

    the site is not allowing me to create a profile, sign up or send an email to contact us

  • DarkUnicycle

    I still cannot root my phone. I have the LG Lucid and it got the 4.0.4 update from Verizon. I rooted it before hand but then I factory reset my phone and got the update. I need help badly, the rooting program to root my phone keeps saying permission denied.

  • dale

    can someone please tell me how to root a LG Optimus M s690

  • braxton

    how do i root my lg viper 4g lite