How to Boost the Volume of Your Nexus 7

Just wish the volume on your Nexus 7 was just a bit louder? How are you supposed to listen to your favorite Pandora station when it sounds like it’s whispering the songs to you? Well, thanks to a developer, you can boost the volume of the Nexus 7 by simply adding a quick program and setting it up. Here’s how.

1. Open the Play Store on your Nexus 7.

2. Search the store for Volume+.

3. Click and install either the free version or the paid version and then open it. The difference is the paid version allows you to boost the volume a bit higher and also allows you to set equalizer settings and the free version doesn’t.

4. Click on Speaker Settings to adjust the volume of the speakers, Bluetooth Settings to adjust the volume of Bluetooth enabled devices attached to the Nexus 7, or Headset Settings to adjust the volume of plugged in, wired headsets.

5. Once you choose which option you want to adjust, check on Audio Modifications to enable all the options beneath it.

6. Select Simple Volume Boost and select whatever level you want it boosted to. I’d suggest 8 (the max) for the free version or, if you bought the paid version, you can set it anywhere from 1 all the way to 20. Enjoy!

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  • CiDhed

    I’ve already gone through one speaker without boosting it. I’ll stick with stock volume.

  • Ed

    It doesn’t work anymore do not waste your money.

  • raja

    It is waste of money, doesn’t do any good to either speaker or headphone….