How To Play Nintendo 64 Games on Your Nexus 7

One of the big benefits of the Asus Nexus 7 is it’s serious processing power. The device has a quad-core processor and a twelve core GPU which means it can handle any video game Android has to offer. But what about games, say, a console has to offer? Well, let’s find out. Here’s how to get Nintendo 64 games running on the Nexus 7.

*Quick note: This particular Emulator does tend to put small advertisements in your notification bar once in a while. Up to you if that is worth playing Super Mario for free or not.

1. Open the Play Store on your Nexus 7.

2. Search for N64 Emulator, click it, and click install.

3. Search Google for Nintendo 64 ROMs on your Nexus 7 and select one of the websites that claims to offer Nintendo 64 ROMs.

4. Search whichever site you chose for the Nintendo 64 game you want to play.

5. When you find it, click the download link to download the game in .zip format and save it to your tablet (Do NOT extract the file, leave it as a .zip).

6. Once downloaded, open the Nintendo 64 Emulator app.

7. Select Choose Game and navigate to the Download folder and choose the .zip file for the game you wish to play.

8. Once it loads, use the on screen controls to play. Enjoy!

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