How to Unroot the HTC EVO 3D (CDMA)

Most people root their devices to customize the settings, apply tweaks and install custom ROMs. There are hundreds of custom ROMs available for the HTC devices and if you have rooted your device, you must have tried at least one custom ROM on it. Sometimes, when you brick your device doing such things, you need to take your device to the company shop. First you have to unroot your device to reinstate the warranty and only then you can have your device repaired at the shop. Here’s how you can unroot the HTC EVO 3D (CDMA) smartphone.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You should have rooted your device using the procedure given here.

2. You must have a custom recovery on your device. If you have rooted your device using our guide, you already have a custom recovery.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. CDMA RUU (Download the appropriate RUU for your device) (Only works for Sprint variant)

2. Fastboot 

If you’ve links to other RUUs for this device, please submit them using the contact form.

III. Unrooting the HTC EVO 3D (CDMA):

1. Download and place both the files onto your Desktop.

2. Extract files from the Fastboot archive to your Desktop. Make sure you have adb.exe and fastboot.exe on your Desktop.

3. Rename the CDMA RUU file you just downloaded to

4. Connect your smartphone to the PC using the USB cable.

5. Transfer the CDMA RUU file to the root folder of your smartphone’s SD card storage.

6. Open a Command Prompt Window on the Desktop of your PC. Press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard and right-click on any empty area on the screen and choose Open command window here.

7. Issue the following command using the Command Prompt Window:

adb reboot recovery

8. Your device should reboot into the recovery mode.

9. Using the options given in the Recovery menu, wipe Dalvik, cache, data, system and factory reset.

10. Reboot your device.

11. Now, issue the following command using the same Command Prompt Window:

adb reboot bootloader

12. Your smartphone should automatically detect the RUU file and ask you if you want to flash it. Hit the Yes option.

13. After the file has been flashed on your device, choose the Fastboot mode from the bootloader menu.

14. Type in the following command into the Command Prompt Window:

fastboot oem lock

15. It should relock the bootloader of your device. Enter the following command to reboot your device.

fastboot reboot

16. You are good to go !

Your smartphone has been successfully unrooted and the bootloader is also relocked.

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here.

If you need help with this procedure, please ask in the comments below or in the forum.

This is part of our Android How To’s. We have how to’s on rooting, loading ROMs, and tons of other tips and tricks for your specific device or for Android devices in general! For all of our Android How To’s, head here.

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  • sean

    i cant thank you enough, i though i bricked my phone ****noob****

  • t3kHe4d

    I want to start by sayin’ thx for the easy to follow instructions and links to the files needed, glad you were there, but, if I may? critique a bit…

    n00b jokes aside seein how this article is meant for n00bs,…

    it would be helpful if in your other “How To” on rooting if it was explained 1st that if you have a Evo V 3d Virgin Mobile CDMA to make a backup of EVERYTHING relating to the factory installation BEFORE rooting if one is going to later find out that one will need to S-OFF for many of the mods and because the VM RUU seems to be EXTREMELY rare as compared to the other RUU’s and include the procedure to do so if the possibility even exists without rooting.

    also it would be helpful if the external links to the file actually gave the file instead of registration and a waiting period of 10 posts to even get to see the file, seems a bit much.

    anyway, I’ll wait it out and see if it appears after my 10th post :/

    thx again.

    • tbpo0112014

      Agreed about the files…it’s rather ridiculous to publish a “how to” to then keep the files away from those that need them. Not everyone wants to spend every moment of their waking hours doing this stuff!!! In some ways this is becoming works than Corp America and feeding right into the Apple philosophy.

  • tbpo0112014

    Open community is going to crap with hiding needed files behind all of the walls. It’s no longer really open.