Samsung Expected to Rebrand Itself With New Image and Logo, To Be Unveiled During CES 2013

It’s no secret in the technology world that Samsung and Apple remain competitive forces in the smartphone and tablet niche. Both companies work relentlessly to ensuring that their product is the one that consumers choose. However, merely creating a spectacular product isn’t the whole battle. There’s the branding and marketing component that can sometimes win a consumer for life and in this industry, that’s a customer you want. Where Apple is widely regarded as an international brand, Samsung is perceived as an “Asian brand”, and it appears that Sammy is tired of their limited reputation.

According to a ChannelNews report, Samsung is working on a new “vibrant international brand” image that is aimed at competing head-to- head with Apple. The company will ditch the current logo for a whole new image. Along with the new look comes a sharp focus on lifestyle activities that will be unveiled in new ads for 2013. It’s  speculated that the new ad campaign will have the same look and feel as Nike ads, which should be an interesting change to how Samsung currently markets their products.

Do you think it’s time for Samsung to rebrand themselves? Would it make a difference in how you viewed their products? Tell us what you think in the comments below.



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