Wall Street Journal Reports Samsung Is Poised to Release Flexible Smartphones During the First Half of 2013

It’s no industry secret that smartphone manufacturers like LG, Sharp, and Samsung have been working on a flexible smartphone design for quite some time now. What we didn’t know was which one of the hardware giants would produce the first one. Now, it looks like the race is officially on, as a source has informed the Wall Street Journal that Samsung is poised to release a flexible smartphone during the first half of 2013.

The new device is expected to have plastic in place of where the glass normally acts as the smartphone display. The plastic would allow the device to not only be lighter and bendable, but unbreakable as well.

Samsung declined comment on the WSJ report which leaves an exact launch timeline  and additional specifics still unknown. We’ll still look to the new year with hopes of seeing Samsung push the innovation even further.


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