iFixit Gives Google’s Nexus 4 the Teardown Treatment and Repairability Score

The insatiable iFixit team had their hands full on Friday by giving Google’s Nexus 4 the teardown treatment. The specialists spent a few short minutes dismantling the back cover of the device to see what was hiding underneath the sparkly exterior. What they found was that the rear plate contained several pressure contacts that power the handset’s NFC antenna and connect its wireless charging induction coil. The next step in their iFixit mission was to remove the 2100 mAh battery which proved to be slightly labor-intensive due to adhesive and additional screws. In comparison to the battery removal the device’s motherboard was removed with ease and showed off a Qualcomm WTR1605L seven-band 4G LTE chip.

The whole teardown process enabled iFixit to bestow the Nexus 4 with a 7 out of 10 repairability score, mainly due to the difficult battery removal and glass front which is fused to the display and frame. If you’re interested in seeing some Nexus 4 guts, then check out the full teardown here.


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