How to Root the LG Viper 4G LTE running on ICS

If you really want to experience the ultra-fast Internet speed, you should consider buying a LTE supported smartphone. LG Viper 4G LTE is one of those LTE supported smartphones that can let you download a HD movie in just a few minutes. The real potential of your device can only come out when it’s rooted. so in the following guide, we’re gonna show you how you can root your LG Viper 4G LTE. It’ll allow you to load as many root-only apps on your smartphone as you want.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You’re gonna void the warranty of your device by rooting it. Keep this in mind.

2. You must have drivers for your device installed on your PC.

3. The following procedure works on Windows PCs only.

4. This procedure has been known to work on Android ICS only.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Root Package (Download link’s given in the first post)

III. Rooting the LG Viper 4G LTE:

1. Place the Root Package archive on your Desktop.

2. Extract files from the archive to your Desktop.

3. Enable the USB debugging option on your device by heading to Menu>>Settings>>Developer options>>USB debugging.

4. Enable the Unknown sources option as well from Menu>>Settings>>Security>>Unknown sources.

5. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable.

6. Choose Charge only as the connection type.

7. Open a Command Prompt Window on your Desktop. To do so, press and hold the Shift button on your keyboard and right-click on any empty area on the screen, then choose Open command window here.

8. Type in following command into the Command Prompt Window:

stuff\adb devices

9. It should show your device on the connected devices list.

10. Now, issue the following command:


11. Select Option 1 and press ENTER.

12. You should see the Restore button on your device. Press it.

13. It should reboot your device a few times, this is normal and you don’t have to panic.

14. And you’re rooted now!

Awesome! You have successfully achieved root access on your LG Viper 4G LTE smartphone. If you’ve been wanting to try a root-only app on your device, now is the time to do it.

IV. Flash a Custom Recovery Image (Optional):

1. If you would like to flash a custom recovery image in order to flash custom ROMs, head to the How To Flash a Custom Recovery Image on the LG Viper 4G LTE to learn how to do that.

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here.

If you need help with this procedure, please ask in the comments below or in the forum.

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  • Penis Berg

    How can you unroot it.

    • man

      simply factory reset

      • theDOLLARS

        that actually does not work
        two completely unroot, you need to use the same program the stores use to reset your factory image

  • ichuckydee

    did not work for me it says cannot find location…help?

    • helpingout

      Shift+Right-Click on the extracted file on your desktop, then click open command window. The commands should work then.

  • TheRealBond007

    My phone is asking for the device encryption code when the restore comes up on my phone… I am not running encryption on my phone should I set one up?

  • Alarric

    says operation not permitted, cannot find file “ric” O_o(confused)

  • jimmyjoebobbeauford

    Does not work on ICS LG Viper (LS840) using version 32 of the package. Tried all options, no dice.