How to Root the AT&T Galaxy Note (I717) running Ice-Cream Sandwich

If you are looking to root your Galaxy Note, look no more as this guide below will get you rooted in no time at all and have you flashing a custom ROM of your choice.  Why do you need to flash a custom ROM?  Only to get the features that your manufacturer forgot to include of course.  So read on then if you want to root your AT&T Galaxy Note running Ice-Cream Sandwich.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Back up everything you feel is important.

2.  Make sure you have your device charged to 75% or more before you begin.

3.  You will need to have a custom recovery installed for this procedure to work.  Look to our guide on the same to help you with this.

4.  This procedure works only with the AT&T Galaxy Note that has been updated officially to Ice-Cream Sandwich.  Do not try this if you are still running Gingerbread.

II.  Necessary Downloads [File attached to this post]

III.  Rooting the Galaxy Note

1.  Connect your device to your PC in MTP Mode and copy the to your SD card.

2.  Disconnect your device and shut it down.

3.  Press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons and let them go once your device boots into recovery mode.

4.  Use the Volume Up and Down keys to highlight to apply update from sdcard and press the home button to select it.

5.  Locate and to flash the file.

6.  Once you see the install from sdcard complete message, highlight and select reboot system now.

Your Galaxy Note should be rooted once it reboots!  Look for the Superuser app to confirm that you indeed have root access.

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