How To Play Poker on the iPhone (Using Real Money)

Maybe you love to play online poker? Maybe you also love your iPhone? Issue here is that Apple doesn’t allow any apps that involve gambling so there aren’t any poker apps in the app store that allow you to bet real money. Well, has solved this by created a portal that you can access via the internet browser on your iOS device and play real money poker. Here’s how.

1. On your iPhone, open Safari (the internet browser).

2. In the address bar put “” without the quotes. Then hit Go. (If viewing our site on a mobile device, then just click here).

3. Click the big Play button in the center of the screen.

4. Select Login.

5. Click Sign Up (or enter your username and password if you already have one).

6. Enter in your details and create an account (you must be 18 years or older).

7. Login with your new details.

That’s it. You can now play online using real money on your iPhone.

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