SNES Emulator Now Available For Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro

Every major mobile OS should have its own old school game console emulator, and we’re pleased to inform you that one is now available for Windows RT. That just gave the Microsoft mobile OS a bump up on our cool scale. The app we’re talking about is called Snes8x and it’s available for free at the Windows Marketplace for both Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro.

Snes8x is based on the widely popular SNES 9x emulator, so users can expect it to run smoothly on the Microsoft Surface and other Windows RT based tablets. Here’s a quick description of the app from the Windows Store:

  • Snes8x is a Super Nintendo emulator for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The app is based on Snes9x, a free and portable SNES emulator.
  • Features
  • Play Super Nintendo games
  • Support for virtual touch controls and keyboard input



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