AT&T Plans To Update The Samsung Galaxy Note II With Multi-Window Beginning December 27th

If you’re the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note II, then you’re also most likely already familiar with the Multi-Window feature. This is a split-screen feature which enables users to view two apps at the same time. Cool right? While most of the major US carriers have already updated their variants of the Galaxy Note II to the Multi-Window feature, AT&T is the last carrier to roll out the feature. Thankfully, the wait is nearly over as AT&T finally announced that it will roll out the new build over the air (OTA) beginning December 27th.

Here’s what AT&T had to say:

AT&T plans to begin rolling out a software update for Samsung Galaxy Note II customers that includes the Multi-Window feature, which allows the user to divide the screen into two active “windows” creating a split screen that enables fluid multitasking between applications. The update will be available for download over the air beginning Dec. 27.

It’s unclear if AT&T will roll out the OTA update in phases, so be patient if you don’t see a notification right away. Just be thankful to know that it’s on the way.



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