Verizon to Match 3G Network With 4G LTE By End of 2013, Celebrates 473 4G LTE Networks to Start the Year

Verizon kicked off their CES keynote event by celebrating their 4G LTE coverage accomplishments. It was more than evident that the Big Red 4G LTE network is impressively vast and yet, still expanding. The carrier had originally planned to match the size of their 3G network with 4G LTE by 2013’s end, but now they expect to finish this 6 months ahead of schedule.

Verizon proudly announced that the beginning of 2013 marks a total of 473 live LTE markets covering approximately 273.5 million customers. Currently, the LTE network covers 89% of their existing 3G markets. This leaves little to no doubt that Verizon will have blanketed LTE over its entire 3G reach by the end of the year.

While there’s always room for improvement, it is still refreshing to see a carrier committed to enhancing their infrastructure as promised.





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