Samsung’s Flexible “Youm” Prototypes Show Their Curves Off At CES Keynote Event

After much anticipation, Samsung used this year’s CES keynote event as the stage to debut their “Youm” flexible smartphone and tablet prototypes. As expected, the devices were shown in action by being curved or bent while still being able to display video or images on the display.

The prototype which stole the spotlight was the device with a unique slanted edge design. Samsung used the slanted edge to demonstrate that manufacturers can utilize the area to highlight different features. As shown in the image above, the slanted edge is optimized to display the S note app,  Messaging icons, and a text box for a possible ticker for scrolling text.

Still no release date or pricing for the new technology, but we can see how this could be applied to future devices. Would you be willing to pay a premium for a flexible phone just for the mere sake that it would make it unbreakable? Or would you pony up for one of these just for the simple fact that it looks uber cool?

youm2 samsung-flexible-display-650x432 youm1



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