Google Invites Developers to Project Glass Events For “Two Days of Full on Hacking”

Who could forget the Project Glass buzz at last year’s Google I/O event? The augmented reality headset has gained some serious momentum in its development period and we may even see a production timeline this year. During the I/O event, developers were given the opportunity to sign up for a $1,500 Glass Explorers package which would give them a device and the ability to hack away at it. With an open source platform, the device’s full potential really lies in the hardworking dev community. The more chances they get to modify the device hands on, the better it will be for consumers by the time it hits retail shelves.

In the hope of cultivating raw development  power, Google announced today that there will be two “Glass Foundry” events at the end of January and beginning of February. One event will be held in San Francisco, while the other event will take place in New York over the span of two days. Google will have Glass units readily available so developers can really work their magic. Google’s calling the events “two days of full on hacking”. Sounds fun right?

So, if you’re a developer who registered for the Glass Explorers program, then now’s the time to check your inbox for details on the Foundry event.



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