Motorola Vows to Make it Right Again, Promises to Support Everything Launched Going Forward

Over the last couple of years Motorola has left many long time customers feeling unsatisfied and disappointed. Naturally, when you invest in a smartphone or tablet, you expect reliable support for the device. Sadly, Motorola has created quite the reputation for breaking their own promises when it comes to updates. With numerous cancelled OS updates and promises continuously broken it’s no surprise that Motorola owners have been making promises of their own: never to buy a Motorola made device again.

It seemed all hope was lost for Motorola until Google acquired the company back in May of 2012. The merger sparked rampant rumors of pure stock Android devices and a better customer experience overall. Fast forward to today, where it appears new commitments are being made. A simple promise by Motorola to the customer to learn from the past and make things right again. It’s been a several months since the highly publicized merger and Google has seemingly gone the distance to restructure Motorola internally in hopes of securing a better future for the company.

Motorola’s VP of Product, Punit Soni, reflected this vow by stating:

“In the 5 months I have been on this, I don’t go through one day when I don’t feel the impact of past promises that were made and couldn’t be met. I have said this before: I cannot fix the past. However, going forward, anything we launch, we will support. Any commitment we make, we will follow up”.

Undoubtedly Punit Soni, his product team, and Google still have  a long road ahead to establish the lost loyalty for Motorola Mobility. The true test will be when Moto starts pushing out new devices again under Google’s watchful eye.

What are your feelings on Motorola’s past? What would it take for you to buy into Motorola’s promises again?



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  • SN

    I’ll believe it when my Bionic has an unlocked bootloader