Possible Images of the HTC M7 Leaked, Sense 5.0 On Board?

The time leading up to Mobile World Congress (MWC) is always turbulent with rumors and leaked renderings of elusive handsets which have for the most part remained under wraps all year. 2013 proves to be no different as illustrated by the latest leak of the HTC M7. Judging from the image the device’s design tears a page right from the Droid DNA, with slight variations including the placement of the front and rear facing cameras. More importantly, it appears that the M7 will come equipped with HTC Sense 5.o. This would allow its users to take full advantage of  new widgets for at-a-glance news and tips.

As with most leaked images, we always have to remain skeptical of their authenticity. For example, in this image the capacitive buttons appear to be placed unusually high on the front, and are not in their usual order with the home button not being placed in the middle. The handset is also missing the typical regulatory images on the back, so this device could very well still be a prototype.

With MWC about a month away, we’re left waiting patiently to see if the M7 will make its official debut as HTC’s next big thing.




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