LG Unwraps Optimus G Pro for Other Markets, Shows Off Its 5.5″ HD 1080p Curved Glass Design

LG decided to lift the lid on its highly anticipated Optimus G Pro for markets other than Japan. Similar to its Japanese counterpart this device comes equipped with a full 5.5″ HD 1080p display and a quad-core processor. What’s most noteworthy about the Optimus G Pro is that it will incorporate a curved glass design which gives the user a 2.5D effect. Overall the design looks like a combination of the Samsung Galaxy S3’s front and the HTC One X’s back. This one is definitely easy on the eyes when it comes to its aesthetic appeal.

LG is aiming for a late February release  for markets outside of Japan with no exact date for the U.S. Pricing for U.S. markets also remains unknown.




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