How to Find your Windows 8 Product Key

You should always keep your Windows 8 product key noted somewhere so when you do a fresh-install, you can easily find it and enter it into the key field. But once you’ve done the installation, there’s no way to find out the key on your PC. However, there’s a simple workaround that lets you see the product key of your Windows 8. Here’s how:

I. Downloading Required Files:

1. Key Finder

II. Finding your Windows 8 Product Key:

1. Download the Key Finder utility and place it on your Desktop.

2. Double-click on the Key Finder executable file and follow the instructions to install it.


Install the program

3. Once installed, launch it on your PC.

4. The first screen will show you your Windows 8 Product Key.

Magical Jelly Bean

5. You’re done!

Great! Now note it down somewhere you think is safe place, so you can find and use it whenever you want.

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  • Gary

    Installs unwanted toolbar on browsers…no option to not install it.
    Don’t download this program.

    • Lopear

      This program didn’t work for me. I prefer SmartKey Porduct Key Recovery. It is easier!

  • Thanks

    Thanks for sharing this.