How to Burn ISO Files in Windows 8

Windows 8 includes an option to burn ISO files directly to discs without using any third-party tools. It comes handy when you have some ISO files on your PC that you want to burn to discs. Here’s how you can do that:

I. Burning ISO Files in Windows 8:

1. Open the folder where you have saved the ISO file.

2. Right-click on the ISO file and select Burn disc image.

Burn disc image

Select Burn disc image

3. Select your Disc burner on the next screen and hit Burn.

Windows Disc Image Burner

Select your Burner and hit Burn

4. It’ll begin burning the ISO file to the Disc.

5. You’re done!

Great! You now have an easy option to burn ISO files to discs on your Windows 8 PC!

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  • Angelica Perduta

    Nope… just an ‘Edit file type’… no ‘burn disk image’ option on my version of windows 8.

    • brekinapez

      Works for me. Other than the Pro version having BitLocker, RDC, and domain capability there are no differences in the Windows 8 versions, so maybe you could tell us what steps you are making in your attempt to burn an iso.

    • Tim

      This wasn’t an option on my Windows 8 Enterprise version either. Not sure why.

      • Lars

        I have to choose “Explorer” as default (Open with), otherwise “Burn disc image” is just not there.

    • Chris

      It seems these options only appear after the first time you have tried to burn an iso file. Start by double clicking the file and closing the next window, which displays the contents of the file. You will now have the disk image tools options when you select the iso file.

  • Bresil

    Just ran into the same basic problem (no ‘burn disc image’ option). Once I associated the ISO file with Windows Explorer, the option became available.

    • Opposes the Fool

      OH my gosh, thank you!!

  • Juls

    If you don’t have the option, click on open with and choose windows explorer. you will now have the option to burn

  • fuck microsoft

    fuck u microsoft… cannot burn… options not intact!!!!

  • Casey Harmono Van

    This doesn’t work. I have clone drive installed, so maybe that’s the problem. Why can’t they make these things simple? It’s impossible to get things one in Windows 8.1 without reading how to do it online, but I have had MS Windows OS’s since 3.1! Surely they could make it more intuitive and reverse compatible. If there is a program that does something, then it should have a **Menu** option in the program for it, not right click. That way there is one way to to everything if you don’t know the shortcut. This is like Apple iTunes. What’s the point in having shortcuts if you have to learn the shortcut to do everything? Shortcuts should not be the only way to operate the interface. Everything should have a menu option.

  • foodi

    set the default program for .iso files to “Windows Explorer”, and then
    you can see the “Burn disc image” option in the context menu.

  • Howdy

    Two things you should double check if the “Windows Image Burner” isn’t a right click Option for you.
    First, did you disable windows explorer? I always do. 🙂
    Second, as state twice ( now 3 times in these replies) Have you made .iso extensions associated with Windows Explorer. Sounds silly, but hey that’s Microsoft people. you know this. Right click file, goto “Opens with…” Windows Explorer. After that right click file again and option is there. ( unless you are at work and Admin has this feature Completely disabled because you are At Work! Quit trying to use company Disks to steal software etc. 😛

  • jahazieliv

    What type and size Disc to use to burn an Win 8.1 iso?

  • How_delightful

    I wish the RATS would make that clear; as I have had to trawl the internet to figue out whether to buy the formlerly FREE NERO ISO burner (now $70) or not; as the way I burned the ISO using Windows 8 (to create a bootable repair program [with no burning instructions]) FAILED.
    Many thanks for making it clear where Microsoft FAILED (yet again) to.
    Hope it works; as there are so many millions of possibilities out there most of which are useless or worse.

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