T-Mobile Lumia 521 Available First Through HSN April 27th, $149.95 Off Contract

Are you a T-Mobile user with your eye on the Nokia Lumia 521? If you’re shaking your head yes, then it looks like the device is going up for grabs first through HSN starting April 27th. Yes, weird we know. The television network is offering the earliest access of the smartphone and will cost you$149.95 off-contract. HSN is also throwing in a bonus car charger and a screen protector as an added incentive to shop tech their way.

The Lumia 521 will then make its way over to Microsoft retail stores and Walmart on May 11th, for the same $149.95 price off-contract. And last but not least, T-Mobile is expected to carry the device on May 22nd alongside everybody else.

So, who’s going to be doing some television network shopping? It’s ok, don’t worry about your pride, we won’t tell anyone.


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