How to Change Lock Screen Message on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung calls its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, as Life companion and that’s what the lock screen message says on the device. However, some users would like to change that text to something else, maybe they’ll want to put their name in place of that text, we’ll show you exactly how to do that in the following guide.

I. Changing Lock Screen Message on the Samsung Galaxy S4:

1. On your device, head to Menu>>Settings>>My device>>Lock screen>>Lock screen widgets.

2. Tap on Edit personal information.

3. Now tap on the lock screen message and you’ll be able to edit it.

4. Type in whatever you want and hit Save.

5. You’re done!

Great! Your lock screen message’s been successfully changed and you should be able to notice it as soon as you press the power button and then press it again to get to the lock screen!

Image Credit: PocketNow

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  • cachii

    what if i can’t go to the lock screen? is there any other way? what i mean is im pressing it but nothings changes.

  • Paulius Aleksiejus

    there is no Lock screen widgets. on my s4 how to remove that i accidently typed in some random words fev weeks ago…