How to Disable BlinkFeed on the HTC One

One of the notable features of the HTC One is the BlinkFeed. It’s something that lets you read articles and do a lot more things right from your homescreen. While this may seem as an useful tool for some users, others may want to remove it as it doesn’t do anything for them. So, here’s how you can disable BlinkFeed on your HTC One:

I. Downloading Required Files:

1. GO Launcher EXQR Code (Google Play Link)

II. Disabling BlinkFeed on the HTC One:

1. Head over to Google Play and download and install the GO Launcher EX launcher on your device.

2. Once it’s been installed, press the Home button on your device.

3. It should ask you which launcher to use. Simply tap on the GO Launcher EX option and choose Always.

4. And you’re done!

Great! Now everytime you launch menu or homescreen on your device, you shouldn’t see that annoying BlinkFeed thing!

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