How to Overclock the HTC Sensation

HTC Sensation has been overclocked, all thanks to the developer of the overclock kernel. Once overclocked, you get much better performance off your device and it’s pretty easy to overclock the HTC Sensation, here’s how:

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have rooted your device before doing this procedure. Check out our How to Root the HTC Sensation procedure to root your device.

2. You must have CWM Recovery installed on your device. If you followed our root guide above, you have it already.

II. Make a Backup:

1. Head over to the Google Play and download and install the Quick Boot app on your device.

2. Once the app has been installed, launch it from your App Drawer.

3. Hit the Recovery option and your device will reboot into the Recovery mode.

4. Now select backup and restore followed by backup.

5. Create a backup of your system using the available options.

6. And you’re done!

III. Downloading Required Files:

1. Sense ICS Kernel (Download link’s given in the first post)

IV. Flashing the Overclock Kernel on the HTC Sensation:

1. Download and place the Kernel zip onto your Desktop.

2. Plug in your device to your PC using the USB cable.

3. Copy the Kernel zip over to the root of your SD card.

4. Once it’s been copied, unplug your device from your PC.

5. Open the Quick Boot app from your App Drawer.

6. Hit Recovery option in the app and your device will reboot into the CWM Recovery mode.

7. Once inside Recovery, select wipe cache partition followed by Yes.

8. Now select advanced>>Wipe dalvik cache and then hit Yes.

9. Get back to the main menu of the recovery.

10. Select install zip from sdcard followed by choose zip from sdcard.

11. Choose the Sense ICS Kernel zip to be flashed on your device.

12. It should begin flashing the kernel on your device.

13. Once the flashing’s done, reboot your device.

14. You’re done!

V. Overclocking the HTC Sensation:

1. Download and install any of these apps on your device:

Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro


2. Open the App from your App Drawer.

3. Increase the CPU speed using the options available in the app.

4. Make sure not to choose the save on boot option in the app.

5. Once you’re comfortable with a specific CPU speed, close the app.

6. You’re good to go!

Excellent! Your HTC Sensation has been successfully overclocked and is all ready to provide you with much better speeds!

VI. Reverting Back to the Stock Kernel (Optional):

1. Open the Quick Boot app from your App Drawer.

2. Hit the Recovery option and you should reboot into the Recovery mode.

3. Once inside Recovery, select backup and restore followed by restore.

4. Choose the backup you created earlier to be restored on your device.

5. As soon as you select a backup file, it’ll begin restoring it.

6. Once the restoration’s done, reboot your device.

7. You’re all done!

Congrats! You’re back to the stock kernel and there’s nothing like overclocking in it!

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here.

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