Samsung Primed to Update Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 For Android 4.3, Waiting on Google Now

XDA just got a second leaked Android 4.3 build for the Google Play Edition of the Galaxy S4, which tells s that Samsung and Google are working diligently to guarantee that as soon as the latest version of Android is ready the Google Play Edition devices will be the first to get it.

This version of Android 4.3 shows a build date of July 11. This tells us that once Google places their stamp of approval on Android 4.3, the Google Play Edition Galaxy S4 will primed to welcome it in. It wasn’t clear if the HTC One or the Galaxy S4 GPE would be standing next to other Android Nexus devices when the update rolled out, but now it looks like this will in fact be the case.

Google has a press event slated for next week in San Francisco on July 24th. All signs are indicating that this is when the Mountain View crew will unveil Android 4.3. We’ll be covering the event and will cover the news as it’s happening to keep you all in the know.

Interested users who are interested in flashing the 4.3 zip file onto your Galaxy S4 GPE, can grab it from the XDA thread linked below.

Source Via: XDA

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