How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro (GT-I8552) Running I8552XXAMH2 Firmware

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, as its name implies, is a device that boasts of a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU, dual SIM support, a 5MP shooter, with a 4.7-inch display and running Android 4.1.2.  The device recently saw an update to version I8552XXAMH2 and if you are running this firmware and are looking to root it, the guide below is the one you should be reading.

I.  Before You Begin

1.  This guide is only for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro running the I8552XXAMH2 firmware version.  Do not try this on any other device or any other firmware.  If you have the older I8552XXAMDB firmware, use our guide here to help you.

2.  As always, back up everything you care about from your device before you start.

3.  Charge your device to 75% or more before you begin.

4.  Make sure you have the necessary drivers installed before you begin.  If you are not sure, install Samsung Kies that should take of care of things for you.

II.  Necessary Downloads

1. [Link available in this post]

2.  KERNEL-INU-I8552XXAMH2-1376457550.tar [Link available in this post]

3.  Framaroot-1.6.0.apk [File attached to this post]

4.  Odin 1.85.rar

III.  Flashing the Older Rootable Kernel

1.  Extract the Odin 1.85.rar file you downloaded above to a folder on your desktop.

2.  From the extracted folder, double-click on Odin3 v1.85.exe to run the tool.

3.  Put your device into Download mode.  To do this, power down your device, and press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons until you enter Download mode.

4.  Click on PDA button, locate you downloaded above and click on OK to load it on Odin.  The ID:COM field on Odin should now light up yellow to signify that your device is connected and recognized properly.  If not, reinstall Samsung Kies and try again.

5.  Make sure that the Re-Partition and Flash Lock are unchecked; this is important as you might brick your device if these options are ticked!

6.  Click on Start.

7.  Once done, reboot your device.

You now have a older rootable kernel and are ready to root!

IV.  Rooting the Galaxy Grand Quattro

1.  Connect your device to your PC and copy the Framaroot-1.6.0.apk file you downloaded above to your device’s SD card.

2.  Use a file manager app (Astro or ES File Explorer, for example), navigate to the location of Framaroot-1.6.0.apk, and install the application.  Make sure you have enabled installation of apps from unknown sources by going to Settings > Security and ticking the Unknown sources checkbox.

3.  Go to your app drawer and open up the Framaroot app.

4.  Tap on Gandalf and wait for the success popup.

5.  Reboot your device.

Your device is now rooted!  But wait, you are still running the older kernel.  Use the section below to get back to your original kernel.

V.  Flashing the Original Kernel

Follow the same steps as in Section III, but on step #4, choose the KERNEL-INU-I8552XXAMH2-1376457550.tar file you downloaded above..

If this procedure helped you please thank/donate to the original developers here and here.

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  • JoArroyo

    my phone’s baseband version is i8552dxamg2. will this procedure work on my device?

  • JoArroyo

    worked on my device: samsung galaxy win/grand quattro gt-i8552. thanks!

    • Aubada Taljo

      I have a galaxy win, does it have the same firmware as the grand quattro?? cause as I googled online both are named GT-I8552

      thank you

      • D

        Yes it’s the same

  • Kay

    Worked on my I-8552. Thanks a lot!

  • AP

    It just keeps on crashing on my grand quattro GT-I8522

  • Adish Sakaria

    Can u please upload valid download links?

  • Adish Sakaria

    Sir, can u please tell me the procedure to install CWM Recovery on my unrooted Galaxy Grand Quattro?

  • Nikhil

    Dude u ROCK

    • Dax Krishna

      Glad we could help Nikhil!

  • sahil

    Framaroot does not work It kicks out to homescreen with no success msg, I tried all versions of Framaroot & CWM Recovery but still not working :(, I guess someone will help us for rooting our SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND QUATTRO/GALAXY WIN# My cell Baseband Version:I8552ddamI1

    • Rudraksh

      Same here but it has been time since u posted this review.have framaroot recovered!!!!do u hv ne suggestions for me..need help here pls suggest some ideas

      Thanking u

  • Rasydan Hanif

    my hp cannot into download mode? why?

  • khaled

    i searched a lot and couldn’t find the 1st two
    necessary downloads 🙁

  • babu aarethiya

    my phone is not going into download mode

  • Abhishek

    I updated latest software updates on I8552 quattro, after a day, battery drained, & when charging, phone starts restarting aftr few seconds !
    Pls suggest how to recover through phone only.

  • ali

    I am in the recovery mode …n need to select the supersu file I saved on it but I get a msg…saying invalid data….ps. I ve formatted the sd card twice frm the phone
    plz adv

  • kkk

    vroot 1.7.4
    can do better than this

  • Muhammad Adeel

    hello everyone my smart phone samsung galaxy win gt-i8552 not going to
    downloading mod by pressing volume down+home+power buttons and volume
    up+power buttons both option are not working kindly plz help me…