How to Unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Video)

Unrooting is the process of restoring a phone back to stock after you’ve rooted it. This comes in handy for a number of reasons. One is that it reinstates the warranty that was voided by rooting (usually) and two it helps you start over from scratch, if say, you went a little overboard with mods and hacks once you rooted. Either reasoning, unrooting the Galaxy Note 3 is pretty simple thanks to Samsung’s flashing program called Odin. Here’s how to unroot the Galaxy Note 3.

I. Before You Begin

  1. Must be using a Windows computer as the Odin program is only for Windows.

II. Download the Necessary Files

  1. Download Odin and save it to your Desktop.
  2. Download the firmware for your specific version of the Note 3 and save it to your Desktop.
    Stock Firmwares
  3. Right-click the Firmware .zip file and click Extract All.

III. Put the Galaxy Note 3 in Download Mode

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Turn if back on by holding down Volume Down, Home, and Power at the same time. Release when the screen turns on.
  3. Plug the device in via USB cable.

IV. Unroot the Galaxy Note 3

  1. Right-click the Odin .zip file and click Extract All.
  2. Double click Odin from inside the extracted folder.
  3. Click on PDA and choose the .tar file you extracted from the firmware .zip file and click OK.
  4. Make sure Repartition is unchecked.
  5. Check on Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.
  6. Click Start and wait for it to flash.

That’s it, you should now be unrooted. Feel free to head back to our Galaxy Note 3 How To’s section if you feel like re-rooting.

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  • iagozdi212

    my Aunty Ruby got an almost new blue Nissan Sentra only from
    working off a laptop. a knockout post w­w­w.B­I­G­29.c­o­m

  • blade78

    Will this rest knox?

  • Maynard

    how do you find out your original Country/Carrier after it’s already been moded and erased

    • justin jones

      Did you ever get an answer to this? I have a Galaxy Note 3 from t-mobile. But the link I got here says that it not original and I can not get future updates. I am looking for t mobiles original software for this.

  • Vijay Tripathi

    Even after unroot system status is custom how to get that as official

  • Miguel

    If I do this will I be able to update my firmware

    • Rajmund Szasz

      Well when I had my note 3 rooted the system update couldn’t go on cause of custom android and bla bla… Now after the unroot the update system works with no problem. So yeah, you can update after this 🙂

  • Rajmund Szasz

    What if I have only md5 file and a dll?

  • Rajmund Szasz

    I figured it out.. Unrooted it, then everything failed to start and stopped working… Then I wiped the phone in recovery mode and it works like charm! I have SM-N9500 🙂

  • Alejandro Hernandez

      Hey! I’m looking forward to unrooting my Galaxy Note 3 but I have some concerns. Will it wipe everything from my phone? If so, how do you recommend I do a backup of everythin? Such as apps, WhatsApp conversations, pictures, videos.
    When I unroot, will I be able to update to lollipop? I’m stuck in 4.3 because I rooted my phone.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hello,

      Yes it will. It literally brings it back to the way it was when you bought it.

      WhatsApp has it’s own backup within the app so do that from there, photos/videos I’d recommend saving to your computer or downloading Google Photos and letting it back it all up, and apps you just have to redownload from the Play Store (but it should remember which you had at least so it’s just a matter of going through the “All” tab under My Apps in the store and tapping each and clicking install all.

      Yes after unrooting, you’ll be able to update using the OTA update from Samsung so if they have an update to lollipop for you then you can update. If they don’t then, no you can’t. Please contact Samsung for help with that if you choose to unroot.

      If you are only unrooting just for the update, then may I recommend you don’t unroot. Instead just flash a custom ROM based on the lollipop instead. See this for more info –

      • Alejandro Hernandez

        Will I also wipe everything if I flash a custom ROM?

        • Yes, but you won’t lose root and it’ll be a better version of the OS that’s more optimized than Samsung’s.
          This is, though, contingent on the fact there is a custom ROM available for your device. You’ll have to look around and see and you also need a custom recovery on the phone if you don’t already have it.

          You can check my ROM section here to start 🙂 –

  • m j

    I have factory reset my rooted note3. It was left with supersu and lost playstore which i had to sideload the apk file. File downloads error say cant start download, and apps have the moving bar but dont download.Can you give me any advice as to what might be wrong?

    Kind regards

  • Julian Manciaz

    Hello, I am unrooting my device and it stopped and has a big red “FAIL” in the status block. What should I do? Should I reattempt it?

    • Julian Manciaz

      Ahh!! nevermind! I just reattempted it and it worked! Thank you guys so much for posting this stuff! It’s fantastic!

  • Jin Guzman

    Good day! I was just wondering what the yellow box in the tutorial video means? I’m currently trying to unroot my Note 3 and it’s not working. There is no yellow box below the box where you will see the green box that says “PASS”. Help pleaseee

    • Hello,

      Are you saying my video had a yellow box and you don’t see it or yours has one and my video doesn’t? And at what step exactly do you get this yellow box of that’s the case?

      • Jin Guzman

        Your video had a yellow box, under the “ID:COM” it’s not showing up on mine.

        • Ignore it and just continue, so long as the tutorial works and you get the green box at the end that’s all that matters 🙂

          • Jin Guzman

            Ah I understand