How to Root the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582

The Galaxy S Duos 2, released by Samsung in December last year, features a dual-core 1.2GHz processor and a 4-inch screen, running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean firmware.  We’ll show you how to root this device in the guide below if you own it, which should enable you to install root-requiring apps that will help you overclock your device if you feel it slow, change the icon set if you don’t like them and much more that you normally won’t be empowered to do on your stock device!

I.  Before You Begin

1.  Back up everything you feel is important before you begin, just in case, although data loss is unlikely.

2.  Charge your device to 75% or more before you begin to prevent unwanted shutdowns.

3.  Make sure you have the necessary drivers installed before you proceed.

II.  Necessary Downloads

VRoot_1.6.0.3689_english.exe [or latest version]

III.  Rooting the Galaxy S Duos 2

1.  Double-click on VRoot_1.6.0.3689_english.exe to begin installing the VRoot application.

2.  Enable USB debugging on your device.  To do this, go to Settings > Development options and tick the USB debugging checkbox.  If you don’t find Development options listed under Settings, go to Settings > About phone and keep tapping on the build number until you get a message saying, ‘you are now a developer.’  You should now find Development options under Settings.

3.  Open up the VRoot application you previously installed.

4.  Connect your device to your PC when VRoot asks you to.  If there are any drivers being installed at this point, let them do so before continuing.  Once successfully installed, VRoot should recognize your device.

5.  Click on the Root button.

6.  Wait for your device to reboot automatically.

Once your Galaxy S Duos 2 reboots, look for the Superuser app in your app drawer.  If you find it there, you are completely rooted!

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