Crazybaby Mars: A Floating Speaker You Can Buy Right Now (Video)

There might not be a real need for floating speakers, but damn they look cool.

One of the first ones to the market is by a company called Crazybaby and it’s called the Mars.

Here’s where to buy one.

The name is fitting considering how flying saucer-like the floating part of the speaker looks.

This visually impressive feat is because of a few very powerful magnets that is holding up what is essentially the tweeter speaker or the speaker that produces the higher frequencies while the bass speaker is essentially the base.

Mars on Table

Both the base and the saucer are battery powered with the combination lasting about 6-8 hours on a charge. Which means you can bring your levitating speaker with you to impress people that might not have made it to your house.

The coolest party trick though? Whenever the tweeter needs to charge it simply lowers itself gracefully to the base, charges over about an hour and a half and then floats back up into the air.

Mars Charging

The tweeter can also be taken with you and attached to any metal surface pretty sercurely thanks to that powerful magnet to play music just without the bass and is even waterproof.

The sound itself is pretty good even if it doesn’t get that loud and the sound is projected in 360 degrees making it perfect for parties (where the flying saucer aspect will go over best as well).


The Mars by Crazybaby costs about $330 although I’ve found some deals on it at the moment for a little less that you can find here.

What do you guys think of the Mars and levitating speakers in general?

Special thanks to for bringing me with them to CES! Check out their site for more tech from CES!

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