I’m Turning the Site Back into a Blog…

For the first time in years, I don’t care if anyone reads this.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate if someone does (thank you!), but, right now, I’m not concerned with how many people read this. And you know what, it feels amazing.

First, Some History…

When I first started this blog back in 2009, I was writing whenever I could in between my job and going to college about something that was interesting to me: unlocked phones (does the name of my site now make more sense?). Which ones I thought were cool and why, changes in the mobile ecosystem and my thoughts on how it was going to effect us all, and occasionally how to’s on things I ended up figuring out and thought might help others if I posted.


Long story short, what started as writing to the void turned into something amazing. People started reading, commenting, engaging in constructive conversations, and ultimately it became a huge part of my life along with becoming my full-time job. I couldn’t believe it (I still can’t).

Somewhere between there and here, however, a strange thing happened.

I’m naturally an ambitious person (a good and bad trait, trust me), and when I saw traffic increasing, I started to wonder, “how can I make it grow more?”

TheUnlockr Stats from 2009 to 2011

During the next few years, I hired writers, started researching content I should do that would drive traffic, and went from writing a blog to running a publication. For the most part, it actually worked, traffic grew, so did revenue, and the site was doing well in that respect.

But as time went on, I was putting more and more stress on myself to perform better, grow faster, do more content, etc. I started churning out content I wasn’t necessarily proud of for the sake of just getting another article done, more keywords checked off, and writing about things I thought would get traffic instead of what I really felt passionate about writing. Bottom line: I started to just chase numbers.

About a year ago, I realized this fact partially and decided to redesign the site and start doing the content again by myself. Issue is that I was still chasing content I thought would do well and not what I cared about necessarily. I had unrealistic deadlines for articles that, of course, are harder to write when you aren’t necessarily excited about them. The site was doing well, but I was definitely not happy with it. So today, I’ve decided to finally change that.

Going Forward

I’ve decided to bring this site back to what it originally was for me, albeit with a broader scope to reflect my interests that have evolved over the last 10 years (less unlocked phones and more technology in general). I want this to be something I truly enjoy again.

Besides me, though, I’d like this to be something maybe others might enjoy. Something others can read and relate to, learn from, and chat with me and other like-minded nerds about the things we hold dear. So with that, welcome to a new beginning for this site, and I’d love it if you came on this journey with me.

Here’s what I’m planning for the future:

  • More Awesome Tech: You guys seem to like the reviews and latest tech videos on the YouTube channel so I’m going to keep doing them. Whatever I can get my hands on that I think is cool and worth a look, I’ll try and bring you articles and videos on as much as I can.
  • More Tips and Tricks: I use a lot of tech on a daily basis and since I have an issue with trying to be efficient all the time I’m all about efficiency, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve how I use that tech. I plan to share more of these tips and tricks I come across with you guys on the tech we (see: us nerds) use the most. Videos on the ones that need better visual explanations and written ones that you can check out faster and get what you need and be out before your boss realizes you’re not working on that report.
  • Tech News: In addition to using tech, I read about it constantly so figure I might as well share my favorite stories that I think you guys might find interesting. Promise to keep them short, to the point with links to read more should you feel the need to dive deeper.
  • Blog posts: Sometimes I just need to share cool things that are happening in the tech world and I’d love to be able to do that here again in the form of good ol’ fashioned blog posts.

Let me know in the comments below any feedback you have (good and bad, I know a ton of you have been reading my site for a very long time). Tell me any changes you personally would like to see, what content you’d like, resources I can maybe put together to help people out, and come chat with me on social networks, even if just to say hi.

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