AT&T’s GoPhone Prepaid Service Gets Access to 4G LTE Coverage Starting June 21st, New Plans in Tow

Near the end of May we noticed that AT&T updated their GoPhone support pages to include 4G LTE support for their prepaid wireless plans. Until now no prepaid plan in the US had access to any LTE network from either AT&T or Verizon, so it made even the suggestion of it noteworthy. Well, the wait is finally over as AT&T has officially announced a GoPhone with LTE access to launch June 21 alongside a few new plans.

The largest data plan will start at $60 and includes 2GB, unlimited calling and texting. Users can opt for additional data at $10 per 1GB. Plans follow at $40 for 200MB of data, 500 minutes of calling, and unlimited texting. There’s even a $25 plan for those who are really budget minded.

Here are the new plans:

  • $60 a month for 2 GB of data, unlimited nationwide calling, and unlimited messaging — now double the data at a lower monthly price. Additional data is available for $10 per 1 GB.
  • $40 a month for 200 MB of data, 500 minutes of nationwide calling, and unlimited messaging. Additional data is available for $5 per 100 MB.
  • $25 a month for 250 minutes of nationwide calling and unlimited messaging, with an optional data package of 50 MB for an additional $5 a month.
  • All GoPhone monthly plans include international texts from the U.S. to Mexico, Canada and 100 other countries

Having access to AT&T’s LTE coverage is a huge plus for GoPhone and its prepaid customer base. No other prepaid plan currently offers LTE access, not even Verizon so kudos to Ma Bell for paving the way. GoPhone users can learn more at AT&T.


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