Boosted Board Just Launched 4 New Electric Skateboards & They’re Better and Cheaper

Okay so today you might have seen the news already, but Boosted Board–who makes boosted boards the super popular, quite expensive, electric skateboards that people like Casey Neistat and other YouTubers ride–finally came out with an entirely new line of not one, but four boards.

They sent one to Mr. Neistat, and he did a quick hands-on video with the help of another YouTuber named Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). Spoiler alert: he loves the new cheaper and smaller board that Boosted Board sent him.

The thing is, he only talks about the lowest end model of Boosted Board’s lineup that was launched today: the Boosted Mini S. (You can watch his short video here).

So real quick I want to show you the specs of all four of the new boards, the prices, etc. just in case you were interested in more than only that model (and we quickly need to chat about why all of these boards are interesting, as well).

The one that Niestat did show happens to be one of their two new short-boards (a first for Boosted Board who usually makes long-boards). These two new boards even have full kicktails (the back part of a skateboard that allows you to stand on it to pull up the front of the board and turn while holding still) for increased maneuverability in small spaces.

There’s a good reason for that.

Boosted co-founder & CTO John Ulman explained that when he was in New York not too long ago, he was thinking about how he wanted to make a shorter Boosted Board meant for urban environments like the city that was much more portable easier to maneuver, etc. When he got back to their headquarters, he began designed the new Mini series: the Mini S (the one Niestat had) and the Mini X.

Now, the difference between these two boards is that the Mini X is in a new black and gray style compared to the usual orange that Boosted uses. And it also has a bit more power (20mph top speed compared to the 18mph speed of the Mini S) and a twice as long lasting battery (14 miles instead of 7).

Other than that, they seem pretty similar on paper specs-wise. The Mini S will run a more reasonable (compared to Boosted’s original boards, at least) $749 while the higher performance X will run $999.

Now, in addition to these two new shortboards, they also released two new longboards to replace their current, second-generation longboard that we’re familiar with called the Plus and Stealth.

The former being their successor to their second-gen Boosted Board with similar styling, speed, etc., but with a newly-designed composite deck, new wheels, and new trucks. The beautiful thing, though? Instead of $1599, the Plus is $1399 (yes, still expensive, but cheaper, no?).

The Stealth, on the other hand, is apparently Ulman’s answer to people who wanted them to push the original Boosted Board’s performance. It comes with the same grey and black styling that we see on the Mini X (let’s go with this is now what will signify their more performance-oriented boards from now on) but now has a top speed of 24mph (compared to 22mph of the Plus). It has the same 14-mile range as the Plus but will have an extra Hyper Mode that will give even more peppy response for the rider.

Here’s a full chart from Boosted’s blog comparing all four new boards side by side.

Boosted Boards Comparison Chart

Personally, I love the idea of a Boosted Board I can use here in NYC that is also able to be easily carried around compared to the original longboards, but I’m still super skeptical about the new Mini models. Reason being that that are plenty of other shortboard electric skateboards out there and I’ve ridden quite a few and they have scared the living crap out of me. There’s just something about going that fast on something that small that’s unnerving on these busy NYC streets compared to the longboard version.

But, I’m curious to see what Niestat (one of the few people that will be able to do videos with the board for a while since there’s already an up to 12 week wait on their site to order one) thinks of it.

Check out the boards on Boosted’s site here for more info or to order one.

UPDATE: And… Marques just dropped his video, as well. You can check that out here.

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6 responses to “Boosted Board Just Launched 4 New Electric Skateboards & They’re Better and Cheaper”

  1. David Imel says:

    Surprisingly excited for this. My biggest issue with the standard one was the size and weight, so I really want to try the X.

    • David Cogen says:

      SAME. But also, as I mentioned, I’m scared of the Mini ones here in NYC, for sure lol
      Have you ever ridden an electric shortboard? Let me rephrase that, have you ever ridden an electric shortboard and not been terrified?

  2. Chemy says:

    I don’t know how to ride almost nothing like this, wasn’t able to surf (2 times of about 36 tries!) I taste the floor everytime I try and skate and not very good at roller blades, but man I love MTB!

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