How To Create a Playlist in Windows Phone

Heading to the gym? Need a set of pumped tunes to get you going? Let’s show you how to setup playlists on Windows Phone so you don’t have to keep choosing each song individually.

I. Setup a Playlist

1. Open the Music app on your device

2. Tap and hold on a song name and click Add to Now Playing.

3. Repeat this on any other songs you want to add to the playlist until you have them all selected.

4. Now click play on any of the songs you chose to get it to start playing.

5. Once it is playing, tap the name of the song (under the album art) and it should bring up a list of all the songs in the current playlist. Make sure that all your songs you want to listen to are listed.6. Unfortunately, Windows Phone cannot save the playlist for later use, but at least you can use this to setup a quick playlist to listen to.

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