How to Easily Turn Live Photos into Gifs on Your iPhone

I’ve never really been a fan of live photos on iOS. Frankly, I just really don’t have a use for a few second video before and after a photo, especially when you couldn’t edit this tiny clip.

But, there was a small change in iOS 11 that made their usefulness change a bit. Apple decided to let you edit them and even easily turn live photos into gifs.

With that, they’ve become a slightly better medium for capturing content than they were. Instead of this random tiny video, they can become pleasant surprises of accidental moments during a photo shoot and easily shared with any other device.

To turn live photos into gifs, first head to the Photos app on your iPhone.

Open Photos

Tap on Albums.

Tap on Albums

Tap Live Photos (if it isn’t there, you need to capture at least one live photo for it to appear).

Tap Live Photos

Tap the photo you want to make into a gif.

Tap the Live Photo You Want to Make a Gif

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get different animation options and choose the desired effect.

Tap Live Photos

Once you’ve chosen it, it’ll now save it into a new album called Animated.

Open Animated Album

Head to that Album, tap the photo, tap share and you can now share it as a gif using the normal share options.

Easy enough, no? Let me know if this helped you in the comments, suggestions for other tips and tricks, and follow me on social for more tech stuff.

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