How To Enable Netflix to Work on Your Android Device (Updated 6/9/11)

Mad that Netflix is only supposed to work on certain Android devices? Well, with a little hackery, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have a rooted Android phone, then you can install Netflix on it thanks to some developers over at XDA). Here’s how.

I. Before You Begin

1. You MUST be rooted. If you aren’t please head to our How To’s section and find the procedure that works for your device (if you don’t see your device listed just try this procedure). Once done, you can come back here and continue.

2. This is NOT guaranteed to work on all devices, but should work on most.

II. Download and Install the Netflix App

1. Head to the Developer’s post and download the APK file somewhere on your computer.

Netflix APK without the Device Check
(Download the netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk one first, if that force closes when you try to run it, then try the netflix-mod-2.apk one)

New Netflix APK (thanks to Altroy2 on XDA and Moses5757 for linking to it here!) Updated 6.9.11!

2. Plug in your device via USB cable and mount the storage so we can transfer files to it.

3. Copy the .apk file over to your device’s storage (NOT inside any folders just on the SD card or internal storage itself).

4. Unplug your device.

5. Download Astro File Manager from the Market for Free (or use any other file manager you wish).

6. Open the file manager and then click the apk file and go through the process to install it (make sure to check Allow Non-Market Apps if asked).

7. Open the new Netflix app and enjoy!

20 thoughts on “How To Enable Netflix to Work on Your Android Device (Updated 6/9/11)”

  1. Kaliman198117

    i have a mytouch 4g and im rooted and i didnt have to do this process because the netflix app is on the market anyways and it works flawlessly on my phone

      1. I used Royal Ginger on my MT4G and it works just fine. Also the Gingerbread sense worked with no issue

  2. it says a new update is out and must download. then when it automatically searches it says update not found..

    1. Same problem as Jay.  I ran netflix-devicecheck-disabled.apk and all went well, but the app insists I need a new version which it can’t find–hence, I can’t use the app at all!

    2. Check XDA for a Netflix app that will work with your device. I got nextflix on my galaxy tab and Mytouch 4G.. with both I had to install a rom to make it work.. you have to have gingerbread or highter. 2.3.3 . So go on xda and see what roms work with what phones to make netflix play.

  3. I have a MT4G and I could never get the Netflix app to work either, but thanks to altroy2 there is an updated netflix for android. I can’t confirm it works on all androids, but it does work on MT4G.

  4. The “without device check” and the newest 6.9.11 of netflix doesn’t work for Samsung Epic 4G.  The “mod 2” version will get you past login and to movie select.  Attempting to play ends with nothing playing and back to movie pick.

  5. can i download the netflix android app on my android phone and be able to watch on my hd tv if i connect my usb cord for my android into my hd tv???

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