How To: Load a Custom ROM, Load Hero, and/or Setup Apps2SD onto Your G1 or MyTouch 3G (Best Method)


This procedure has been updated and simplified, please use one of the below procedures instead of this one:

How To: Root the HTC G1 / Dream

How To: Root the MyTouch

How To: Root the MyTouch 1.2 / Fender
(use this one if your MyTouch has a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top).

I. Load a Custom Radio (For G1 – Mandatory, For MyTouch – Skip) –

1. Check what Radio you have first!!! Turn the phone off and then back on by holding down Back and Power. At the top you should see your radio version at the top of the screen. If it says then SKIP section this section and procedure to section II. (You do NOT want to load the same radio twice, it can cause issues).

2. Download the custom Radio for your device:

T-Mobile G1 - Here
MyTouch 3G – Unneccessary, skip this section and proceed to Section III.

3. Plug in your phone and mount the SD card (pull down on the notification bar and select the SD card notification then click Mount in the pop up window).

4. After the SD card shows up on the computer, put the radio zip file on to the memory card (NOT in any subfolders on the memory card, just on the memory card itself) and then rename the file to (most computers, you do not type the .zip part, it automatically puts it in for you so just as long as the file is called update and there is a Zip folder icon to the left of it still, you are fine. Leave it like that).

5. Once it is done transferring to the memory card and you have renamed it, unplug the phone from the computer.

6. Turn off the phone and then turn it back on by holding down the Home and Power button to get to recovery mode (keep holding it until the recovery screen with the writing and black background come up).

7. Once the recovery screen is up, click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Apply and wait for it to finish.

8. Once it is done, click Reboot Device (if it doesn’t reboot and shuts off instead, hit the power button as if to turn it on. WE NEED IT TO REBOOT AS IT LOADS SOMETHINGS DURING START UP).

9. Once the device has finished starting to boot up and gets to the G1 or MyTouch logo (make sure that it has rebooted once, but not all the way to the homescreen) then take out the battery and the memory card.

10. Put the memory card into the SD adapter it came with and then put that into the computer so we can load files onto it and goto the next section…

II. Load a Custom SPL (For G1 – Mandatory, For MyTouch – Skip) –

1. Check what SPL you have first. Turn the phone off and then back on by holding down Back and Power. At the top you should see your SPL version at the top of the screen next to the word HBOOT. If it says 1.33.2005, then SKIP section this section and procedure to section III. (You do NOT want to load the same SPL twice, it can cause issues).

2. Download the custom SPL for your device:

T-Mobile G1 – Here
MyTouch 3G –  Unneccessary, skip this section and proceed to Section III.

3. Plug in your phone and mount the SD card (pull down on the notification bar and select the SD card notification then click Mount in the pop up window).

4. After the SD card shows up on the computer, put the SPL zip file on to the memory card (NOT in any subfolders on the memory card, just on the memory card itself) and then rename the file to (most computers, you do not type the .zip part, it automatically puts it in for you so just as long as the file is called update and there is a Zip folder icon to the left of it still, you are fine. Leave it like that).

5. Once it is done transferring to the memory card and you have renamed it, unplug the phone from the computer.

6. Turn off the phone and then turn it back on by holding down the Home and Power button to get to recovery mode (keep holding it until the recovery screen with the writing and black background come up).

7. Once the recovery screen is up, click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Apply and wait for it to finish.

8. Once it is done, click Reboot Device (if it doesn’t reboot and shuts off and shows a black screen instead, hit the power button as if to turn it on. WE NEED IT TO REBOOT AS IT LOADS SOMETHINGS DURING START UP).

9. Once the device has finished starting to boot up and gets to the G1 or MyTouch logo (make sure that it has rebooted once, but not all the way to the homescreen. Also it may reboot to the recovery image, that is fine). Take out the battery and put it back in if it tried to goto the homescreen but got stuck at the logo.

10. Goto the next section…

III. Parition Your Memory Card for Apps2SD or Hero

1. Get into recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn on the phone (if you are not already there).

2. Click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap and wait for it to format.

3. Once it is done, take out the battery and memory card and put the memory card into the SD adapter it came with and then put that into the computer so we can load files onto it and goto the next section…

IV. Load a Custom ROM (including Hero)

1. Download any custom ROM for your device (G1 ROMs for the G1, and 32B Magic ROMs for the myTouch 3G) from either our Android Downloads > ROMs Section or from

2. Plug in your phone and mount the SD card (pull down on the notification bar and select the SD card notification then click Mount in the pop up window).

3. After the SD card shows up on the computer, put the ROM zip file on to the memory card (NOT in any subfolders on the memory card, just on the memory card itself) and then rename the file to (most computers, you do not type the .zip part, it automatically puts it in for you so just as long as the file is called update and there is a Zip folder icon to the left of it still, you are fine. Leave it like that).

4. Once it is done transferring to the memory card and you have renamed it, unplug the phone from the computer.

5. Turn off the phone and then turn it back on by holding down the Home and Power button to get to recovery mode (keep holding it until the recovery screen with the writing and black background come up).

6. Once the recovery screen is up, click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Apply and wait for it to finish.

7. Once it is done, click Reboot Device.


*IF YOU WANT TO SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT ROM AFTER THIS, then do NOT do sections I – III, ONLY do section IV and that’s it! Easy!

Reported Issues

Issue: Internet and MMS do not work…

Solution: Goto Settings, Wireless controls, Mobile network settings, Access point names, then click Menu and click New APN.
In the appropriate fields, type the following (leave any field that is not mentioned blank).

Name: TMo
MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC: 310
MNC: 260

Issue: I get the ! screen when I hold Home and Power instead of the recovery screen with the writing…

Solution: Go back and redo the 1 click rooting procedure. Make sure you flash the custom Amon Ra recovery image we give you to download and NOT the cyanogen image. Also make sure it says Flashed Successfully or whatever before turning off the phone.
Once it does, then turn off the phone and turn it back on holding down Home and Power. You should eventually see the custom recovery screen, if you don’t and you get the ! screen, then it didn’t work start over.

If you are using a G1, then once you get the recovery screen, leave it on the recovery screen.
Take out the memory card and put it into your computer, do Section II and load the SPL onto the memory card and rename it to
Then put the memory card back in and while still on the recovery image, hit Wipe then hit Apply and wait for it to finish. Once done, reboot the phone and wait until it goes back to the recovery image or gets stuck on the logo.
Once that happens take out the memory card, put it into the computer and put a ROM on it and rename it to like before. Put it back into the phone and on the recovery screen hit Wipe then Apply Once it is done, reboot and let it boot back to the home screen. All done!

Issue: Stuck at a logo screen or phone won’t boot up…

Solution: Boot the phone back into recovery mode (home and power) and then wipe and apply the again.
If that still doesn’t work then boot into recovery (home and power) then format SD Fat32+ext2+swap and take out the memory card once it is done, put it into your computer and load the rom onto it again. Put the sd card back into the phone, wipe and apply

Issue: Screen goes fuzzy on a custom ROM on the myTouch…

Solution: Noone knows why this happens (we have tried a lot of different scenarios). It just seems that it happens to some phones and not to others (might be a kernel issue). So until someone figures out the issue, then do Section IV again and try to load a different Hero ROM. (*If Qtek gives you fuzzy issue then use JAC 1.5, located in our Downloads section on this site, do NOT use 1.6 it has same issue as Qtek).

Issue: I can’t find Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap.

Solution: This means you are using Amon Ras latest recovery image, he has put this option under Partition > Partition SD > then it asks you what values you want for the different partitions. Here are the standard values, but feel free to change them according to what the ROM you wish to use recommends.

LinuxSwap – 32MBs
Ext2 – 512Mbs
Fat32 – Remainder

1,067 responses to “How To: Load a Custom ROM, Load Hero, and/or Setup Apps2SD onto Your G1 or MyTouch 3G (Best Method)”

  1. sonny vang says:

    i try to root my phone and now its stuck on the g1 logo screen try everything it wont go pass that point please help anyone

  2. hassle says:

    huh… i am afraid i dont quite get how you partition the sdcard? please explain…

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Hassle,

      You have to do our 1 click rooting process first and load the RAv1.2.0G recovery image in that procedure. Then you boot into recovery and it has an option to Format Fat32+Ext2+Linux-Swap, you click that and your done partitioning…

  3. Tony says:

    we need the video upped bro

  4. Tony says:

    My question is this, do i have to use a rom? I don’t really want my phone to look like the hero, or any of that, I just want my phone to be faster, like the Google Ion.

    so am i right if i ..

    1.) Follow the directions in the Root video
    2.) Follow the directions here on this page
    3.) But i don’t follow the how to load a rom, will i be left with the regular Google Ion?

  5. sanibar says:

    I didn’t see the format fat32 so I keep going will that make me Rom slow.

  6. josh says:

    Did 1 step root. Tried step 1 raido. now wont get past G1 screen. please help

  7. ted says:

    Hey Unlockr,

    I actually did the 1-click root before, but I did the long way soon after because I wasn’t able to flash other recovery images/ROMS, I’m guessing because my SPL never actually changed(?). I didn’t realize you could flash the custom SPL using the recovery image.

    My question is what’s the difference in the end state of your phone between the two methods? It looks like both end up having the same radio and custom SPL; is there something inherently better with the 1-click method, other than the obvious ease advantage? Does the phone rooted using the long method have any limitations that the other doesn’t?

  8. john says:

    i was just waiting patiently for this guide to come out, thanks guys!! i’ll definitely be donating to this site.

  9. skimz says:

    Can I download all the different roms saved on the phone and switch through them anytime? Or will I have to do the setup each time I want to change the rom??

  10. Wasseem says:

    I rooted my mytouch following the instuctions on your website and then proceeded to this page to install hero on it and after i installed the radio and followed the instructions, now it will not boot up, or even go into recovery mode, or fastboot mode…. what should i do?

  11. J'Vaun Owens says:

    hey umm? i rooted and put the hero rom onmy phone using the obsolete methods and i did something wrong because i have no way to get to the recovery screen the rom loads and works but i wanna put the new methods of rooting and hero on their and apps2sd please help should i buy a new phone?

  12. Curt says:

    How do you disable touchflo, because the constant reload sucks big time!!!

  13. Derrick says:

    The Unlockr,
    Can you please make a quick video on how to load a custom boot screen?
    Thank You

  14. Frankie says:

    Look i did the unroot process updated to CRC1 and did the one button root proces. I then turned my g1 off and started by pressing home and power button it was good like in the video so after that i went on to add a rom by adding the mounting radio naming it update and turned off phone and then did power and home and it went to the Original screen that you get before it is rooted…..what am i doing wrong i did the one button root 100x and it happens the same way it work up untill i do for the Radio email me for answer or suggestions frankiedemetrius87(@)

  15. lanceot says:

    my phone is rooted : now i want to Load a Custom ROM, Load Hero, i have the g1 and im up to step 1 Download the custom Radio i did what you say then i turn my phone off the back on everthing is good but when i click on Apply and wait for it to finish this is what i get E:failure at line 2 assert getprop ect installation aborted what can i do to make it install. can you help me?

  16. roynel says:

    Hey Unlockr,
    I followed all the steps and it worked perfectly. The only problem I am having is when I lock the phone and bring it back up the screen looks like very dizzy. Its not sharp and I can barely see anything. If i restart, the first time it comes up its perfect, but after the lock it the screen gets pretty weird.

  17. kidrobot978 says:


    i did everything and installed a hero rom it all works really good but when phone is in sleep mode and wake it up the screen turns fuzzy/blurry.

  18. Frankie says:

    its been almost 24hours and i am still not rooting right please someone help

  19. Maryanne says:

    I followed all the directions and it worked perfectly. I do not have the problem with the fuzzy screen either. My question is how to add app2sd because when I try to do it it won’t show up at all, plus I am not sure what I am looking for to even see if it worked.

  20. billyjr2 says:

    i rooted my phone already .and i have the latest radio ,i have the jesus freak 1.5rom .can i go ahead and install the spl then the hero.or do i have to reroot my phone the 1 click way, and then install the radio,spl and then hero.i bricked one phone .dont want to do it aagaiin..

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello BillyJr2,

      Just do the 1 click rooting process on our site and flash the custom recovery image we have in there as well using that process and you should be all set to continue at installing the SPL, partitioning the card, and then load Hero.
      Good luck!

  21. hassle says:

    tony moreno’s rooting process is the only one that worked for me. can someone honestly tell me if i have to unroot and reroot to go through all of this? cant i just reroot from the original root to make it work?

    so im driving home last night and the phone blanks. the sd card is automatically erased. the partition i created was gone, all the apps were missing but the dudes cupcake rom was still running beautifully.

    i tried the unlockr’s original rooting procedure and was met with failure after failure over and over again. the only rooting process that worked, spot on everytime, was tony moreno’s. perhaps you who are having trouble out there can find it on you tube, and then flash this new recovery image via terminal.

  22. billyjr2 says:

    III. “Parition” Your Memory Card for Apps2SD or Hero 2. Click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap and wait for it to format. “is this Paritioning my drive.?”

  23. Louie says:


    What class micro SD card did you using? Was it a class 4 or class 6? Thanks!

  24. Blarg says:

    When I try to apply the update, it gives me this error message:

    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “dream” || getprop(“”) == “dream”

    Installation aborted.

  25. Max says:

    Tried your new updated method, got only past the 1 click root. copied the lastest radio file on root, renamed to update, restarted holding home + power then I get the triangle exclamtion icon.

  26. Frankie says:

    when i press ALT L to look why i cant update it says E:Can’t open /cache/recovery/command install from sdcard
    E:No Signiture (5files) The Unlockr what does it mean? i did the downgrade exactly as it was showed in the video and did the root one click adn it worked up untill i restarted the phone. Do i have to leave those other files from the previous step in???

  27. play says:

    hey so just tried your new method, very easy works great. 2 questions how do you put apps to the sd card, and also the fuzziness on the screen still exists any ideas as to why that is happening?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Play,

      Thanks! Apps to SD is done automatically by most ROMs so long as you have partitioned your memory card according to our procedure before loading the new ROM (also check the ROMs summary on the developers page and see if it says Auto Apps2SD).
      And sorry man no clue, try Googling it. Let us know what you find!

  28. Wasseem says:

    I rooted my mytouch following the instuctions on your website and then proceeded to this page to install hero on it and after i installed the radio and followed the instructions, now it will not boot up, or even go into recovery mode, or fastboot mode…. what should i do?

  29. Louie says:


    I cannot access market after unless i am on wifi…does that mean that i don’t have internet connection? Help! Thanks!

  30. CeCe says:

    Can you load ANY rom? Does it matter what the recovery image is

  31. Louie says:

    i think i made a mistake i got stuck at formatting cache with radio…and i restarted the phone…do you think that is the problem…if so…how can i fix it…now i am having boot loop…

  32. devo229 says:

    i got all the way to installing radio half way through the install major FAIL!!

    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert getprop(”ro.product.device”) == “dream” || getprop(””) == “dream”

    Installation aborted.

  33. Matt says:

    i accidentally applied the spl before the radio 🙁 is there anyway to fix this or am i screwed?

  34. devo229 says:

    Matt says DOH!!!!

  35. devo229 says:

    hey Blarg i was also getting
    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert getprop(”ro.product.device”) == “dream” || getprop(””) == “dream”

    Installation aborted.

    i got pass this go back to recovery flasher step and choose flash cyanogen 1.4( dont put in the sdcardrecovery-rav1.2.0g.img) once i did that and restarted i was able to update the radio file

  36. Louie says:

    format error: run via adb !

    What should i do Unlockr? Thanks!

  37. Chris Chavez says:

    Cyanogen’s recovery is CRUCIAL cuz, although this recovery makes this process easier, you NEED to format the ext3 after wiping to keep any new ROMs from bootlooping. =/

  38. devo229 says:

    forget my last post.. i give up

  39. Dee says:


    I have successfully rooted my MyTouch, but when I try to to load the custom radio from i get the following error:

    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (26 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted

    Any ideas?

  40. jonathan says:

    hello i am also having the problem with the fuzzy screen is their any way to stop that or was it something i did wrong in the instalation process?

  41. mark m says:

    i did the one click root again.worked just fine. then moved on to load the new roam. i copied the radio file and renamed it “update”. unplugged my phone and shut off. then i press and hold the home and power button. i didn’t get the recovery screen, but the triangle exclamation point screen. only way to turn off phone and start over is to take out the battery. what am i doing wrong, that i cannot move onto the next steps?????

    please help. thank you very much.

    firmware 1.5
    build no. crc1

  42. Max says:

    getting the same issue as Mark above, did the same procedure 3 times exactly as root video instructed, are we missing a step?

  43. johnF says:

    Hi, the roms look nice, but im not sure whats best for my phone. Basically, I just want a flash player, wifi tethering, multitouch, and be able to load up my apps from the sd,

  44. johnF says:

    hi, i followed your instructions perfectly, but now im stuck at the mytouch logo, and tried doing what you wrote on the bottom of the page by rewiping and re updating. whats the problem? i used the Qteknology Hero (WWE Dump) for G2 Magic-Voda 32B CC v1.3b Swap rom.

  45. terrence says:

    is there any way to do this if ur computer doesn’t have a slot for the sd adapter???

  46. Pat says:

    Did you get any reports of bricked Mytouches from doing this? I see 2 or 3 bricked G1’s, those comments that say they can’t get past the G1 screen anymore or bricked. That happened to me where it stayed at the G1 screen and wouldn’t go into fastboot or recovery mode.
    Tmobile gave me a new one cuz I convinced them it was their fault but I just ordered a mytouch and my mouth is already watering to do this but I’m scared as hell because I know I can’t convince them a 2nd time it was there fault if I brick it.

  47. johnF says:

    i tried a different rom. same problem. redid the whole process with a different sd card. same problem. would unrooting fix it the way it was? i dont want them to send me a refurbished phone.

  48. johnF says:

    and i did the one click rooting process. everything went exactly as the video did. just having a problem loading the rom, it stays stuck on the logo screen.

  49. jordan says:

    hey every time i put the hero rom on my phone when it goes to sleep i wake it up it gets fuzey and unable to see pease help!

  50. Andy says:

    Hi there

    I have loaded the hero onto my G1 the only problem i have is it is running very slow wen i hit the home or back button the HTC sreen comes on and then the home screen which has a box saying loading, is there anyway to speed this up as it can take a few min to load up please mail me
    With thanks

  51. Yuming Zou says:

    Hi Unlockr,
    Wanted to clarify a detail on the one-touch root + custom rom loading method. RyeBrye’s blog that:

    “Every time android boots, it reflashes the recovery partition with the default one from a file stored in your phone. For safety reasons, we are not replacing this file – just flashing the partition directly. So if you boot to recovery mode, then boot back into your normal mode, and then boot back into recovery mode – you will see a triangle with an exclamation point and only 3 options.”

    Does that mean in the steps you outlined above, if we accidentally allow the boot up to go too long, we will have the custom recovery image replaced and then be stuck not being able continue with the rest of the steps? Is that why you have after flashing the Rom and Radio: “Once the device has finished starting to boot up and gets to the G1 or MyTouch logo (make sure that it has rebooted once, but not all the way to the homescreen.” (since getting to the home screen would mean the recovery rom has been replaced?)

    Question #2, for T-Mobile G1, do we need to upgrade our radio if we already have Baseband 62.50S.20.17H_2.22.19.26I through the OTA T-Mobile update? I’m running CRC1 already.

    Thanks, for all your help!

  52. YZ says:

    Hi Unlockr,
    What radio and SPL versions for the G1 are linked above?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello YZ,

      What “RyeBrye” said is not the case here, I have done, undone, redone this process on 5 different phones yesterday. All retain the custom recovery image whenever I boot into recovery.
      If you already have the latest Radio (the radio you mentioned is the latest so do NOT reload it) and SPL then do not load them, just skip those sections and go straight to the partitioning section and continue.


  53. CeCe says:

    Same here!!!!…I did the root video many times and still cant move on to load the radio. I did each step correctly and I even get the same screen with all the different options as in the video. Does anybody know how to fix this?????

    Same here firmware 1.5, CRC1

  54. CeCe says:

    I think I’ll just root the old school way…

  55. mark m says:

    thanks unlockr.i hope those g1s get theres soon. please any assistance when you give it, will be greatly appreciated.

  56. brandon says:

    hey unlockr,
    can u do the video with a g1 csause i did it with friends mytouch and it worked perfectly but every time i try to next step of instructions i reboot my phone and it gives me an error and i did the one click before i started to make sure it wasnt me so i think it would be helpful for us that have a g1 and not a mytouch if its possible

  57. mark m says:

    i get the text (root access) screen when i do the one click root method the first time. but when i try to access the recovery screen the next time i get the exclamation point screen. does this mean that my phone is not rooted and i have to do something else to stay rooted and load custom roms????

  58. johnF says:

    well the good thing about this is nothing is irreversible. im sure somewhere along the process we did something wrong. i hear even the type of sd card is important. i guess ill wait a little bit for the process to be a little more refined, and almost guaranteed. maybe a video of them showing us that their phone worked after this process would be pretty convincing. mine got stuck where the video stopped.

  59. mark m says:

    what is the latest spl for the g1 and how can i check if my phone already has the latest version. i discovered that i have the latest radio so i can skip this step. i was wondering if i can skip the spl step too and move onto the partioning.

  60. Matt says:

    I got “E:Failure at line 2:
    assert getprop(”ro.product.device”) == “dream” || getprop(””) == “dream”

    Installation aborted.”

  61. mark m says:

    when i load the custom spl do i have to remove the radio file, which is renamed the same will the phone automatically differentiate or does the radio have to be deleted first since i have the latest update already???please anyone’s help is appreciated..

  62. mark m says:

    @ MATT…same thing here to matt…were you doing the radio install step?? do you get the exclamtion point screen when you try to reboot into the recovery screen after you thought you oompleted the one click root???

  63. Matt says:

    @ mark m i did then i just flashed cyanogen 1.4 and it booted into recovery and applied the radio also yes you need to delete the last

  64. psychedelik says:

    can someone explain this?
    IF YOU WANT TO SWITCH TO A DIFFERENT ROM AFTER THIS, then do NOT do sections I – III, ONLY do section IV

  65. Matt says:

    @ psychedelik this means that if after you do ALL the steps the first time. and you want to install a rom other than what you had already installed then you only do section IV (4) and nothing else

  66. Jay says:

    everytime i put a rom it does that fuzziness problem
    help plsss!

  67. zayad says:

    ey david.. after i rooted my G1 running tmobile 1.5 cupcake update. it work and i saw the new recovery with the fomat sd card option, but after i rebooted the phone added, the radio to the sd card turned the phone offf and back on to recovery mode.. the phone was unrooted again tried to redo the whole process like 4 tymes and it keep happening . wats up repl asap…. 10x

  68. Louie says:

    I got my my touch to work…I am using Haykuro’s Hero Rom…You need to have a class 6 SD card to run smooth…Class 4 is laggy…

  69. zayyad says:

    finally gat it to stay rooted .. but didnt load the radio, i skipped it cause i have the latest radio.. loaded the spl, worked great. but time to oad the rom and it starts copying then it says.. E:cant chown/mod /system/xbin(no such file or directory). E:failure at line 80: set_perm_recursive 0 2000 0755 0 6755 system :xbin

    installtion aborted. help me david plzzzz.. thanx

  70. zayyad says:

    guess wat i got stucked on the t mobile g1 screen.. i took the sd card out and put the jf1.5 and it worked fine.. help me.. 10x..

  71. Anthony says:

    I had the same problem as Jordan with the fuzey screen.
    Try this it worked for me. Download JacxheroSkiv1.4 rom from XDA. frist thing you need to do is Click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap and thin install the Jacxheroskiv rom.
    The hero rom listed on the unlockr web site is giving me problems with the fuzey screen the cell phone am using is a mytouch.

    The unlockr you are the man thank you for your hard work.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Anthony,

      Thanks man! And thanks for posting a solution for others on the site! We need more people willing to help out on here! I’ll grab a few other Hero ROMs and put them up when I get a chance

  72. John says:

    By the way i was using the Qtek Hero Rom Upgrade.

  73. Lancelot says:

    my phone is rooted : now i want to Load a Custom ROM, Load Hero, i have the g1 and im up to step 1 Download the custom Radio i did what you say then i turn my phone off the back on everthing is good but when i click on Apply and wait for it to finish this is what i get E:failure at line 2 assert getprop ect installation aborted what can i do to make it install. can you help me?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Lancelot,

      Don’t do the load ROM video. Check back tonight.
      We are getting a G1 in again to try and repeat errors that keep coming up, we should have a revised process for the G1 on here tonight or tomorrow.

  74. terrence says:

    dude so there’s no way to get hero when your computer doesn’t have a sd card adapter slot??? PLZ HELP!!!!

  75. CeCe says:

    Terrence you can but an sdcard reader that will hook up to your computer anywhere …I just one for $9.00 at walmart

  76. psychedelik says:

    @Matt – Thanks!
    So what necessitates replacing the the radio?

  77. dnyce says:

    Hello unlockr,

    I have a mytouch 3g with Tmobile (32b) and I was successfully able to install multiple roms without doing the steps above. I simply loaded the new recovery image (1 click un root), then I went ahead and

    1) wiped the phone
    2) formatted the sd card (fat32, ext2, swap)
    3) Dropped all of my zip files back on the sd

    I can load any Hero rom that I’d like. Mind you they still seem a bit laggy and in need of tweaking but they do work.

    Why is it then necessary to upgrade the Radio and SPL at all?

    What benefit do they offer?

    Thanks for the great tutorials.

    – Dnyce

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Dnyce,

      The SPL and Radio are necessary for some ROMs and the radio will improve Bluetooth, Wifi, and Cell reception in most cases as well so that is why we include them in the tutorial. They only take 10 more minutes to install and they install the same way a ROM does so with it being so easy there is no reason not to install them and be up to date. Up to you of course.

  78. mark m says:

    i can’t wait for the video of the g1. thanks matt for the info. and zayaad, how did you finally get the phone to stay rooted. i am exactly in the same position you are. did you say that you bricked your phone because you were stuck at the g1 screen. do you know for sure what is the latest radio? i haven’t read that some people have not had the latest radio, then went onto install the spl, and bricked their phone. ne help from ne one is greatly appreciated at this point. everyone has a rooted phone enjoying custom roms and cyanogen treats. i have been trying to get past rooting step for 6 days.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Mark M,

      Just to clarify, being stuck at the G1 screen doesn’t mean you phone is bricked (I have yet to see a phone that couldn’t be fixed).
      I added how to check your radio/SPL versions to the procedure and a warning about loading them incorrectly. Check it out, hope that helps!

  79. J03L_M says:

    I am very new to this whole process. I was told that if you root your phone you wont have access to the market or a 3g connection. Are these things true?? And can any1 tell me the downsides to rooting your phone.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello J03L_M,

      Not true at all 🙂 Both 3G and Market work just fine.
      I can’t think of any downside to rooting… except maybe that there is the potential to get extremely frustrated if you mess up the process lol
      Oh and you would have to unroot before you sent your phone in for any type of warranty service (but that is a quick process to do so no biggie).

  80. J03L_M says:


    I am very new to this whole process. I was told that if you root your phone you wont have access to the market or a 3g connection. Are these things true?? And can any1 tell me the downsides to rooting your phone.

  81. J03L_M says:



    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello J03L_M,

      1. Class 2, 4, or 6 is what I think you mean. That is the speed of the card (2Mbs/sec, 4Mbs/sec, or 6Mbs/sec).
      2. You will need to get a bigger card, anything up to 16GBs will work fine, but try to get a Class 6 card if you want faster performance.
      3. This process works fine for the G1 or the myTouch (just retested it 10 minutes ago), so knock yourself out 🙂

  82. YZ says:

    Hi Unlockr,
    For the MyTouch, my understanding was that the stock ROM was 1.33.2006, and to install Hero ROMS, it should be flashed to 1.33.2005 as you had in your instructions before the recent update?

  83. Delayne says:

    So about that last part you said … Will it work with ANY android rom, or just the ones on this site ?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Delayne,

      IV. Load a Custom ROM (including Hero)

      1. Download any custom ROM for your device (G1 ROMs for the G1, and 32B Magic ROMs for the myTouch 3G) from either our Android Downloads > ROMs Section or from

  84. zayad says:

    yeap i figured it out.. all those that cant reboot to recovery mode. after flashing and b4 u turn the phoone off for the first time load the spl. and wen you first get to the recovery mode.. u wipe and apply .zip file it shld stay rooted, and make sure you load the spl from this site for the g1 its gonna be called latestspl for G1. and u good to go, follow the remaining process and u ll love it… for the record if u run the wrong spl it will never work and just to make sure load it again.. it wuldnt harm ur device
    am running the JACHeroSki-v1.5r2 on a g1. and its user friendly…. thanx unlockr keep up the good work

  85. J03L_M says:



    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello J03L_M,

      Our downloads section are just recommended ROMs…

      IV. Load a Custom ROM (including Hero)

      1. Download any custom ROM for your device (G1 ROMs for the G1, and 32B Magic ROMs for the myTouch 3G) from either our Android Downloads > ROMs Section or from

  86. YZ says:

    Potentially a typo in the instructions, since there’s a possibility that you’d need to upgrade the MyTouch SPL if its not 1.33.2005, you should probably re-link the SPL file in Section II, since currently it just says “MyTouch 3G – Unneccessary, skip this section and proceed to Section III.”

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello YZ,

      That SPL is not needed (in the video I do it as a precaution) but through testing after the video, it is not necessary so just Skip Section II if you have a MyTouch.

  87. IKEY RO$$ says:


  88. Jon says:

    Still no method on this for Magic users :/

  89. Josh says:

    on my mytouch my spl says it is 1.33.0006…….is this a problem …..should i install 1.33.2005 or can i continue with this spl?

  90. Frankie says:

    Hey i did the previous step and to unroot the phone and then did the re root and it works but as soon as i get to this step it doesnt work when i get to here….please help me out

  91. Brand!sh says:

    Mr. unlockr
    Quick question; why do you recommend skipping the radio installation in the tutorial, but you install it in the video ? is one newer then the other ? which should i follow ?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Brandish,

      I do it in the video as a precaution, but it is not necessary (so long as you have the latest radio), how to check is in the procedure at the beginning.
      Just follow the written procedure and use the video as a visual aid lol

  92. zayyad says:

    Hello mark and max… all you need to do… is when you do the I click root you don’t turn the phone of you load the spl to the sdcard and rename it so wen you get to the recovery mode the first time you wipe and apply .zip file.. and it shld stay rooted..

  93. zayyad says:

    To anyone that owns a g1 or my touch and don’t have it rooted you haven’t seen the capabilities of this phones…try it out don’t be a cici LOL… enjoy

    • TheUnlockr says:

      To anyone that owns a g1 or my touch and don’t have it rooted you haven’t seen the capabilities of this phones…try it out don’t be a cici LOL… enjoy

      Ahem Zayyad! lol

  94. kevin says:

    about the end part, where u talked about internet, does that mean u can get internet for free or that mean you have to do that and pay for the data plan to get internet?

  95. Will says:

    HEy I’ve gone through and rooted my phone and I clicked on the wipe data button, but I don’t have the option to format my sd card. It’s a 16 gig sd card, does that matter??

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Will,

      That means that you did not do our 1 click rooting procedure. Please go back and do it (you need the custom Amon Ra recovery image we give you and it needs to be flashed to the phone using our instructions to continue).
      And no your card size doesn’t matter.

  96. Will says:

    i’ve got a mytouch

  97. George says:

    I swear ive been trying this shit for over 3 hours. 1st attempt at rooting was using your steps. followed it to the tee. Works (kinda). Since i dont need to install a radio ver. or an SPL (mine is 1.33.2006) i skipped onto step 4 however when i hold home and power, it takes me to the original mytouch boot screen. No format, not nandroid, no nothing… It wont find the that i placed directly onto the card. WTF??!?!!! Aaaahhh!h!!! over 3 hours of my life gone for nothing.. must be cuz im tired or something…

    anyway PLEASE HELP ME!!!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello George,

      First off breathe lol
      Second off, did you do our 1 click rooting method and load the Amon Ra’s custom recovery image?
      If not, go back and do that.
      If so, then you need to hold down home and power for a while before the recovery screen comes up, once that happens then follow the procedure from Section III on.
      Good luck!

  98. Max says:

    @zayyad, I thought about doing that, is it the spl that I need to update to keep the g1 rooted? I’m concerned about the rest of the process after the spl update, there are some parts where you only boot up to the logo and take out the battery and take the sd card out to update some more files, what if i can’t get back into recovery mode again in the middle of the process?

  99. Max says:

    yeaaaaahhhh!!!! finally got it to work!! seems a bit slow, but working great so far, might have to try out a faster class 6 sd card! I used the jac hero for my first rom.

  100. zayyad says:

    Happy I could help someone … mine runs pretty smooth..

  101. frank linn says:

    my mytouch radio is, so i skip the first step. what if my spl is 1.33.0006 not 0005, should i still skip the second step?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Frank Linn,

      Regardless of your SPL, skip the second step if you have a MyTouch. Just go straight to partitioning the card and loading a ROM.
      You did do our 1 touch root though right? Cause otherwise you won’t have the proper Recovery image…

  102. Max says:

    I used this method first,

    I just did this method and worked for me and took me back to rc29, i only applied the DREAIMG.NBH only.

    and after applied cupcake update, ran into a problem with apps not able to access the internet, so i just connected via wifi

    and followed the rest of the procedures on this page.

    It’s not laggy at all, seems pretty fast so far with all the new widgets and 7 pages. Love the weather app!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Max,

      That procedure is the same as our unroot procedure (with some things missing that could explain your issue with not accessing the internet. Just do the one on our site and it is just as easy.

  103. mark m says:

    max or zayaad…what are the necessary steps after clicking to partion the sd the instructions it says to take out battery, then take sd card out to add files to them..i’m lost..i did all that and cannot restart phone in order to flash a new rom onto it..hopeed it didn’t brick

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Mark M,

      Did you let the recovery program finish formatting the card (said Format complete at the bottom) before you took out the battery?
      If so then you are fine, just boot the phone up into recovery by holding down home and power and Wipe then Apply Update.

  104. mark m says:

    went to go turn on the phone after thinking i partioned the sd think is to load a rom, but the g1 t mbile screen has been stuck for about 5 minutes now..should i be panicing???? i can go back to the recovery screen, and click on reboot system..still waiting to get pass the g1 screen

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Mark M,

      You are supposed to be stuck at the G1 screen if you try to turn it on normally. You need to goto recovery screen with the ROM you want on the memory card (renamed to update), then Wipe and then Apply the Done.

  105. Adam says:

    rooted and flashed hero rom just fine, When my mytouch goes into stand by and back off the screen gets pixelated any way to fix this?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Adam,

      Read the Reported Issues…
      That seems to happen on some MyTouches and not on others, I did the exact same procedure on 6 phones yesterday and 1 had this issue. It wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I undid and redid. People are trying to figure it out….
      In the meantime, just load a non Hero ROM and wait for someone to fix it.

  106. BigLiquid530 says:

    Well I figurd it out and loaded the hero rom with is sick as hell but went fuzzy after i turned the screen off. That hella sucks but its life, so can you give us some links to some roms. I know you gave us the one link but there are so many links on there that i dont know which ones to use. Can I just use the regular mytouch rom? If so do you have a direct link to the download please. But hey great work bro….

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello BigLiquid530,

      That fuzzy issue is annoying as hell lol
      Seems to happen to random myTouches, we can’t figure out the difference…
      But ya the link I gave you, just click on the link under the title below at the bottom of the first post:

      (v4.0.2 – stable version, updated 8/22):
      MD5Sum: 9c316180ca61d5cb8728ad3c4f43bc97

  107. zayad says: e mail me mark

  108. zayyad says:


  109. Frankie says:

    i dont know what to do anymore i did my best unrooted then did the one touch root i have a question after updateing the firmware to cupcake from the first unroot step should i delete the back restore and other files before installing cupcake?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Frankie,

      Yes, go ahead and delete them (when you goto the next step you will be format the card eventually and that will delete them anyway, so doesn’t matter).
      Just make sure that there is only 1 on your memory card at a time. And if you are loading cupcake then that .zip file needs to be the

  110. CeCe says:

    do you have to partition the sdcard for all roms

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Cece,

      No, just Hero ROMs and any ROM that saves apps to the SD card (which is most, and since it is so easy with the custom recovery image we gave you, you might as well. It can also be undone just as easily using the same recovery image).

  111. Max says:

    Hi Unlockr,

    You’re right the instructions are the same, for some reason the gizmodo one just seemed more simple to understand when reading it. On these instructions, seems a bit confusing explaining on the written part, so using a combination of both the video and the written instructions helped me more. Don’t get me wrong the written instructions are the correct procedure, you just have to go back and do it a few times to get it down right and research other tutorials out there. I think one thing that might help a lot on this page is if it had a Q & A section, about the versions of spl, radio, firmware build etc…

    Thanks for all your help Unlockr!

  112. Max says:


    The one thing I did notice was that I could not root my phone at with the 1 touch, I can finish the root procedure and get to the Amon Ra recovery menu, but after I turn it off can never get back to the recovery menu again to finish the other procedure, kept going to the triangle ! symbol. I was only able to root after I downgraded the firmware and updated again with cupcake, then the 1 step root worked.


  113. John says:

    I did the one-click root process and everything went well. I already had the latest radio so I skipped to step 2. Instead of getting the black screen with writing I get the exclamation point. I pressed alt l to bring up the writing and then did alt w and then alt s. I get…
    “– Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (5 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted.”

    I tried downgrading to rc29 and stating over but I get the same error.

    I originally activated over wifi through terminal and adb but now that’s not working either so I’m stuck at the google activation screen.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello John,

      That means you did not do the 1 step root process correctly. Go back and do it and make sure it says Flash Completed and that you are flashing the custom Amon Ra recovery image, NOT the Cyanogen image.
      Then before beginning this procedure make sure you can hit Home and Power to get to the custom recovery screen (NOT the ! screen), once that is working then do this process again.

  114. John says:

    How do I go back? I can’t get passed the google activation screen.

  115. frank linn says:

    i did the procedure twice, it still gets stuck at the mytouch logo after loading the rom. I dont get it, i did exactly as the video told me 3 times. all stuck at the logo, then it was updated and said to skip step 1 and 2. did that about 3 times. all stuck at the logo. what the hell is goin on?!

  116. frank linn says:

    i did the 1 click rooting, that was easy.

  117. frank linn says:

    everything works fine untill right after loading the rom. then it gets stuck.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Frank Linn,

      This happens some times, just redo Sections III and IV. Reformat with fat32+ext2+swap, and put a ROM on the memory card, rename to as before and put it into the phone. Boot into recovery mode, Home and Power, and then Wipe FIRST, then Apply and then reboot. Repeat if necessary (but shouldn’t be).

      Check out the reported issues for more help at the end of the post too:

      Issue: Stuck at a logo screen or phone won’t boot up…

      Solution: Boot the phone back into recovery mode (home and power) and then wipe and apply the again.
      If that still doesn’t work then boot into recovery (home and power) then format SD Fat32+ext2+swap and take out the memory card once it is done, put it into your computer and load the rom onto it again. Put the sd card back into the phone, wipe and apply

  118. frank linn says:

    the sdcard that i used to load the rom from, when i take it out, i see an extra folder that says lost.dir, with absolutely nothing inside..

  119. John says:

    Got it working! thank you!

  120. frank linn says:

    i tried that.. 3 times. i even tried loading 4 different roms.. even redid the whole unrooting 1 click rooting process several times. baaahh, i feel like taking a sledge hammer and bashing my phone to pieces. course i wont do that. it always stays at the mytouch logo. ah watever, maybe if i attend church more often, god will root it for me.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Frank Linn,

      Ha, god uses Android? Well we know he uses Google, but Android too? lol
      Sorry, your having so much trouble… not sure what other advice to give unless I had the phone in my hand.

  121. Victor says:

    i had an error on the fat32 format. my phone is displying fat32+ext2+swap, so it didnt have the linux part and now its saying error : run via adb! what does that mean?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Victor,

      That means take out the memory card and put it back in, then Wipe data in the recovery screen, then try formatting it to Fat32 ONLY then if that works then wipe again and format it to fat32+ext2+swap.
      Good luck!

  122. frank linn says:


  123. BRAND1SH says:

    thanks again Unlockr !

    So i checked my radio, thats good to go.. however my spl is 1.33.0006. am i ok ? Lastly, I am ready to do this, but am waiting on a 8gb class6 card, should I wait until I get it and then proceed ? im giddy lol

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Brand1sh,

      Your very welcome! That SPL is fine just goto Section III.
      I would maybe try it on the card you have now as practice, then just do it again when the new card comes in, but up to you of course.

  124. Bryan says:

    hey man thanks for all ur hel i rooted the my touch 3g and now has hero on it is kind of slow but working and i wanted to know if this kind of root will work on g1 and if this rom will work on my touch”″ thanks man u tha best

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Bryan,

      And yes this method works on the G1 as well (read the Reported Issues though when you do it).
      And a ROM for the Dream will not work on the MyTouch (unless it says it will but those are very rare). To be safe just goto the XDA section for the Sapphire instead of the Dream and you can choose any ROM that says 32B (do NOT load a 32A ROM).
      Have fun!

  125. frank linn says:

    yup, ur good to go, i asked the same question a few hours ago, just skip the first 2 steps reguardless of what ur spl or radio is.

  126. Terrell says:

    Hello Unlockr. I have followed your steps as best i could. unrooted then rooted again following all your instructions. now the part that i am stuck at is adding the new spl. i added the zip file to the device and when i try and apply it i get an error and the installation is aborted. I dont understand what i am doing wrong. Any help would be great

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Terrell,

      Thanks for being a part of our site!
      Make sure that you have the custom recovery image, hit Home and Power to get to recovery image. You should see the black background with the writing on it. If you see a screen other than that (like the ! point) then go back and do the 1 click root again (and read the reported issues at the bottom). Also make sure the SPL file was named as update and that it is on the SDCard and NOT in any folder.
      Good Luck!

  127. frank linn says:

    well, after trying about 10 times, i got the hero rom to work,(id have better luck trying to hit the jackpot in vegas)… workin great.. then i got that fuzzy crap issue unfortunately.. now im trying any non hero rom.. aaaaannd its freezing again at the mytouch logo again..

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Frank Linn,

      You didn’t break a mirror recently or are you sitting at your computer under a ladder, perhaps?
      If all else fails just format and retry… sorry for your luck man… just know that no matter what you can always fix it, and have patience lol

  128. Terrell says:

    nevermind my last post. Now when im i wipe the phone and go to format sd : fat32+ext2+swap I get an error

    : run via adb!

    What do i do now?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Terrell,

      Just take out the card and put it back in. Then wipe and try again. If it still doesn’t work then try wipe and format FAT32 only, then wipe again and format fat32+ext2+swap.
      Just keep trying, it does that sometimes…
      Good luck!

  129. sanibar1 says:

    unlockr if i want to change a diffrent rom what steps do i have to do over right now im using jachero

  130. newrave says:

    hey i have a question i have a custom rom on mytouch . i was wanting to switch to my 8 gig sd card but it will not give me the option to unmount the card is it because it is useing the data off the card still. and also does this mean that if i just unplug the card and put in the 8 gig will the phone have running problems or crash or even worst just brick up on me. plz help guys

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello NewRave,

      If you are running a custom ROM using our method, then just turn off the phone.
      1. Put in the new 8GB card, turn it on into Recovery Mode (Home and Power) then scroll down to Format Fat32+ext2+Swap and click that.
      2. Once it is done formatting the 8GB card, take the 8GB card out (leave the phone at the recovery screen it wont hurt it) and put it into your computer with the SD adapter.
      3. Save the same custom ROM to it and rename it like before.
      4. Put the card back into the phone and while still on the recovery screen, click Wipe, then click Apply and Viola!
      Good Luck!

  131. Will says:

    I just successfully followed your step by step instructions to root mytouch, followd by loading Qtek rom. Works pretty good. Now, wondering how to get the myfaves app back on the device?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Will,

      Glad everything worked smoothly!
      You probably won’t be able to get the myFaves icon back (but don’t worry those calls are still free). Just save the people as favorites in the People program then put the People Widget on your home screen and it will show those favorites right there (better than myFaves if you ask me).
      If you ever need to change your myFaves, just do so on
      (You might be able to find the myFaves.apk, try to Google for it, but I never found it. If you DO find it, please be kind enough to post it here so we can link to it for others, thanks!)

  132. Adam says:

    Hi Unlockr

    I have the mytouch3g and all of your steps worked to a tee. I might add for people who are having trouble the Recovery Rav in the rooting process is 1.2.1g in the video its 1.2.0g.Um also the Hero roms are slow, I have used the Qtek and jac hero 1.4 and they are ehhh. I have had better success with the 4.0.2 Cyro rom for 32B. go onto XDA forums under saphire and you’ll see it. I have had it 2 days and only a few network errors come up. Oh and you’ll have to add ringtones cause Cyro only has like 3.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Adam,

      Glad it worked for you!
      Yea, I’m going to put a disclaimer in the post to use the video as a visual aid but follow the written procedure for steps like typing in things etc. (The updated recovery image came out shortly after I did the video).
      I have used the Hero ROMs on here and they are not zippy for sure but they have come a LONG way from when we first saw the Hero ROM leaked to the community and people were trying to put it on the G1.
      By the way, I have the Hero itself and it isn’t too zippy itself… HTC is coming out with an update to fix this and you can expect that when they do all of the hacked Hero ROMs we use will use the new build and that will increase performance a bit too.

      Also the Cyanogen ROM can be found in our Downloads section too if anyone doesn’t feel like searching through XDA.

      Thanks for sharing!

  133. Edgar says:

    Question!, I only have a 512 MB SD card… I saw a comment saying that I need at least a 16GB SD card……… 16GB!!????

    Isn’t a 512MB SD card enough to root my MyTouch and load a custom ROM which size is 47.3 MB?

    Please advice guys!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Edgar,

      Noone said a 16GB is necessary but you need something with at least 2GBs (where is the 4GB card that came with your phone by the way, use that).
      We use 32mbs for a swap partition, and 500mbs for extra system memory and then you need whatever is left for your multimedia, so you can see why a 512 won’t work.
      Now if you want to load a Non-Hero ROM, you can do it with a 512mb card if you REALLY wanted to, just skip Section I, II, and III, and go straight to IV.

      Good luck (FYI 2GB cards are $10 at BestBuy).

  134. mark m says:

    thanks UNLOCKR..because all the info and help, i finally got my phone to work on a custom rom. still experiments and finding out the best roms to use.keep up the good work!!! the site and your help are very imformative.

  135. Edgar says:

    Yes, I want to install a non-hero ROM…I am planning to use this for MyTouch 3G.

    So, just to make sure:

    1. I am going to able to do so with my 516 MB SD Card, right? (I got my phone on ebay, it was already unlocked and did not come with the 4GB SD 🙁 )

    2. After following all the steps, Am I able to format my SD again and use it as usual with the phone?

    3. By loading this non-hero ROM, am I gonna be able to have multi-touch and so on?

    4. After loading this new ROM, am I going to be required to re-activate my google account without the “skip” option?.. I tell you this because to use my phone by first time, I had to get a SIM CARD with
    data plan in order to activate my phone… I am T-Mobile prepaid user only.

    Thank you very much guys!, you rock!

  136. newrave says:

    in response to earlier is there anyway to save the apps so don’t have to keep getting them from the store or paying for them. especially since i keep wipeing and already lost alot of info i needed plz help

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello NewRave,

      Yes, you can boot into recovery mode (Home and Power) and do a Nandroid Backup from that menu. That will save everything though so not sure if you just are trying to keep your apps when you switch from ROM to ROM or what?
      Also if you do the partition in this process and then use a ROM that supports “Apps2SD’ you won’t have to do anything. It will automatically save your Apps to the SD card so even if you switch ROMs you will still have them load up as if they never left (even after a wipe).
      Other than that, try an App Backup program from the Market. Good luck!

  137. Anthony says:

    I found a hero rom thats working very fast. for mytouch3g. I been having the same problems as everybody fuzey screen and also touchflo rebooting.
    go to XDA and download evilherov1.6xb rom.
    Frist thing you need to do is Click on Wipe Data. Once that is done, click on Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap and thin install the evilhero rom. Always rename the rom too update.
    You will love this hero rom.

  138. Anthony says:

    The Unlockr how do you push an apps. on mytouch3g I always read on xda to push an apk.

    Thanks for all your support.

  139. J03L_M says:



    Ive seen alot of ppl say that their rom runs incredibly slow until the “partition” their sd card. they sometimes download an app from the app store to help them with this. during your custom process is that covered in part 3 of your process and/or do i need to do anything further to have a “EXTREMELY BUTTERY” smooth running rom?????

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello J03L_M,

      Our process has your partition the memory card before loading the ROM (Section III).
      So it runs as smooth as possible 🙂 As new Hero ROMs come out you can easily update and hopefully they will get faster and faster…

  140. BlackG2 says:

    Hi my names is craig i did everything right everything works but when i try to get on android market or check emails it keeps saying i need a wifi connection for everything even youtube can you help me.

  141. Javier says:

    Hey Dave or TheUnlockr…
    Where can I find the latest Hero Rom with apps2sd for the G1,
    I tried the link you got on top, but it just sends me to another page, with a lot of links and procedures,
    Is there just a link directly to the download like the other ones, so I can just save it to the SD and rename to update and apply???

    Another thing? what happen with the themes? Can they be used with these procedures as well???
    and with my SD card I already have it partitioned,
    so I understand I have to UnRoot my phone to use all this procedures, can I use the same SD or need a new one?

    “TALK TO ME DAVE”!!!!!

    I’m way behind!!!!!!!
    I was gone for a long time, but since the mytouch 3g came out, I was back here on your site and I have seen a lot of improvements, hope to get cough with ya’ll…

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Javier,

      Welcome back! (FYI TheUnlockr and Dave… one and the same. Mind bottling, I know lol)
      When you click on the link and it takes you to that other page, that is the developers thread for their ROM. Just scroll through the first or second post and there is always a Download link that says latest version or something along those lines. (Just make sure that you are downloading a ROM for the phone you have, not a MyTouch ROM for your G1 or visa versa).
      I link to those pages for a few reasons. One is to not try and appear to take credit for the ROM itself, by bringing you to the developers page instead of the direct link you get to see who is responsible for the ROM. Two, the developers over at XDA are busy as hell and they are constantly updating their ROMs, so if I direct link to their download, chances are it is an outdated version within a few days after I link to it lol So this way you can see the latest version everytime. And finally, there is a lot of useful information in those threads (especially in the first post or two) that tell you what phone it’s for, prerequisites for loading it, common issues, added features, etc.
      You can load a theme the same way you load a ROM, Section IV of the procedure.
      If you SD card is already partitioned WITH 3 PARTITIONS (Fat32, Ext2, and Linux-Swap) then you can just do Section IV as normal. You do not need to start from unrooting (I recommend it for people not familiar with rooting etc since it puts them on the same starting point that the videos start from and causes less headaches for them).

      Again welcome back and enjoy!

  142. Zar says:

    Have a question,
    Do i have to keep the room saved onto my sd card?
    I do all the steps completely and loads rom correctly the only thing wrong is when i delete the rom or eject the sd card the phone shuts off and wont load properly?
    Is that suppose to happened someone please help will appreciate

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Zar,

      If you are using a Hero ROM or a ROM that uses Apps2SD, then you need to keep the memory card in at all times while the phone is on. Those ROMs use part of the memory card as internal memory (we trick the phone into thinking that part of the card is an extension of the memory actually in the phone and if you take that out the phone freaks out because it is not used to its own memory being removed).
      You do not need to keep the ROM on the card, but you do need to keep the card in.

  143. J03L_M says:


  144. CeCe says:

    My Bluetooth is not working….any suggestions

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello CeCe,

      Bluetooth does not work on any Hero ROMs at the moment. Check with the developers of the ROMs to see if their are any updates in the future that fix this.

  145. Victor says:

    if i have the hero rom is it bad that i installed apps2sd also? i think i read something saying i wasnt supposed to do

  146. Max says:

    @unlockr, I’ve tried a few different roms, mostly the hero roms, most were very laggy after installing apps and widgets. I just tried the Cyanogen rom and doesn’t look much different then the original android (CyanogenMod v4.0.3) but runs very fast and bluetooth works. But I prefer the Hero for its looks, so far the fastest hero was the Jachero2.7.3, do you have a better recommendation on the hero rom? do you recommend the cpu overclocking?


  147. Max says:

    @unlockr, does the Haykuro roms require a different install setup? I’ve tried Haykuro roms and keeps just rebooting, have tried the superelite v0.2 and elite personal v0.5, both keeps rebooting.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Max,

      No, so long as you loaded the SPL during this process and partitioned your card correctly, shouldn’t be a problem.
      The rebooting issue is actually pretty normal though, try reformatting the card, wiping data, then reloading the ROM. Usually fixes it.

  148. frank linn says:

    hey unlockr, please help, i had this rom for 2 days nk02’s ION Multi5 PVT 32 from … its the best ive found, but.. i have 2 problems, i set up the internet for it, and couldnt find the mms protocol you mentioned above. but i still got 3g signal, but for some odd reason, i can not download anything from the app market it stays stuck at starting download. i can neither recieve mms texts, but sms is fine.. please help, id really greatly appreciate it

  149. frank linn says:

    also, everytime i turn the phone on, it forces me to kill maybe that has something to do with it?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Frank Linn,

      The MMS settings are put into the APN. Read the Reported Issues under this post for exactly what to type in and where.
      As for the Market issue, sounds like a problem with the ROM you are using. Either load a different ROM and see if the issue is resolved or check the developers thread of their ROM to see if they posted a solution.
      Good luck!

  150. John F. says:

    Hi, im having problems loading the latest versions of Cyanogen. I have at the moment cyanogen 3.9.7, but any later than that, my phone will freeze on the mytouch logo. In his forum, cyanogen says the new roms are ‘* Not vulnerable to the “one click root” exploit’. Does that mean this method will not be able to load up the new roms? thanks

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello John,

      I put the latest Cyan ROM onto the myTouch using our method no problem. Read the Reported Issues for how to get around the logo screen.
      Do you have a link to where Cyanogen said that? I’d like to check it out and see how it pertains to these methods.

  151. david says:

    i have jachero rom on my g1 i went through your 1 step root and i seem have the same problem as frank linn it forces me to kill i partitioned the sd card manually because i dont have the option to do it from the recovery screen, it shows that i have 70mb of free memory…is that the same amount it gives if i would have done it with your method? should i unroot and start from scratch?

  152. david says:

    i just realized i am using cyanogen’s recovery and not the one that you suggest on here, ill try unrooting and start all over…thanks man

  153. BRAND1SH says:


    you’re the man handling all these requests dude !!

    So I got my new 8gb cl6 card, and will start your process in a couple hours.

    Any new hero roms for 32b you suggest ?? or which are you currently running ? still Qtek ??

    thanks again for the 183rd time lol

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hey Brand1ish,

      Ha, I’m trying, its tough to answer everyone lol Thinking about starting a Forum on this site… What do you guys think? Place to help each other with issues?

      Good luck when you get started and if anything… be patient and don’t get frustrated lol
      I’m using the latest Qtek on a MyTouch and it works pretty well.

      Your welcome!

  154. BRAND1SH says:

    Is the latest the one posted on your Android ROMS link ? I def want the one you have

    a forum would be awesome !

  155. Max says:

    Hey Brand1ish,

    How did the class 6 sd card work out for you? Did you notice any improvements in speed and perfomance?

  156. Michael says:

    hey Unlockr i’m so scared right now myTouch 3G is not donig anything it just stays on the green mytouch 3g screen and know i don’t know what to do PLEASE HELP!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Michael,

      First off, breathe lol
      Second off, I have yet to see a phone that couldn’t be fixed. (If you turn it off and back on by holding down home and power do you get to the recovery image? If so, you’re totally fixable 🙂

      Tell me what the last step was you did and we can go from there…

  157. ChicoJD says:

    Forum yes… sorry, my previous post had my web addy wrong.

  158. bryan says:

    hey unlockr i wanted to know if know were i can find a ROM for the g1 that has working bluetooth?? is really going to help me man thanks for all your help

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Bryan,

      Any of the Non Hero ones should have Bluetooth working. We have a few in the Downloads section and there are a bunch on
      Thanks I appreciate it!

  159. Nathan says:

    Ok so i did everything, I skipped sections I & II like it says.
    But when i boot the hero rom for the first time the pixels look like crap. Any help please???

  160. bryan says:

    thanks man is kind of sad that the hero ROMs dont have bluetooth…thanks i will check them out man THANKS MAN

  161. bryan says:

    hey and in the mt3g i have a hero ROM but the wifi and when i tilt it it dont work idk why man

  162. Marvin says:

    Took me for ever but I got it!!! Thanks!!!!!!!

  163. Brianna says:


    I really want to try this, but I bought my phone used and it came with a 1G memory card, instead of the 4G. Is that going to be a problem? If I do have to buy a 4G, what brand? I currently have a Transcend card.


    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Brianna,

      Yes, it isn’t enough memory, I’d recommend at least a 2GB if not 4 or higher.
      As for brand, doesn’t matter really just make sure the card you get is Class 6 (you’ll be happy you did).

  164. Michael says:

    thanks man, it works and i put the hero rom on but it was lagging so I unrooted it. can I use ROM’s that are for the G1?

  165. Will says:

    I’m a little confused about installing a theme, like Nabzilla. To load one, do all steps in IV, or skip the wipe step?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Will,

      To load a theme, just put the theme on the SDcard (like we do in Section IV) and rename to Then boot into recovery mode (home and power) and click Apply Then reboot. Done.
      Just make sure you use a theme designed for the ROM you are using…

  166. rainabba says:


  167. Loz says:


    Firstly thanks very much for laying this out so clearly, made it really easy.

    I’ve just successfully done this for a UK Vodafone HTC
    Magic, (yes I know Ignored your warnings).

    I loaded a Hero Rom (the Qteknology one). it’s a little bit laggy but i’ll probably live with that.
    The only thing that was a bit of a surprise was that I don’t seem to have the Hero’s pinch zooming.

    As a suggestion on your Rom’s page it might be useful to state which features are included in that build.

    Anyway Many Thanks

  168. bryan says:

    hey unlockr thanks to ur help i have my touch rooted and whith a hero rom but i wanted to know if u can help me whith a problem i have…im using the phone but the G-sensors and wifi are not working please help and thanks

  169. Anthony says:

    The Unlockr

    Regarding the memory card does class6 help run the rom faster. like the hero rom.

    Thanks for all your support.

  170. sanibar says:

    unlockr can you tell me what is the newest hero rom to date

  171. mayo says:

    hello unlockr

    I want to know if there is a way to install hero rom
    that the screen doesnt get ugly. please let me know.thanks

  172. brand1sh says:


    the class 6 is a huge improvement in speed and multitasking. HUGE

  173. newrave says:

    i am doing the one click update on a my touch. it lets me flash custom recovery i turn it off and everything and i see the custom when i hold down home and power but when i do it a second time i only get the factory root screen. what am i doing wrong

  174. Matthew says:

    i did everything. it turned out great. except i cant seem to get my 3g to work. my wifi works fine but my 3g is not showing up. and i did have it before i did this. is there something i can do to fix that? or is ti just the rom? do i need a new rom?

  175. Matthew says:

    okay..well i figured it out about the 3g thing. but theres another problem. everytime i turn the screen off. and turn it back on everything on it is all pixelized. if you know what i mean. like its all messed up. is there something that could fix it? help please.

  176. sanibar says:

    Unlockr do you recommend using the swapper app and the set CPU app.

  177. Max says:


    I’m not able to get maps to locate my location unless I have the GPS enabled. It used to work just fine using the phone 3g network on the cupcake build. Is that a known issue with any rooted phone with rom? I’m using lastest radio and spl.


  178. Max says:

    Hey brand1sh,

    Just got my class 6 sd and loaded it up. I don’t see that much of a difference in speed from my class 4. The only way I can speed things up on the hero rom is to have less widgets, having widgets for every page really lags things down, I’m assuming cause it needs to keep updating and takes up more cpu resources.

  179. YungSage says:

    how do you revert back to the old rom

  180. YungSage says:

    by old rom i mean original mytouch rom

  181. brand1sh says:

    @ Matthew,

    Go back up the page and read “known Issues” at the end of Unlockrs tutorial. It explains why you, and unfortunatly me, are getting the pixels after putting the screen to sleep.

  182. brand1sh says:


    I went from the stock class 2 to a class 6, so the jump in performance was much bigger then yours. But hey, a 8gb class6 for $17 bucks I cant complain lol

  183. Max says:


    Don’t get me wrong, the hero looks awesome. But just not fast enough when you need it. I was out with my buddies, showing them the new hero (jachero2.7.3) works decent and fast when your scrolling between widgets and pages. But when your switching between apps, either takes forever or crashes, maps and apps that require a location can’t find you without enabling the battery draining gps, which works most of time on just 3g network alone. So right now I’m debating if I can tear myself away from the awesome look of Hero for convenience of cupcake =)

  184. Matthew says:

    okay. well is there a specific rom that wont do it?

  185. CJ says:

    did anybody figure out how to fix the fuzzy problem yet????

  186. CJ says:

    i want hero rom so bad ugh its killing me

  187. CJ says:

    plz help i just load a rom a hero one an it keep going bac to the HTC sreen plz help!!!!!!!!!

  188. Parker777 says:

    I have the mt3g and was wondering, my spl isnt the 2005 do i need to change it? it said for mt3g to skip that section s i did and i have the correct radio just not spl. Thanx again for all your help and hard work you are very appreciated .

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Parker777,

      The SPL does not matter with our rooting method and this method of loading a ROM. Just skip the Loading a Radio and Loading an SPL section, go straight to Section III and then IV.

  189. kevin says:

    Hello, 1 last question b4 i start the process, i gonna load the hero rom now, then after that do i need internet for activate the phone every time i load differnt rom or i dont need it after i root the phone?

  190. kevin says:

    thank, how about the other rom? the same thing?

  191. CJ says:


    Can you help with im so confused 🙁 I loaded a ROM on my touch 3g an now when it get to the HTC logo it refresh to that every 5 sec..what did i do wrong or is it the ROM i download???

  192. juaninamillion says:

    Thank you for your tutorials! They were great! I have a slight problem… I flashed cyanogenmod 4.0.4(which is wonderful) but was considering trying a different ROM. When I wipe and remove the sd from the phone I install to my pc and try to copy the new Rom… It says unable to copy, sdcard not writable. How do I change this. I’m looking forward to using JACxROM!!! Any help would be appreciated!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Juaninamillion,

      Check the SD adapter you put the microSD card into (there is a sliding mechanism that says locked or unlocked, make sure it says unlocked).

  193. kevin says:

    i tried to wipe then format sd fat 32and wipe then fortmat sd fat32+ext2+swap for like 10 times buti keep geeting error: run via adb! wat should i do now

  194. kevin says:

    i just skipped the format sd fat 32 because i couldnt do it, and moved on, i got the hero rom and everything, is it ok? or i have to find the way to go back and do the format sd fat32?

  195. kevin says:

    now i see the problem :D, the internal memory has only 15MB so i dont think i can download anything, please unlockr, do u kno how to fix it? the rom is working perfectly now but just that prolem, please help 🙂

  196. BRAND1SH says:

    evil hero 2xx is the only hero rom I’ve used with success. the fuzzys is not a hardware or software issue. Its just a little gremlin that creeps in during the rooting process. I mean, something that used to take hours and was very complicated has been condensed into a few simple steps, bugs are bound to occur.. Just keep wiping, formatting, wiping and flashing ( takes 5-7min ?), and you should get good results eventually.
    I followed your steps to a T with great results. however I keep getting forcecloses for Java, htc music and touchflow. I’ve been told I need another spl then the stock mytouch, be several diff people on diff forums. I believe i have 2006 and need 2005 ? tips would be great ! also, if I do flash a new spl, should I start the entire process over or where should I start ? is it ok that my card is already partitioned ? in your tutorial, you add the spl before partitioning. just double checking !!

  197. Parker777 says:

    Theirs a rom posted by fatel1 it was basically an update of a hero rom sent out to magics with a 32b baord by HTC i believe . Iv been running it for awile and it works wonderfully i have all the widgets /home screens anything and everything a normal hero phone would have and it all works great you need to have a class 6 sd card and it helps to have the three partitions witch is very easy to do as long as you have the Amon Rah recovery. If you get lagg when you boot just give it a min and it’ll be fine, mms works great led works 3g works it does have the H instead of the 3g but it works the same . I believe Fatal1 did modify 1 or 2 things for a better rom . I’v tried a lot of the hero roms out there for the mt3g if not all of them and by far this is the best iv used. Its the real deal you cant go wrong . You dont even need root to apply, though theirs no reason not to have it in the first place and you need it to partition for a faster rom but you don’t have to have it or the partition to update and run this hero rom, cuz like i said it was sent out by HTC as an update to the people with magics 32B who wanted a hero interface. If anyone would like to tryr it out here is the link- Anywho. Don’t forget all the hard work and patience these guys have done and had for us. It takes a lot to do what they do especially when the majority of what they give us and do for us is free. I’m not sure if we can but we should all donate a lil if possible, even if its only a buck it adds up if we all pitch in, and they can do a lot more for us if they have the resources they need. I’m gunna find out if you can for myself and do what i can for them. I suggest and ask that you all do the same. Thanx again unlockr you are very appreciated .

  198. Parker777 says:

    Sorry guys i forgot but their is one thing that doesn’t work and that the bluetooth, but it doesn’t work on any Hero rom. Sorry bout that everyone.

  199. Parker777 says:

    I take that back everyone bluetooth does work 😉 sorry;)

  200. Parker777 says:
    Here’s the right link everyone. Once again i am sorry .

  201. kevin says:

    what does it mean when you flash your phone?

  202. kevin says:

    you cant do any thing else for the formarting right? just keep wiping and formating till it right?. do we need to reboot the phone everytime or juss go wiping then formating?

  203. kevin says:

    lol is there any other way? cuz i keep wiping and formating for the last 15 mins, nothing really happen but the error says run via adb! wat that even mean?

  204. kevin says:

    another 10 mins with wiping and formating but get the same error run via adb! wat can i do unlockr? 😀 please help i think not juss me get this msg, should i root it again or start this thing all over, or anything u think might work? thanks in advance anyone can help me 😀

  205. kevin says:

    nvm ppl 😀 i got it, when i keep wiping and formating, i think y dont i try a different sdcard? then i took my sister’s and tried, it worked right away, the only different is , mine is calss 4, and hers is class 2, so i dont know if its true that class 4 sd card wont work, but thats just it :D, so unlockr can make notes bout that if its true

  206. kevin says:

    thank you very much unlockr, hero is wat i ever wanted so 😀 lol, you’re the best, please keep perfecting the hero rom, we’re really appriciate all your hard work, 1 quick question, does it have flash on the jachero 1.6?

  207. kevin says:

    so at the end you will have 85 mb for your internal phone storage rite? can you have more?

  208. juaninamillion says:

    Lol! I’m an idiot! I hadn’t even thought about that for some reason. Thank you
    again. One more question… should i do a nandroid backup before I flash? What
    excactly does it backup?

  209. Javier says:

    what Hero Rom works good with G1?

  210. cris says:

    Hey so I did everything on my g1 it workd great! So I want to change my sd card to a 4 I was using a 2g. Can I just do the wipe and format sd for my new card??? all the best! Thanks for help

  211. kevin says:

    @javier: just go to the website provided on section IV, step 1, any thing has (G1/Dream) works good, im using the Jacheroski now, its alilte bit slow, but its features are rele good

  212. Javier says:

    thanks, I’m going 2 try it out and see hoe it works…
    yes, I heard it’s kind of slow…

  213. Matthew says:

    which rom has the best chance of not getting fuzzy?

  214. JC says:


    i rooted and and load a hero rom on my mytouch 3g.everything works except when i put my phone in sleep mode and wake it up the screen turns very fuzzy/blurry.PLEASE HELP thank you!!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello JC,

      Please read the Reported Issues at the bottom of the post and then load the JACHeroski 1.5 ROM for the MyTouch in our downloads section and see if it works.

  215. vinh tra says:

    hi im having trouble with my g1. I flashed my g1 to hero. i found your site and i wanted to root my phone the way you guys did i had to unroot and root it your way. so i did that, everything is fine. i wanted to upload jf cupcake 1.5. i tried to upload the radio says (E:Failure at line 2:assert getprop(“ro.product.device”)== “dream” II getprop(“”) == “dream”
    installation aborted.
    please, any help?

  216. jerzy says:

    i made it all the way to the end but my rom is not running im still on the old g1 rom i have the memory card that came with the phone do i need another one to get this to work

  217. nydude says:

    hi i cant get the spl do work can someone tell me why its saying its aborted it also its saying there is an error with a signature something like that

  218. Matthew says:

    i dont see the rom your reffering to. the 1.5 hero rom.

  219. AG says:

    Hey Unlockr…. i rooted mytouch with the 1 click method, followed all the instructions with the sdcard/etc. and downloaded this v4.0.2 – stable version, updated 8/22)then changed it to update, transferred it to the sd powered on the phone holding the home button, went to format wipe it, and booted the phone and andriod logo is different but its stuck at that screen…

    Let me know wat i did wrong bro…

  220. AG says:

    Anybody can help with this, because i cant use my phone at all, HOPE THIS B1T2H ISNT BRICKED MANNNN!!!!

  221. AG says:

    Should i have not loaded that v4.0.2 stable version???

  222. Matthew says:

    im trying now.

  223. Matthew says:

    okay. no fuzzy. but now my sms dont work. it keeps force closing. and i have to use chompsms and i dont wanna use that.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Matthew,

      Just boot into recovery, wipe, and reload the ROM and should fix it. If not, then reformat the memory card (Section III) and then wipe and reload the ROM.

  224. Troy says:

    Having trouble with the partitioning. I’ve installed and rooted everything according to your instructions. I installed the cyanogen rom, which stated that it automatically had apps2sd. How can I tell that they are being installed to my sd card? After I install an app, my internal memory amount decreases, like on the normal android os. Please help…

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Troy,

      Did you partition the memory card the way this procedure has you do it?
      If you did then the Apps will be on the internal storage. Check the internal storage in settings and it should be 500mb larger than normal. That number will still go down when installing things but it counts the SD card in that number.

  225. Matthew says:

    tahnk you works now. im so happy. keep up the awesome job unlockr. 🙂

    you guys make my life so much better. lol.

  226. Minh says:

    hello unlockr,

    i’m having trouble loading the hero rom. when i format the sd fat32+ext+swap it gives me an error: run via adb!. what do i do? and then when i try to apply sdcard update it say:
    E: no signature (1537)
    E:verification failed

    can you help me out?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Minh,

      Reformat the card, on your phone, goto Settings > SD card > then click Unmount and then Format (this will erase everything so save stuff to your computer first). Then try again.
      Good luck!

  227. sanibar says:

    Unlockr I’m using your custom recovery and I did every thing right. I think. My eternal memory said 85 after I loaded the Rom jachero and I downloaded a couple apps and now its down to 76 is it suppose to be like that. I thought everything would download on the memory card. Can you tell me what’s wrong.

  228. Minh says:

    I’ve formated the sd card and it still says

    error: run via adb!

    when i go to the recovery screen to format the sd fat32+ext2+swap.

    Do you have any other ideas?

  229. Christopher says:

    Hey Unlockr,

    Looks like the new thing for HERO is a 96MB or larger swap and then editing the user.conf file to increase the “swapiness” to run HERO smoothly.

    How do we make these changes using your custom recovery image?


    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Christopher,

      Post any links you can here about how to change the swapiness from XDA and I’ll test it out and then adapt them into this procedure. Thanks!

  230. Leon says:

    Hey, I did your 1 click process and partitioned 8gb sd card with the Fat32+Ext2+Swap (my fone doesn’t say linuxswap). My fone still lags and loads alot. Please tell me when I can do to make it run smoother. Thank you

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Leon,

      I’m going to do a quick post or add to this procedure at the end some tips for speeding up Hero this weekend.
      But keep in mind it still won’t be perfect, 100Mbs less RAM than the real Hero is what the MyTouch/G1 have so regardless it won’t be as fast.

  231. Leon says:

    Here is something I just saw about the swap:

    NOTES:Swap is linux-swap by default. Edit the user.conf in /system/bin to change swappiness etc. Compcache modules built with the latest source are included if you want compcache or compcache with backing etc. Run sh /system/bin/swap -s to check swap status and other mod values.

  232. Michael K. says:

    Just fantastic… worked like a dream on MT3G.

    Just thought I’d note this since most people who comment do so because they have trouble…. (if it works you don’t need to ask for help)

    Just rooted and updated to Hero ROM (JACHeroski). All the things that T-Mobile should have put in but didn’t (single touch dialing a contact .. derrrr!). It seems more responsive than the T-Mo UI !!!

  233. Dave says:

    Hi Unlockr,

    I was updating the spl on my G1 and now seems to be stuck at the package installation icon, looks like a software box icon and arrow pointing to phone. I tried taking battery out and tried going back to recovery, keeps going back to same screen and sitting there for a very long time. I’ve tried, alt+w, alt+s, everything. Any help greatly appreciated!

  234. Minh says:

    Hello Unlockr

    I have formatted the sd card like you told and and then unrooted and then did the 1 click root and i still got the same thing. it still says

    error: run via adb!

    when i tried to update it with the hero rom

    and i can’t format the card using the recovery either it says

    E: no signature (1537)
    E:verification failed

    i would really appreciate it if you could help me out.

    thank you unlockr

  235. Christopher says:

    Hey Unlockr,

    I hope this link works, but thee is a modified user.conf file posted here that shows the changes you need to make. He also claims to have a Linux swap of 200??? Says it runs as smooth as a pre-installed OS.

    Please let me know what you think. I have installed the new 1.7r2 and it is much faster, but still a bit choppy if that makes any sense.



  236. Minh says:

    hello unlockr

    can you still help me if not please let me know so i will i stop filling up your posts

    thank you

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Minh,

      First off, what is the problem with the phone?
      Second off, don’t get snippy lol I have a full time job and am just trying to help. If I didn’t see your post or if the question is answered in the Reported Issues at the bottom of the post I might not answer it.
      Also, don’t rely on me ever. I cannot see what you did and so can’t know what you did wrong. Always try and use the search at the bottom of the post to find solutions to the issues.

  237. jerzy says:

    hello unlockr,

    thanks to you i finally have my g1 unrooted and running a custom rom.i really appreciate all the help.what hero rom is the best to have right now

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Jerzy,

      Glad to hear!
      The JACHero ROMs for the G1 are nice, but everyone has different experiences with different ones so experiment.
      Also make sure your memory card is partitioned with the 3 partitions (Section III) before you load a Hero ROM.

  238. PapaMidNight says:

    Hey Unlockr,…..what should I or do I need to do if I do not have a memory card reader?……should I just go and buy one or can I do without it!?…..

  239. maria says:

    hey unlockr thanks for all your help on iphone and my touch…i had a question for u,i wanted to know if there was any way to get free paid apps like in the iphone?…and again thanks

  240. maria says:

    (for my touch 3g)

  241. Minh says:

    i wasn’t being snippy i honestly didn’t want to clutter the post because there are many people who ask for your help. i just wanted to know if you could help me any further, sorry about that. well this is my problem:
    I have formatted the sd card like you told me and and then unrooted and then did the 1 click root and i still got the same thing. it still says

    E: no signature (1537)
    E:verification failed
    error: run via adb!

    i can’t format the card using the recovery either it says

    error: run via adb!

    and when i tried to update it with the hero rom (32B motherboard too)

    i have a mytouch 3g and i bought it when it first came out. Again im sorry if i came off snippy. this will be my last post i promise. again im sorry.

    Thank You

  242. Minh says:

    sorry last one my last one was a little confusing.

    i can’t format the card using the recovery either it says

    E: no signature (1537)
    E:verification failed
    error: run via adb!

    and when i tried to update it with the hero rom (32B motherboard)

    error: run via adb!


  243. Jonovanj says:

    I keep getting the erro when trying to apply file “E:cant open /sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted.

    What should i do??? Pleas help.

  244. Michael says:

    everything was going fine when i tryed t download something from the market it said a server error has occured retry or cancel and return to previous screen is it because of my connection because it says it has 3g or is it because of the rom

  245. Jon Stanley says:

    Hello Unlockr

    Ive done the one click method to rooting my mt3g 32b, formatted the sd to fat32,ext2,linux swap and put the Jacheroski v1.5 rom on my phone.

    It works well but lots of lag. I was wondering how to change roms to a 5.0r2 ZeroXD Platinium. Do u know any details on this rom?

    also would I need to convert to ext3?

    Ive only tested the roms posted to your site and I don’t know if all of’s roms are decent.

    If I were to change roms how would I go about doing it?
    Is it the same as any rom? Example: transfer 5.0r2 ZeroXD Platinium onto sd card, reboot into recovery, wipe, and install the renamed rom, to, and reboot???

    Youre advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  246. Nepalese says:

    I have rooted my G1 and have the correct Radio but when i try to update the SPL, the Phone is stuck with an image of a phone and exclamation symbol. What does that mean?

  247. Dave says:


    use alt+L and then apply

  248. dfanzz says:

    Hi everyone,I have a rooted g1. All I want is hero THEMES. Do I need to do a “HOW TO: LOAD A CUSTOM ROM” process and then flash the theme I want???

  249. wrongstop says:

    UMM MY GMAIL ACCOUNT WILL NOT GO set up right ITS SAYS: This could be a temporary problem or your SIM car may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.

  250. wrongstop says:


  251. Mike says:

    Hi Unlockr,
    I love all that you have done and im excited to get the wifi app working. I finally got it rooted I believe. I used the first ROM on your list from cyro and am going back through to do the wifi now but i’m having one issue…. my sdcard will no longer dismount to take out safely. Is there something I need to change or do differently? thanks again

  252. Jordan says:

    I one click rooted about a month ago and Have been running cyanogen 4.0.1. Today I realized my spl is 0.95.0000 and to my understanding it should be 1.33.2005. My radio is fine but not my spl, am I ok or should i do something? Also I have the cyanogen updater and I was wondering if I should wipe every time I update? Thanks for whatever support you can possibly give me!

  253. Nepalese says:

    will try that now. I still get the exclamation even after i have loaded the Hero Rom successfully. Then during reboot, its stuck.

  254. Nepalese says:

    Reinstalled the Rom and it worked!
    Thank you!

  255. dfanzz says:

    I have already rooted my g1 succesfully. All I want to install are HERO THEMES on my G1. I already tried and installed the HERO ROM. But it was way to slow for me. So… Do I need to follow the “how to load a custom ROM” section and then simply flash the theme instead of the ROM???

  256. ccriffman says:

    I followed this procedure and it worked great. That includes “section 3” above. Does that mean my apps will automatically install to my sd? Or do I need to do anything else?-Chris

  257. ccriffman says:

    dfanzz- as long as you have successfully installed a rom ( for instance, cyanogens 4.0.4 rom) then just dl the theme you want, put it on the root of your sd card, rename it “update”. then go into recovery screen, select “install

  258. boi says:

    Hey I think this website is great. And I followed every step. But have a question for the partition of the sd card for apps2sd. I did everything but my internal memory didn’t get any larger. Thank you for your help

  259. Im not very good at this says:


    sorry for prob. being the only idiot on here but here it goes. i tried ur one root method and think it worked and then i installed the cyanogyn ROM and looked like it worked except for the new keyboard which i cant find. Then i went to apps and downloaded CM updater. My phone is a MT3G and it reads -build# is COC10, Mod ver is cyanogen 4.0.4, kernel ver.. is cm4shade@toxygene and firmare is 1.5… is all that stuff mean that i did it right??? other than that is there anyway to make my 3g more stable? when im in a call in 3g then it switches to 2g and i iloose the call even though it switched when there was full bars in 3g mode..Thanks dude..

  260. Brenda says:

    So i unrooted my phone and did the whole one click root from this website. And i tried to partition the sd card with the steps above. But i the internal memory is still the same. Do i need to download the apps2sd app and perform the old steps? Please help me.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Brenda,

      Did you partition the memory card BEFORE loading the new ROM? Did you even load a new ROM?
      You need to partition the memory card and then finish the procedure and load a ROM. Then the ROM will automatically set up Apps2SD and give you internal root access. If you don’t want a Hero based ROM then I suggest Cyanogen’s ROM in the Downloads section.

  261. im not very good at this says:


    yes i did have that issue before i rooted, it might just be my area.. thanks dude for everything. i will be donating..

  262. Drew says:

    Can I use the 4g card that came with the Mytouch or do I need a faster card to run the Hero rom so its not super slow? So ust to get this straight (sorry to be a noob) I dont have to do the radio or spl on the mytouch, just root it and install the rom?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Drew,

      You can use the 4GB (a faster one would help, but no harm in trying it out first).
      And that is correct, do not load the Radio or SPL, just go straight to partitioning the card (make sure to do that!) and then load the Hero ROM.

  263. Wade says:

    Hey Unlockr,

    I get the message

    error: run via adb!

    What does that mean? ANY SOLUTIONS!!

  264. Akelis says:

    Unlockr think i just f**ked up my phone lol (mytouch3G)i installed a rom and it aborted and i forgot to back up wat should i do

  265. Drew says:

    Sorry to double post, but I just dont want to mess this up. I watched the above video and it shows downloading the spl and radio for the mytouch, but when I read the instructions it says to skip over that for the mytouch, its just a little confusing so I figured I would ask if I need to download them or not. Also can I use the 4g card that came with the mytouch or do I need a different one? I tried reading through the comments to answer my questions before I asked but I couldnt find the answer I was looking for. Please help a friend in need out =)

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Drew,

      No problem. You CAN load them but it is optional. I redid the instructions after the video (figured it was easier for people to just skip the steps). Always follow the written instructions on this site and just use the video as a visual aid, the written instructions are always right.

  266. Akelis says:

    Unlockr how would i load the rom from recovery?

  267. Drew says:

    Is it a waste of time for me to do it with the 4g card? Like how much slower will it be? And if I do it with the 4g card and decide to get a faster card down the road, what will I have to do to get everything over on the new card so it functions? Sorry for asking so many questions =(

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Drew,

      No it is not a waste of time, I would try it if I were you, it is easy to partition the new card and reload a ROM once you’ve done the procedure (you just put in the new memory card and do section III and IV and thats it).
      Good luck!

  268. Jose says:

    Like a couple of people here, i used the eViL HeRo Rom with great success on my Mytouch 3G. What i did is first format the sd card to fat32-ext2-swap and than convert to ex3. next load the .zip rom to the sd card from my computer using a sd card adapter, reinserted the memory card to the phone, did a wipe, than flashed the rom. the rom is extremely fast and comes with the Set CPU overclocking app to make it even faster.
    you can find the rom here:

    I’m using the 2.3xx version, i encountered sync problems with the 2.4x build.

    Hope this helps.!

  269. David says:

    My phone is locked on T Mobile G1 screen once I power it on. How do I fix this?

  270. David says:

    nevermind, I actually read the top

  271. Minh says:

    can you help me out unlockr i think you missed my last comment

    i can’t format the card using the recovery either it says

    E: no signature (1537)
    E:verification failed
    error: run via adb!

    and when i tried to update it with the hero rom (32B motherboard)

    error: run via adb!


  272. Jun says:

    what do i do when it says invalid signature

  273. peter says:

    i want to install the hero rom, but i dont have the sd adapter that came with my micro sd. is there a way to still copy the files onto my sd card? sorry for the stupid question, im new to this. i just cant do it like your video shows. can i just leave the card in the phone and drag the files onto the card once i have pluged it to the computer? please help

  274. Oscar says:

    Question: ive “rooted” my g1 it goes to the green letters recovery screen but i try to put the spl or the radio it wont let me so i turn it off and i hit the home + power keys and it takes me to a blue letters recovery…did i do something wrong?…im trying to get Hero rom on it…

  275. Jose says:

    well what I did before i had the adapter was go to the recovery screen, format the card, than reboot and mount the phone to your computer. drag the file on the card, than reboot back into the recovery screen. Backup, Wipe, than flash the ROM.

  276. skratchpiklz says:

    MMS dont work..!!! i did da sotlution and cant receive MMS.. HELP….!!!!!

  277. peter says:

    i followed your steps and and put a rom on the phone. but i want to add other roms, but i did steps 3 and 4. it was after that it said if you want to install other roms due step 4 only. do i need to start all over or can i still install other roms, please help me.

  278. PeDe says:

    i was wondering, do i need to anything before i move cache to sd?? i’ve already been running a hero rom for a few weeks now

  279. PeDe says:

    thank you for all your help and making a difficult process simple and with instant responses, keep up the good work

  280. Cameron says:

    i tried the spl step and when i hold down power and home the exclamation error screen comes up. i did the one click root and have the right radio installed… HELP!?!?!?

  281. Cameron says:

    if it helps i started pressing buttons and another screen came up and said…

    E: Can’t open /cache/recovery/command

  282. Cameron says:

    my other question is; in this video it appears when you put the SPL zip file onto the card the recovery img and apk files are no longer on the card. am i supposed to delete those files after the root process? im confused.

  283. alfonso says:

    Itryed all and all i keep getting is (E;can’t open sdcard/
    (no such file or directory)
    Installation aborted.

    now i notice in the video your spl file that you transfer to the microsd card, is a icon of a zip.file.
    when i download mine is a JAVA. JARDFILE i try downloading it with my mac and it shows as a regular file not zip. please help. how to change my settings for my files or were to get a zip.file

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Alfonso,

      Just click on the file and rename it and replace whatever .*** it is giving it with .zip then make sure you rename it to and make sure it is on the SD card NOT in any folder. Good luck.

  284. zacharyf says:


    im stuck at the tmobile g1 screen after i did the custom spl thing, it wont start and i cant seem to find a way out of this. please help

  285. gstorm84 says:


  286. skratchpiklz says:

    hello theunlockr,

    im in usa and i have t-mobile usa and still havin the same problen with the MMS….. also my BLUETOOTH dont works… PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEE>>>>>>

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Skratchpiklz,

      Then the settings are incorrect, redo them or call Tmobile and tell them you erased the Apn settings on accident and ask them to read them to you.
      Bluetooth does not work on Hero ROMs. Never has.

  287. MN says:

    Hi I want to root my phone but am a little scared I don’t want to brick with the spl. I’m on a uk g1 with stock cupcake uk crc37 can I just use the one click root method and apply the spl straight away or do I need to update the radio.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello MN,

      Do the One Click root method first and make sure that works, then the load the Radio and the SPL. You need both the radio and the SPL if you are going to load any of the ROMs on our site, but you can check specific ROMs (use the search we have above the Android ROMs in the downloads section to search for more ROMs) and see what SPL and Radio are required for that specific ROM.

  288. MN says:

    I want to install a hero rom but I have the latest radio do I still need to update or can I just flash the spl

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello MN,

      1. Check what Radio you have first!!! Turn the phone off and then back on by holding down Back and Power. At the top you should see your radio version at the top of the screen. If it says then SKIP section this section and procedure to section II. (You do NOT want to load the same radio twice, it can cause issues).

  289. Garrck2007 says:

    Hey dav im trying the hole 1 root thing out since it seems much easier then the older method but im getting stuck at the part after i try to install the radio i get the E:Failure at line 2 error, i read all the post but never seen a solution, im on a g1 class 6 8gb card, help please thanks

  290. MN says:

    I have the latest radio as I am on stock cupcake so can I just load the new spl after rooting. Also does this work on uk g1s

  291. Garrck2007 says:

    Its cut off on my phone for some odd reason but i seen it in a above comment, not sure how they resolved it but i did get a update this morning so im going to see if it works now, im currently on build CRC1, error code is:

    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert getprop(”ro.product.device”) == “dream” || getprop(””) == “dream”

    Installation aborted.

    Ill let you know if the update fixes that.

  292. KingFlako says:

    hey wats up unLockr, i’ve allready had a few hero roms on my MT3G 32B…. but after trying out the new MoDaCo Enhanced ROM (which failed to work) no hero roms will work on my phone (the CyanogenMod ROM works but nothing else does), keeps getting stuck on the start-up hero image…. can u help me out????

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello KingFlako,

      The Modaco ROM is for the ACTUAL HERO PHONE NOT THE MYTOUCH…
      You will have to Unroot using the unrooting procedure on our site and then start again.

  293. Garrck2007 says:

    Nope didnt work same error, any idea’s? thanks

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Garrick2007,

      Wow, that’s a new one. Not sure, did you try to put the “failure at line 2” into the custom search at the bottom of the post. It searches only specific sites that might have a solution, try that and see if anything comes up.

  294. Garrck2007 says:

    I dont see this problem anywhere else but in these comments, seems like it never got resolved, sounds like they all gave up lol, i may go back to the old method

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Garrick2007,

      Would you mind testing something for me…
      I’m going to put a new Radio file up, I think maybe the file is corrupt. Would you mind testing a different one? It will say (updated 09.15.09) next to it once I update it?
      I would but I don’t have a G1 here.

  295. Garrck2007 says:

    Yea sure no problem, but i catually think its not the radio, it seems to be the boot up image, i tryed using the cyanogen image and it worked with no problem, so after that i rebooted then used the new easy method image you provided then flashed the slp and that worked also, then i formatted the card using the one click but none of the partitions can be read on my computer, so i used a old sd card to install the rom then put my old card in lol, all this madness works but the partitioned memory card can not be read by the phone or my mac or pc, very weird, it says on my computer when i analyze it its a Microsoft reserved partition, my phone does not recognize it. Im going to partition that to fat 32 and see what happneds

  296. Garrck2007 says:

    So that doesn’t work ether, unless i format my other( unpartitioned) card using the phone it can be read by the phone if i use the computer to do a fat 32 it can not. Im stating to think that the boot image did something weird with the partitions, im using drizzys latest hero rom… DDR-V1.4r1-G1-Users and its saying i have 10mb free at 1st now 8mb, the phone isnt running supper slow but it is running slow, i only have one app installed.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Garrck2007,

      Hmm, weird. Seems a very isolated issue though. Only a few people get it. I’m going to look for an update to the recovery image from Amon Ra and if there is one, hopefully that will solve it.
      Thanks! I appreciate the help.

      By the way, head over to the new Forums page on here, post a comment there on what you think and any suggestions. Its a work in progress still…

  297. Sean says:

    I did Step two where I copied the file to my sd adapter and wipe and apply sdcard:update,zip and I get
    Install from sdcard….
    Finding update package…
    opening update package…
    E: Can’t open /sdcard/
    (no suck file or directory)

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Sean,

      You need to make sure it is name correctly and that it is NOT in any folders, it is just on the SD card.
      Sometimes computers make the file make sure that that is not the case. Good luck!

  298. Garrck2007 says:

    No problem and yea do you have any suggestions of what i should do in the mean time, im thinking of using the other image and doing a manual partition, that way never goes wrong.

  299. Longitude says:

    Do you have/can you make a video showing how to tether a device (laptop) to MyTouch? I rooted and got the program, just don’t have the know-how to make it work. Thanks in advance.

  300. frody says:

    hi unlockr just wana say thanks for all the help, ive been reading thru the comment to find a solution to this problem, but when i get to the step of formatting/partitioning my sd card the first time i was able to do it, then i put it in the pc to throw the ROM in the card and windows cant read it unless i format it, is there any way or software that can help me read the partitioned sd card?

  301. Jwkjr says:

    Hello Paul, tell me why in the heck did you take down the custom Radio and SPL for the My Touch? I now did not skip this because I wanted to make sure my phine was updated and I used the G1 radio because I saw that the files were named the same on the video… And you use a damn MY TOUCH in the Video… WELL my phone aborted the installation and I’m stuck and pissed. I never got to the SPL part and when I tried to install the EVIL ROM I got E:Can’t open /sdcard/ (bad) Intallation aborted…

    What the hell am I supposed to do now. Can you get me to the link to fix the radio and spl?

  302. Jwkjr says:

    I do apologize for my post above… I figured it out and loaded the ROM. Great site and hope I can help out some day…

  303. Drew says:

    Hey quick question before I go bricking my phone. I downloaded the suggested rom, but it looks like a windows media file. And when I click its properties it says “Windows Media Player (.zip)” is that correct?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Drew,

      Not sure what to tell you, you computer is screwy. It shouldnt matter though, sounds like your computer is just associating .zip files with Windows Media Player. So long as it IS a .zip file then you should be fine.

  304. jimmy says:

    Ok so did everything exactly as described. Checked to make sure hero rom moved apps2sd (says its automatic) but still can’t get the apps on the sd card. what am I doing wrong

  305. josh says:

    ok im really stuck now and need help bad. i accedently reinstalled the same radio twice, and since then when i hold the home+power button down to go in recovery mode this comes up

    E:cant open/cache/recovery/command

    I have no idea what i should do. i tried to unroot again but i can because everytime i try to apply update it says

    E:no signature
    E:verification failed
    installation aborted.


  306. Herb.Grinda says:

    First let me say Thank You! for all of the time you have put into helping other people, it is greatly appreciated.

    Also, I tried to post this in the new forums (yes I registered) but the only field showing up is the ‘Subject’ field. Tried on Chrome, IE and Firefox.

    Ok, on to my question:

    I rooted (using your method) and installed the Evil Hero rom (also using your method).

    The problem I am having is, when I use the recovery console to do the Format Fat32+Ext2+LinuxSwap.

    It formats fine, then I pull the battery and toss the SD in my laptop. When I try to access the SD it tells me I need to format the card, and gives the option to format to fat32.

    I let my pc format it to fat32, and continue to load the Evil Hero rom as per your instructions. Hero runs super slow and is doing the ‘Hero’ loading screen for 2+ minutes whenever I have to go to the home screen.

    Should I not let my pc format to fat32? If I dont, it will not let me access the card.

    I hope this makes sense heh.

    Mytouch 3G Tmobile
    8gb microSDHC class 6

    Thanks again for your time!

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Herb.Grinda,

      Thanks for letting me know about the Forum issue, still working out the bugs lol I’ll work on it tomorrow and hopefully get it going.
      Your PC formatting, should only be formatting the section of the card it can see anyway (the Fat32 section that you created in the recovery screen) so shouldn’t matter. Make sure this is true by seeing how much memory it says your card has when you put it into the computer; it should be 532mbs smaller than the original size of the card and should still be that same size after the formatting.
      I would try some different Hero ROMs too be honest. Some work better for others than others.

      Good Luck!

  307. Herb.Grinda says:

    Ok, side note.

    Just realized the Evil Hero needs

    Tried using Convert ext2 to ext3 in rocovery console and it tells me:

    Error: Run upgrade_fs via adb!

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!

  308. Drew says:

    Just wanted to give you a HUUUGE thank you for all your help. I just got the hero rom on my phone and Im loving it. I used the suggested evil d rom and its super cool but is a lil slow. It has swapper and all this other stuff on there, what can I do to speed this bad boy up? Im using a sandisk class6 8g card.

  309. Herb.Grinda says:

    Thanks for the really quick reply! I had read the Hero roms are pretty slow, just did not think they were sooooo sloooww. Not sure why people would want their phones to be that sluggish honestly.

    Card size was as you said about 500’ish smaller, just wanted to make sure I was not missing something.

    Guess I will try a cyanogen build, see how that works out.

    Again, thank you so much for your time and help with all of us. Looking forward to the forums when they get up and running.


    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Herb.Grinda,

      You’re very welcome.
      Well, I meant try a different Hero ROM, they aren’t all that slow (little laggy but not terrible). Let me know which one works better for you.

      By the way, would you mind checking the forum again. It should be working now, let me know.

  310. VR says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE HELP. I LOVE THE HERO SENSE UI. its a little laggy, but its nice. looking forward to a faster build.

  311. peter says:

    hello unlockr, its me peter again and i need your help. after i installed a custom theme from your website and followed your directons, but when i went to plug my phone to install more themes the sd card is no longer recognized. i go into file manager and it says by the sd card icon (install sd card). i took it out and put it back in and rebooted the phone but no go. it wont let me format or unformat anything. pls help me, what happened after i installed the theme. everything works fine except the phone does not recognize the card. pls respond. thank you.

  312. peter says:

    hello unlockr i loaded the prodigal sun theme on my phone. it wont give me an option to format the card on the phone. its not highlighted. i have a sandisk card, is it not compatable? pls help what should i do.

  313. Arbor33 says:

    I have a dev phone and I was trying to use Apps2SD so I followed the procedures listed above. When I loaded the custom SPL I got stuck rebooting at the logo screen. I removed the battery and tried the reported issues solution with no luck. So since then I’ve tried loading different ROMS and also the official dev phone updates. With out any success I then tried loading the engineer bootloader that comes on the phone, all I get are errors. I dont even know where to begin to trouble shoot this…

    Please, if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Arbor33,

      Redo Section III and reformat the card then load the Cyanogen ROM listed in our Downloads section and you should be fine.
      Also make sure you had the correct radio and you downloaded the right radio and spl for the right device.

  314. Arbor33 says:

    I’m getting an error,

    E: Corrput file:
    E: Verification failed

    Installation aborted.

    Any ideas?

  315. Arbor33 says:

    nevermind… changed sd cards and it worked fine. Everything is back the way it should be!

    Thank you soo much for helping!!

  316. Tony B says:

    Maybe I’m missing something….from step 3 of Section III it says to take the battery out and the SD Card out and use the SD card adapter it came with (I have the mytouch 3G) Mine didn’t come with one, so I bought one but then the next step (step 1 of Section IV) talks about having your phone plugged back again.

    Any help is appreciated.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Tony B,

      Partition the card. Take it out once it is done (no need to take out the battery) then put it into the sd adapter and put that into your computer. Then put the ROM on the SD card and rename it to Then put the memory card back into the phone and boot into recovery mode (if you are not already still there from before) by holding down home and power. Then hit Wipe Data and then Apply
      Did that help?

  317. Chris says:

    Can I delete the stuff I used for the rooted process? please tell me ASAP!?

  318. Chris says:

    I swiped the data thing then the format part and I clicked reboot and my phone made me restart the logging into my google account? what happend? and is it still rooted? thank you.

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Chris,

      When you wipe the phone it erases the user data and so you have to go through the set up again, but you were supposed to load a custom ROM before you rebooted, did you do that? If not do Section IV.

  319. Chris says:

    Okay I understand now that I watched the video completly.haha
    Also I hate to reroot? even if I do I know how to do it in like 10 minutes now.
    Thank you for answering fast.
    -Chris H.

  320. Chris says:

    Unlockr, I have a few questions.
    1. Now that my mytouch 3g is on hero rom and is rooted.
    I can still take the sdcard out like normal without anything happening right? and I can still add music and pictures right?

  321. Chris says:

    I’m super sorry to be a bug and a pest to you guys, but the hero rom I got its lettering is really blurry. anyway to fix this or will I have to reinstall the rom?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Chris,

      You cannot take out the memory card unless the phone is off.
      If it is fuzzy goto our downloads section and look for the v1.5 of JACHeroski version and download and install that version instead.

  322. Garrck2007 says:

    Hey dav so i tryed to get the old recovery image back on my g1 and the phone didn’t have enough memory to even backup the image 1st so i had to put the recovery image 1.31 on their manually in terminal and that worked, then i tried to do a manual partition and its still not readable by my computer or g1, my comp still says its a Microsoft reserved partition, the ext2 and lunix swaps seem to come up on my computer good. So where should i go from here? Drizzys rom works without the memory card but only have 10mb free lol, so i can download 2 apps and have it run ok, thats bout it. Do you think it could have something to do with the slp? You think i need to unroot and reroot the old way for now and use the hole old method? Thanks

  323. Nick says:

    Hello again…So I was successful at fixing the previous problems. I am now on the part II SPL. When I download the file for the G1 and rename it, then transfer it to the memory card, wiping the data works but it won’t recognize the file renamed So basically I am left to reboot my phone without the installation?


  324. Garrck2007 says:

    I tried partitioning my 2gb card and it worked, so something must be wrong with my 8gb card, :/ hope its fixable somehow

  325. Big-O says:

    I am rooted running CM 4.0.4 (looking forward to 4.2)
    Anyway, My SPL: 1.33.2005
    Well I kept my original CRC1 build radio version because it already was:
    Now this is my question, the CRC1 Radio is:
    Baseband Version: 62.50S.20.17U_2.22.19.26I
    Now in the tutorial for JACHERO (XDA)says to use this Radio:
    Baseband Version: 62.50S.20.17H_2.22.19.26I

    Does the U or the H before the radio version number ( matter??? or Is the H for Haykuro, which in that case is that same and I’d be safe, I’m assuming, Please Unlockr Let me know…

  326. Big-O says:

    Hey I just wanted to start by saying your videos really helped me out during the whole rooting process for my G1, Thank you so much for taking the time to help us all out so much… I’ve personally stuck to Cyanogen Mods because they seem to be the safest, but after seeing some Hero ROMs I want to go for it, but they mention making an ext.3 partition, could you let me know if the newest JacHero (or what ever the most up to date stable Hero ROM out is {please let me know}) do I still need ext.3, and can I just use the Amon Ra recovery to do it if it’s reqired, example: recovery, I wipe, and choose convert ext2 to ext 3, battery out, load new ROM on SD, battery back in, go to recovery and wipe, and apply, or do I have to do more? Thanks again…

  327. Big-O says:

    @ Nick

    double check that the, is actually, and not, in Windows XP (I can’t talk for Vista as I use XP) the folder extensions aren’t visible unless you enable them, so you might not see the .zip at the end of the name, and in that case you should just name the zip folder: “update” without adding the “,zip” because windows would already be adding the .zip (but again you don’t see it unless it’s enabled, you can go to “Folder options/view/ and UN-CHECK the box that says: “Hide extensions for known file types”, “on your computer”, and double check what I’m talking about) Hope it helps.

  328. Big-O says:

    @ Nick

    But being that you rebooted back with out actually flashing anything, just keep in mind, if everything works as it should when u go back to recovery you’ll see the Amon Ra recovery, if on the off chance you don’t get the Amon Ra recovery, and you see the (!)with the triangle (if you’ve never seen it, it’s the original G1 stock recovery screen), don’t worry, don’t flash the, just reboot and follow steps again to flash the Amon Ra recovery. Again this is just incase you don’t see the Amon Ra recovery, if you do, your golden, just wipe and apply…

  329. Nick says:

    alright so I figured out that the recovery system went back to the original G1 Stock. So I redid the whole process and got back to the Amon Ra recovery with all the writing. Now the problem that I am having is that even if I leave the recovery screen on and move to II loading a new SPL, I can’t leave the recovery screen by rebooting the system or taking the battery out because it will delete the new recovery system. The questioin is that it appears that I have to do one of the mentioned two in order to mount the phone so that I can load the new SPL format on the Sd. How do I get from the new recovery screen, not lose it and have to do it all over again, so that I can download the SPl? Sorry so long, hard to explain. Thanks for your help. I feel that I am getting there, just need to get through a few more steps…blahhhhhhh



  330. Frederick B. says:

    ok this is frustrating….. i unroot my phone, got the cupcake, root it, i got the black screen with the green txt and option, i downloaded the SPL, re-named, turn off the phone and when i go to the recovery screen doesn’t give me the options in green txt, just a symbol and i have to press alt. l to go to the recovery and what i get is some blue txt….


    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Frederick B.,

      That means you didnt load the recovery screen.
      Go back to the root process, make sure the recovery image flashes in the Flashrec program (it will say successful).
      Then turn off the phone and turn it back on by holding down home and power. Keep holding it until the recovery screen comes up.

      The screen with the triangle is the original recovery screen that Android has, you need to replace it with the custom one in the How To Root process.

  331. Frederick B. says:

    sorry is not the spl is the radio what gives me the problems

  332. drew says:

    i did everything as ordered, everything worked fine…until i tried to get to the recovery screen and it never went to it, just stayed on the green mytough screen, wat do i do now?

  333. Nikc says:

    Hello again. By trial and error I figured out virtually everything. I formated the SD properly and loaded the Jac Hero v. 2.0 onto my G1. It loads past the G1 logo into the HTC Hero screen, but won’t go past it? Am I doing something wrong?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Nikc,

      You have to make sure you did everything in this procedure (use the written instructions more so than the video).
      Especially formatting the memory card (Section III).

  334. Jefferson C. says:

    I just did the root mytouch in one i have to unroot and do i have to do the sd card thing and do it in the computer because the video says one thing and the instructions say another

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Jefferson C.,

      Always follow the written instructions and use the video as a visual aid if you need it.
      You do not have to unroot. It is saying to unroot and then do the rooting process and then come to this post. It’s just to start from scratch if you had used a different rooting method etc. Since you just did the 1 click rooting, just do this process and start at Section III since you have a MyTouch.
      Good luck!

  335. kevin says:


  336. DeadComedian says:

    Has THIS happened to anybody?

    Performed 1-click root process as described in the video on a G1, installed latest SPL, then loaded a ROM, again as described.

    Phone boots to initial G1 screen, then the ‘Hero’ animation plays, however, I get a force close at startup, saying ‘Sorry! the has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again’.

    Multiple force closes and the phone never boots. I waited it out overnight, only to have a low disk space indicator appear in the notification bar.

    This is after attempting to install ANY Hero ROM; I’ve tried several.

    This is the 2nd G1 I’ve tried Rooting, mine works great. This one’s my wife. Please help before she tries to kill me. Thanks.

  337. Jefferson C. says:

    i want to know if i could put modaco for mytouch because i saw other people put it in theirs

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Jefferson C,

      The Modaco ROM is ONLY for the real Hero phone.
      What you are referring to is that some of the ROMs for the MyTouch and G1 have integrated his ROM into theirs.
      Just download any new Hero ROM for the myTouch (JACHeroski for instance) and it will have the Modaco stuff in it now.

  338. Jefferson C. says:

    and if not…wat is the best rom and fastest to put in a mytouch..thank you

  339. richard says:

    When I try to apply the new radio Get the following message:
    E:Failure at line 2:
    assert gerprop (“ro.product.device”)==”dream”

    can u Help! please email,

  340. Jefferson C says:

    and that rom is the fastest rom for the mytouch…thanks you for the info

  341. Frederick B. says:

    my men the phone is root it, it doesn’t load the the original recovery, it loads the rooted recovery but when i try to load the radio gives me and error and abort the installation

  342. Jefferson C. says:

    finally finished…these people are the best

  343. Frederick B. says:

    ok, i fix the problem….. now when i try to format sd: fat32+ext2+swap tells my Error : run via abd

  344. Frederick B. says:

    done….lol, thanks for the tutorial….. the rom is kind of slow but thanks ….

  345. Jefferson C. says:

    i just put the JACHeroski rom and every time i go to home it reloads and its so slow…is there a better and faster rom

  346. Nick says:

    Attn: The Unlockr, just wanted to express my gratitude for all the help you gave me on my journey to get a new Rom. I have successfully installed Hero on my phone and it works great. The only down fall is that the notification lights do not work. Oh well, the interface is frickin sweet. Would it be possible to email me when new and quicker Roms become available? Again thanks!


  347. kevin says:


  348. Matthew says:

    So i was wondering if there is any news on if another hero rom is out other then the jacheroski 1.5v that doesnt have the fuzzy? its kinda laggy and takes time to switch from app to app. not complaining it works fine just slow.

  349. celeste says:

    hey unlockr…i was just wondering and i feel really stupid for asking this, but once i’ve downloaded hero, i’m wondering where my fav 5’s that considered favorites under contacts? cause i only have a 400 min plan and the fav 5 is really what’s helping me save money, or how do i get the fav 5 widget back onto the hero rom?

  350. Nick says:

    Unlockr? Do you know If Drizzy will put out a Rom to fix the notification lights for the Hero Touch Pro? Just curious.



  351. jessica says:

    hey unlockr: when i click format SD: fat32+ext2+swap it says Error: run via adb! …what do i do now??

  352. Roger says:

    hey unlocker i have a question i downloaded and added the cyanogen mod onto my mytouch but it does not show the wifi tether app can you tell me whats wrong?

  353. jessica says:

    ok got it to work.. but does anyone know where i can find the app2sd rom?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Jessica,

      There is no Apps2SD ROm in particular. Just make sure you partitioned your memory card using this method then just load any ROM that says it supports Apps2SD (cyanogen’s is good if you do not want Hero, it’s in the Downloads section) and you will automatically have Apps2SD built in.

  354. danny says:

    ok got a noob question to bear with me.. so installing app2sd just follow step IV and renaming AppstoSD2.apk to is that right? and also will wiping delete the hero rom i just loaded?

  355. Richie says:

    Here is what I did on my G1(dream). I download the files (recovery.img and .apk file) flash the card reboot the phone and once I have the green recovery screen I did not turn off the cell phone. I just remove the SD Card and left the phone in the same screen, then I download the new radio wipe then install update. Once again I did not turn off the cell phone downloaded the new SPL into the SD card rename the file put it back into the cell phone wipe and install update finally I downloaded the new ROM once again I did not turn off the cell phone (still at the same green reboot screen) wipe and install the new ROM and it worked for me.

  356. juan says:

    i installed the rom on the mytouch but 3g doesnt work on it did i miss something?

  357. peter says:

    hello unlockr, i just installed the jacxhero rom from your site for my mytouch and its runs great and i used your tutorial on how to increase the speed and once again great. my question is what update if any is available for the jacxhero rom that you would recomend i install, and do i have to wipe then install update again when i do so. i cant figure out in forums which ones will work for my mytouch 3g. pls help.

  358. Brice says:


    I was through all steps to the Hero update (myTouch 3G), ran the in the last part of the series and received the following error:
    Verifying update package…
    E:No signature (889 files)
    E:Verification failed
    Installation aborted

    Any idea where I may have gone wrong?

    I see a conflict in the following:
    3. Once it is done, take out the battery and memory card and put the memory card into the SD adapter it came with and then put that into the computer so we can load files onto it and goto the next section…

    IV. Load a Custom ROM (including Hero)

    2. Plug in your phone and mount the SD card (pull down on the notification bar and select the SD card notification then click Mount in the pop up window).

    My Mac was not reading the SanDisk SD card that came with my phone, so I went ahead with Part 4, Step 2.

    Do I need to load the Hero ROM via the card reader? Do I need a different SD than the one that came with my phone?


  359. Mark says:

    Hello Unlockr, I’m trying to figure out how to change the swappiness 60 and the linux swap to 64 using Amon Ra’s Recovery Image. Is there a way to get this done?

  360. Monica says:

    Hi Unlockr, I did all the sections in the order you mention.
    I. Load a Custom Radio
    II. Load a Custom SPL
    III. Parition Your Memory Card for Apps2SD or Hero
    IV. Load a Custom ROM
    But for some reason apps2sd is not working for me. Here is the Rom and Theme I used:
    Rom: JF v1.51 CRB43 ADP1.5 (link:
    Theme: HTC Hero v1.4.5 (link:
    Can you please help me? How can I get apps2sd to work on my phone?
    I got the G1 and is running out of space!!!

  361. Fernando says:

    Hello, First of all… Thanks your tutorials are freaking awesome.. *** 🙂

    now I installed the HERO rom on my G1 everything works but really slow and everytime i turn it off and turn it off it takes forever to come up the system. as well the 3g i don’t think it work… any help? please. can you hit me up on my email please… thanks so much:)

  362. jval says:

    so if i did step 3 nd want to load a new rom what do I do, or am I completely screwed?!

  363. Eazy says:

    Sometimes when i make or receive a call its like the speaker is dead..other times itll work….this happens about 30% of the time…i know your not supposed to flash radio or spl twice…but can someone provide me with an old radio link so i can flash that then the new one again…BTW I have a TMO G1…

    HBOOT-1.33.2005 (drea10000)

    Thank You..


    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Eazy,

      That isn’t a radio issue, sounds like your speaker is blown. Unroot the phone and then send it to HTC for warranty replacement (don’t mention you rooted it FYI, just tell them the speaker isn’t working correctly).

  364. Reid says:

    After rooting my G1 and downloading the TouchFlo G2 Hero Rom… the notification lights/and or the charging light no longer works. Is there a way to fix this or is this something that comes with downloading a new Rom? Not a big deal but would like to fix if at all possible.

  365. Reid says:

    Appreciate the feedback. That is a bummer): I don’t use bluetooth fortunately. I guess I will have to keep checking back for updates and modifications. Thanks Again!

  366. peter says:

    hello unlockr i sent you a messege regarding updating my hero rom. i am using jacxhero 1.5 on my myouch 3g. so many upgrades out there, which one will work with my phone. pls help.

  367. Fer says:

    Hello, First of all thanks so much!!!!

    i have a question.

    when i press the “Go back” botton my screen goes out only shows “HTC” log and then everything comes bk but there is something saying “Loading…” and it takes 20 sec. to goes back to normal and the phone does it alot… did i do something wrong??? please help…. I already refresh everything 3times … redue everything. 3 times n still havieng the same issue *** acc/fernando

  368. Matthew says:

    hello unlockr,

    is there update on how to fix the fuzziness on the hero rom. i like the JacHeroski v1.5 but i would like an upgrade and every other hero rom out there is fuzzy for me. should do the nandroid thing in the boot screen? or the one that says ext2 to ext3? i did format linux thing. Much help would be appreciated.

  369. jessica says:

    im having the same issues too. it always goes to the htc screen and loads for awhile every so often..

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello Jessica,

      First off Hero ROMs are not the speediest, but if you feel that it is slower than normal than double check to make sure your card is partitioned correctly and reload the ROM (make sure to load the ROM that supports Swapper).
      Then use our How To Speed Up Your Hero ROM procedure on this site.

  370. Chris says:

    Hey I was wondering if I need a SD adapter to root my phone and load a custom rom? I bought a g1 from craigslist, and even though it came with a 4gb SD memory card I don’t have the SD adapter is this needed? Or can I just follow a different set of directions if I don’t have the adapter? Thanks!

  371. FELIPE says:

    evertime i am in the recovery screen i try to apply the and when i do that it says instalation aborted….. does anyboby know why it does this

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hey Felipe,

      You need to do the How To Root procedure then do this procedure.
      Make sure you have renamed the ROM to and make sure it is on your SD card and not in any sub folder.

  372. James says:

    Dude, you are awesome

  373. JJ Smalls says:

    Hey buddy,

    i did your one root method and all went good. I downloaded CM updater and updated to 4.0.4 now i wanted to update to its an experimental version. Would i just download and apply it using CM updater, then in recovery screen do i have to wipe before i apply or do i just hit rebooot without wiping or applying? thanks.. And sometime when i flip orientation on screen all icons go away and its just the background and i have to restart to get it back.. thanks man ur awesome.. very talented

  374. DanWC says:

    Need some help. Rooted my MT3G yesterday using the one click here. Partitioned my SD card. Did a nandroid backup. Tried to load the latest cyanogen ROM(4.1.11?). Got stuck at the MT3G splash image. Waited for 20 minutes, realized it wasn’t working. Pulled battery. Tried Cyanogen 4.0.4. That didn’t work either. Tried several times with no luck. Eventually did a nandroid restore to my stock ROM, as I needed a working phone for the evening.

    Am I correct that I am no longer have root? I can get to the Amon-Ra recovery image but can’t flash a rom (get a can’t open file (bad) error message.)

    Do I need to unroot and start over again? Or am I unrooted already and do I just need to delete the flash recovery app and rerun the flash recovery apk?
    Just not certain where I am at to retry?

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Hello DanWC,

      If you can still get the the Amon Ra Recovery, you should be able to flash a ROM from the recovery screen. Just try a different ROM.
      If that doesn’t work then I would recommend unrooting and starting over.

  375. JaydaDope says:

    the evil rom Crashed my Mytouch when trying to use the internet browser…… kinda the point of a 3g phone…

  376. Javierdtx says:

    Hi unlockr, it’s me javier…
    I wan’t to know whats the best rom for mytouch,
    i tried the jf & the dude’s, but for some reason the auto rotate is not working I set the settings and nothing, how can i get it to work on the dude’s?
    I like that rom cause i had that one on my g1…
    or can you tell me a nice room that have all the settings working???

    thank you!!!!

  377. erik says:

    hey unlockr well i put he rom on my phone adn now it dont evn turn on is this thing even safe to put on i folloed all the intructions on your site

  378. Viktory says:

    How can I do Apps2SD if I rooted my G1 already with the Cyanogen 4.0.4 Mod? Should I redo the rooting all over again, cause I would like not to if their is another way