How To Recycle Your Cell Phone: 5 Simple Tips

If you’re like us, then you love your cell phone and all things electronics. You are also probably always looking ahead to get your hands on the latest and greatest. So what happens to the old faithful once you’ve purchased your new device? We can’t help but wonder how many of them end up retired in the bottom of a sock drawer or worse, at the bottom of a landfill.

Seeing as we’re all for getting your hands on the newest device, we were equally relieved to discover 5 eco-friendly ways to recycle your old devices. Besides, recycling your old phone makes it that much easier to justify buying a new one.

1. Donate to charity: You can donate your old devices to a charity like Cell Phones for Soldiers, which donates an hour of talk time to Soldiers in Iraq for every phone donated. If you’re looking for a charity close to home, most major retail parking lots now have donation drop boxes for the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

2. Take a trip to the zoo: Eco-Cell helps organizations find useful ways to fundraise by recycling mobile phones. They began focusing on zoos a few years ago to help rebuild Gorilla habitats. Eco-Cell has since raised over $90,000 for rehabitation efforts. Don’t have time for the zoo? Visit their site and they will send you a pre-paid shipping label for your electronics.

3. Home pickup service: This may be helpful if you have a couple of bulkier electronic items stored in your home or office. For example, in New York services like  4th Bin will work with residences and businesses for a small fee. The Vietnam Veterans for America also has a free pick up service for most areas.

2. Contact a local school library: Public schools often have a used cell phone drop off box ready for charity pick up. If you are looking to recycle an old computer or digital camera, most public libraries will welcome the donation, and you can benefit from the tax deductible.

1. Put your wireless retailer to work: Most wireless retailers now have pre-paid enevolpes in-store for you to mail in your old cell phone, all you have to do is ask. AT&T has a great Reuse & Recycle program open to all consumers.

After you’ve accomplished your eco-friendly act and feeling good, head over to our how to fuel your cell phone addiction for helpful tips on obtaining your next device without breaking the bank.

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