How To: Root the HTC Droid Eris (and Get Android 2.1)(Updated – 06.11.2010)



I. Before You Begin


2. This will put you are Android 2.1

II. Download and Flash the Android 2.1 Rooted Image

1. Download the

2. Do NOT extract it, and save it to the root of your SD card in your phone (NOT in any folders, just on the SD card itself)

3. Turn off the phone.

4. Turn the phone back on by holding down Power and Volume Down (to get into Bootloader Mode). The phone should automatically look for the file

5. Press the trackball (or volume down, whichever it asks you to press) to begin the update once it finds the file.

6. Once it finishes, reboot the phone (it can take up to 10 minutes to boot the first time so be patient).

III. Flash a Custom ROM to Gain Root Access (and other benefits)


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        1. Sean,

          Yes there is. Just update through the carrier (like at or your carrier’s website, they have RUU’s that can flash the phone back to original spec).

  1. Well when I hold down the ‘red end’ botton and the ‘volume down’, and it goes through its motion. After it says ‘Checking…’, it goes to another screen that has two options:

    Fastboot Mode
    Maybe the battery is too low?

  2. Thanks for the update on this upgrade.
    Currently the file isn’t available to download.
    Not sure what is going on at megaupload.
    Just thought you should know. 🙂

  3. Once the official OTA update of android 2.1 comes out will there be any problem getting that to download on the phone with this software already installed or should i delete this software before updating?

  4. @Unlockr – thanks for the reply. I’ve gone ahead and rooted and installed 2.1. Been running it without any major issues on my Eris. I did have to reinstall my downloaded applications (no big deal since I have less than 10 downloaded). Some of the programs seem unable to install the most current downloaded version (Battery Widget by HTC, Google Maps), after downloading the “installation unsuccessful” notice flashes. This apparently only happens with a minority of the programs and could possible be chalked up to the program not being 2.1 tested by the developer.

    @Z$ – I was wondering the same thing.

    1. Randy and Z$

      You can just use the OTA update to undo what you just did. OR (and a better solution) when the official update comes out there will be a custom ROM based on it that will have all the benefits of the OTA PLUS Root access etc. and you can just update to that instead (and it will most likely come out before the actual OTA does since OTA’s go out regionally).
      Up to you though.

  5. Thanks so much for this . I love it. IMPORTANT question . .. when the 2.1 version is officially released… will I be able to go ahead and download that ? ? ( just incase this leaked version doesn’t have all the functions ) ? THANKS FOR A REPLY in advanced

  6. I just updated my Eris and it went smoothly. No glitches.
    I do believe that this is probably not ready for primetime and it probably is an issue with HTC and not Verizon. When you use this to upgrade your system, you will loose all apps and if you don’t have a back up of email and contacts, you will loose those as well. So, beware!
    Other than that, it was an easy process and it works just as before. And yes, navigator is available and works just fine. Location must be on, though, and that is a battery drainer!
    Love the colors but as far as it being worth upgrading to the newer version, I don’t think it was. There are a few more apps in the market but it is the same old crap – useless and pretty much boring.
    Other than that, the unit is working just fine.
    Thanks for the pointer to the upgrade though. That was very nice.

    1. Joe,

      Contacts will be saved so long as you sync with Google, as will email if it is a GMail account. Otherwise, yes you need to input your email settings again and you will need to redownload you apps.
      Thanks for the input!

  7. TheUnlockr,

    I did the update and everything went great. The only problem I am having is my earpiece and speak is not working when I am on the phone (So I cant hear who I am talking to and they cant hear me). I have to turn speaker phone on so I can have a phone conversation. Just wondering if there a fix for this glitch?

  8. TheUnlockr,

    You are the best I wiped the data and the phone worked great just needed to be reprogrammed. Thanks for all your help!!

  9. If I already updraded to the leaked 2.1 rom that was released previously, is it possible for me to downgrade back to 1.5 now so I can have the rooted 2.1 rom?

  10. I have to say that I really like the new 2.1. My issue is that I see people running the 2.1 and can use the navigation which really turned me onto updating to the 2.1. I just don’t get it. I have read that after you update you need to do a recovery so that the navigation work. Can anyone else say for sure if this is the correct way to fix this.

    1. KKj,

      Not sure honestly. I’ve just been told it doesn’t work. If you can find the Droid Eris original .nbh file or the original RUU, you could use that to get back to 1.5 and then use this procedure though.. If you find one of those let me know and I’ll check it out for you.

  11. Everything worked like you said! KUDOS!! However, you might want to warn people that this is going to take a couple of minutes to do the update and after the reboot it takes like almost 5 minutes for the phone to come back online. I know that doesn’t seem bad, but when you’re new and nervous it can seem way longer.

  12. Hey guys, if I root using this method, will I be able to access items in the Market that claim they need root access, such as OverclokWidget? It says it needs root access and also support Cupcake and Donut. Will I be ok if I use this method?

  13. I just rooted my Eris with 2.1 and no problems yet. I have a few questions maybe someone could help me out. My first question is…does anyone know the best settings for setcpu overclocker? 2 I can’t install the new Google mapsI says not signed properly and making calls is sluggish. Can we get live wallpaper? Navigation works great but I can’t install new Google maps and when I use Google maps I get force close

  14. im sorry but that doesnt quite answer my question. how about this question. i see all kinds of different ways to be able to load apps from the sd card as i am not a root user. which is the best and quickest method to do so without bricking my phone?

    1. Dustin,

      Right now there is no quick method for the Droid Eris (there are methods, but not quick and easy ones). Just wait for a custom ROM to come out that says it has Apps2SD enabled automatically. Then all you have to do is format the SD in recovery mode and flash the ROM and you’re done.

  15. THanks for your help. I read more about that last night. When you load roms does it wipe your SD card every time? Instead of backing up SD with an app couldn’t I just copy and paste contents of card to my pc then back on my card after ROM has been installed or will that make the Rom not work

    1. Dustin,

      Loading a ROM does not wipe your SD card, only partitioning the card does that (which you wont have to do until there are som newer ROMs for the Eris). So flash away! lol
      The backup app in recovery mode (Nandroid) doesn’t backup your SD card, it backs up your current ROM and is VERY good to do before flashing a new ROM (especially if you are new to this).

  16. I know some but yes since my Eris is my first android phone I am quite the noob 🙁 I have been doing research for the last few hours and can’t find the answer. I initially wanted to root to store apps to SD and overclock. Downloaded setCPU and can only mod it to 528. Droid max is 550 yet they have gotten it to 1.1 does anybody know how or where to find an overclocking kernel to do so on the Eris? If Droid can do it so should we. Does anybody know if the kernel for the Droid works on the Eris? I just want to set my CPU to 600 min 850 max. Also if anyone is currently using setCPU everywhere I see people say click auto detect. my setCPU doesn’t show that option

  17. How can I get the Navigation to work? When I start to type in an address it force closes everytime. Also in Google Maps. Another question… do I get my Eris to tether? Thank you. This site has been very helpful so far.

    1. Patten,

      Redo this procedure and that should fix the force closing. As for tethering goto our Android Downloads and look for the tethering app for HTC phones (might not work as they need to tweak it for the eris first, but worth a try).

  18. I followed this method but SetCPU is telling me that I don’t have root access… It gives an error and asks if applications have root access. I have the 2.1, and it’s looking and running great but the main reason I followed this was so I could overclock. What’s up?

  19. Question..!
    Should i Do this on my phone or around a computer..?
    How do I make sure my contactss don’t erase.?

  20. i jus updated my phone with this program and i set up my google and everything but my contacts are still not showing up! HELP

  21. ok so I started over and reinstalled the whole procedure. The preloaded NAV still doesnt work……well It works if I point to an area on the map to get directions but if I try to type in a locale, after 2 letters or numbers it force closes. I also cannot get Google Earth to open…..when I click on it, it always goes back to my home page.I tried the update for Maps and it says that the package was no read right or something. Any help would be awesome……Please.

  22. Hello, I successfully rooted my eris and started to check evrything out. I found two problems i hope you can help with! 1. in Gmail ,when i select show pictures for my email. it will not show pictures. 2. It will not upgrade google maps to the 4.0 version. But otherwise I love it!

  23. okay, now i kno why i dont have my contacts cus i didnt save them to my google account… but now i have another problem , all my incoming calls when i pick up it goes straight to speaker and they cannot hear me but i can here them.

  24. Is anyone else having issues with their camera after updating to 2.1?

    While loading the thumbnail view of my photos, my Eris 2.1 would really lag and eventually froze. I had to power off by pulling the battery, which corrupted my SD card and I had to format my SD card. Now when I take photos the files seem to only partially write to the card.

    Anyone else?

  25. when it gets to the screen after boot up holding the volume down and power button it loads the file and then gives me the options

    clear storage
    sim lock

    when i hit fast load it gives me bootloader, reboot, reboot bootloader, power down.
    if i hit recovery it gives me a warning triangle and does nothing and wont let me do any thing. i took out the batter after 30 min and it let me go back to the 1.5unrooted. pls help me get this done

    1. Roscoenr,

      That means it did NOT flash the file. It should ask you if you want to flash it, you then have to click to confirm. Then once it flashes it it should reboot.

    1. Roscoenr,

      You did something wrong 🙂
      Make sure you save the file and did NOT extract it. Make sure it is named correctly. Make sure it is on the root of the SD card, NOT in any folders on your SD card.
      Just follow the procedure and use the video as a visual aid. Good luck!

  26. sweet got it and for all your apps download appmonster from the market andsave all your apps to your sdcard then do the rooting after rooting is done go to market re download appmonster and astro file manager open astro go to appmanager folder and strat reinstall your apps it work i did it

  27. Rooting was easy, only problem is when i get a phone call or make a phone call, the phone locks up and have to pull the battery. Would like unrooting instractions please..

    1. Bogles22,

      Instead, redo the rooting procedure and make sure to do a factory reset. This will fix your issues.
      There is no unrooting procedure as of yet, but again flashing the ROM a few times and making sure to Wipe Data will get it working properly.

  28. If you your phone can’t find the root image format your sd card(i.e. you keep getting the fastboot and recovery options). If it doesn’t work again, reformat it again. Even if it says fat32 reformat it. This is always the problem when you get this issue. unless the flash image is not on the root of the card.The problem is the bootloader scans for the card and if it does not mount correctly then it spits that error out. but a reformat allway fixes it. Hope this saves some of you from

  29. also I redid the 2.1 process and still cant get the nav to work properly, and the google maps update wont install, says package was not signed properly………any suggestions?

  30. Question, well statement and question lol. I downloaded the root and did all that and its working great, but…. I still can’t get the app for turning my Droid into WiFi hotspot to work. What do I need to do?

  31. stolen_pillow

    I just followed this method and it all worked great……except that I don’t seem to have root access. Superuser won’t work, and Terminal Emulator won’t grant me su permission. Any thoughts?

  32. stolen_pillow

    Still no root access. I have tried the procedure 3 times, get 2.1 up and running great, but no root access. Obviously the bootloader is still unlocked, so I’m wondering if it is an issue with the I downloaded from the mirror as the original link was no longer available. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Jvontop,

      Please click on How Tos at the top of the website then select Android then select the MyTouch for all the MyTouch How Tos. Don’t use a procedure for the Droid Eris on your MyTouch lol

  33. Followed the video and directions….getting force close on maps and navi. everything else seems to work just fine. What should I do? if I Redo the steps again, does that mean downloading the file also, from the very beginning?

  34. Well when I hold down the ‘red end’ botton and the ‘volume down’, and it goes through its motion. After it says ‘Checking…’, it goes to another screen that has two options:

    Fastboot Mode

  35. i downloaded the 2.1 leak and when i try to download certain apps in the store that need root access, it says my phone has no root access. and im trying to install live wallpapers i have trouble with it

  36. that didnt help much…. i thought with downloading and upgrading i would get root access……. all i want is how to root the phone with 2.1 on it already

    1. Anthony,


      It was when I first did the procedure (I was able no problem to use su). Going to look into it this week.

      We are looking into why this is no longer giving people root access this week.


      I think the issue is for people who upgraded to 2.1 from Verizon before doing this procedure. Did you guys have Android 2.1 from Verizon BEFORE you came to this procedure?

      1. i got a replacement phone in the mail already had 2.1 so, yes now i am screwed have yall come up with a new way to root yet?

  37. The Unlockr,

    No, the phone was stock and running 1.5 . I followed the instructions that were posted on this forum exactly and was able to upgrade to 2.1 with no issues. The bootloader remains unlocked but I am currently unable to gain SuperUser permissions from any apps or the terminal emulator.

    Is there any hardware differences in the Droid Eris line? Perhaps a motherboard issue like some G1’s (PVT vs DVT)?

    1. Stolen_pillow,

      Hmmm that’s what Im trying to figure out (hard without an Eris in my hand)…. Pretty sure there is no motherboard versions, wondering if their was some ota that did this. Did you get ANY updates recently?

  38. stolen_pillow

    No updates that I’m aware of. I’ve been browsing through xda and came across this:

    From what I can tell just by reading it seems that there are some extra steps to obtaining actual root than just flashing the I can’t tell at the moment, I’m using a Mac and am having a bitch of a time getting adb to work. I’ve got some free time tomorrow (today?) and will see if I can get access to a pc for a bit. If anyone has any mac adb instructions, I would appreciate it.

    1. Stolen_Pillow,

      Just fixed the procedures! You have to do this one and then goto the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure at the bottom of the post and flash a custom ROM. If you just want a stock ROM with root access, then when you select a ROM in section IV of the Load a ROM procedure, select Stock 2.1 ROM w/ Root Access.

  39. For people unable to get SU Access working. Try connecting phone to PC via usb w/ debugging enabled.

    Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging

    Then try to run an app that requests root access. This is what worked for me.

  40. I’ve read the instructions and all of the comments and I’m a little unclear on a few things:

    1. Can I root my phone without upgrading to 2.1 (seems buggy)
    2. If I root my phone can I take it back to unroot?
    3. Will rooting my phone affect my ability to upgrade to 2.1 via OTA (will I need to unroot for this)?
    4. Is there a 1.5 file I can download to take my phone back to stock if I download the 2.1 ROM.
    5. Will rooting my phone and/or installing this 2.1 ROM allow me to partition my sd card and use it for internal memory (rooting required to install the 2.1 I believe???)?

    All I’m really interested in is partitioning my sd card to use for internal memory. I understand this is not possible without root access. I have watched youtube videos of people partitioning the sd in their computer. If I did that could I insert in my phone and have it read as if it were internal memory or would I still need root access?

    Any and all responses are welcomed and thanks in advance for any help!

  41. I downloaded the secondary link, installed it and went through everything.

    It does not allow me root access, i have try to download the zip from the first link and boot to it. but it just errors out saying older version.

    It will not allow me to CHMOD 755 any files or folders it says access denied or not allowed.

    I have reflashed with the original downloaded zip file 3x and still do not have root access.

    plz check the posted build on the secondary link.

  42. Hi,
    All I want is the actual over the air update and or an actual update that I can download for free. I still have software version 1.5 So if someone can be so kind in replying with the right link or help/tell me how to get the 2.1 update over the air, that would be much appreciated. (P.S.) I have already tried going to: [menu/settings/About Phone/System updates] but it says my system is currently up to date.
    [I have an htc droid eris from Verizon Wireless]
    (and why does everyone else seem to have the new 2.1 system update and I don’t?)

    Somebody, Please help A.S.A.P. ….
    Thanks in Advance..


  43. Worked lawlessly on my Verizon Eris!! I now have 2.1 and my phone runs so much more smoothly. Just remember to copy and paste all of your information on your SD card just in case!!

  44. I Just downloaded the and placed it on /sdcard. I have an older version of 2.1 already installed so when i try to bootload,it reads the .zip file then i recieve error message saying Main version older. Any insights??

  45. Unlockr,
    what if i don’t like my root, i went as far as getting the 1.5-2.1 file and putting it on my card, im just not seeing some of the key apps i liked with the 1.5 … what if i just removed the .zip file from my sd card and rebooted it?

  46. So I was able to do everything step by step and I used the alternate download link you provided (which I noticed is 103kb vs the other, 102). I have updated to 2.1 but have not root access. I enter command prompt and can get the id # of my phone, but su just will not allow permission. I have rebooted the image numerous times and even tried factory data reset to eliminate any apps trying to interfere with the root unlocking and no luck. I am happy with the use of 2.1 but I wish I could unlock my phone’s full potential, but guess I’ll just have to wait because if I can’t install the recovery image then I can’t even downgrade to 1.5 anymore… dangit..

    1. Fitz,

      Did you read this part?

      III. Flash a Custom ROM to Gain Root Access (and other benefits)


  47. Have a quick question…I don’t think anyone has asked this but if I root my Eris will I be able to update to the official 2.1 OTA when it comes out?


  48. Unlockr,
    basically I don’t have su permission which is required to do the commands for the “recovery image” which is required for the custom rom for “root” access to all applications. I am just saying that after doing everything you listed, I got stuck when it got to the “mount” commands, my phone says operation not permitted.

    1. Fitz,

      Another person posted this,bsee if it helps.
      “For people unable to get SU Access working. Try connecting phone to PC via usb w/ debugging enabled.

      Menu, Settings, Applications, Development, USB debugging

      Then try to run an app that requests root access. This is what worked for me.”

  49. unlockr,
    i have done the root it updated to 2.1,…..ive watched all youtube videos to do it i cannot load a coutom rom or flash image……i have watched it all i dont know if what i am typing in is right in the cmd area……please help

  50. Ok, so I was looking into another site and they said that if your build number shows “release-keys” you have a version of the leaked 2.1, thus showing the image I got from your How To was the leaked version, correct? could the file have changed, I mean I don’t get it.. all these ppl have managed to do it just fine before a recent date except me… this just stinks.

  51. Unlockr:

    I ‘downloaded and flashed the Android 2.1 rooted image’ as described above about 2 weeks ago. I did NOT ‘flash a custom rom to gain root access’.

    Will I be able to receive the OTA 2.1 ‘coming soon’? If not, is there anything I can do to fix this?

    As you may be able to tell, I’m a newbee to this stuff. Thanks in advance!

  52. Hello, i have followed the steps above, and successfully installed 2.1 on the droid Eris. everything but the Google maps and navigator works correctly. i searched for similar problem’s, and found a solution that you had recommended to others. to repeat the steps above and re-flash the phone. This did not work for me. Are there any other solutions that you could recommend?

    Thank You, Eric Garthwait

  53. Unlocker,

    I am having the exact same issues as Eric. Everything works but Google maps/directions. Please advise.

  54. I just upgraded to the official 2.1 today that was released. would i still have to do this to root my eris???

  55. Just completed the install as specified. Only problem is I installed overclock and it says my phone isn’t rooted. Why is that?

  56. ok so i just recieved a replaacement phone from the insurance company, HTC decided to move all droid eris’s to firmware 2.1 now how do i root it ????

  57. Same question… I have a Verizon HTC Eris that came with 2.1

    Can I still root is using this procedure, or do I need to wait for a new procedure?


  58. I am having an issue with my rooted Eris. I rooted it as described, straight out of the box, and everything went fine. I then installed the appropriate wifi tether app as described in the How-to’s and this is where I encounter my problem. First, no white list box comes up asking for root permissions. The app installs, and when I run it it say that my device does not have root access, thanks for playing. Admittedly this is my first smart phone/root attempt, but this is a straight forward enough process that I don’t think I goofed something up. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  59. Have HTC Eris on 2.1 firmware from a few months ago. ADB says failed to copy read only system?

    So I can’t get the rooted image or recovery going. What should I do?

    1. htc and verizon have modified the hboot loader to 1.49 s-on this cannot be rooted. this is why we are getting the error message. The only option is to exchange your phone at a local VZW store and hope that it is old stock with older hbootloader. you want 1.46, 1.47 or 1.49 s-off.

      you can check it by turning the phone off. then while holding the volume down and power key together, the screen with text will show the hboot loader version. if its the 1.49 s-on you are screwed.

      over at the xda forum someone supposedly was able to use a file to gain root access, but so far just him and his friend have had success.

      I am going to try to find an older eris and check the hbootloader version first.

  60. so got a replacement phone mine was screwed up when i got the new phone it already had OTA 2.1 no longer able to unlock HELP is there a new unlock out for OTA 2.1 Yet??????

    1. no root for this phone if the hbootloader is 1.49 s-on. see my post above to check your phones version.

      good luck.

  61. radu scutelnic

    hey i all ready have the 2.1 update but it is not rooted and every time i try do root it says ” main version is alder! update fail! ” how can i update it ?

    1. Sadly, no one knows yet. Radu. But looking at in the Droid Eris Android Development section might give you some ideas.

  62. Unlockr,
    I just received a refurbished eris running 2.1, My old eris got the ota to 2.1 and i rooted it in like 5 mins. This new one will not allow me to update with the when i run it on the eris it says “Main version is older! Update failed.” Please help me i need root again!

  63. so after i download the zip file to my phone what is the difference going to be? I dont really know much about this stuff…

  64. Mist,
    First off, run evil eris cutom rom, or look up eris lightning 3.0, both will make your phone so amazing! It will run faster, so much faster. And it wont even be overclocked until you choose to do that. Rooting mainly gives you the option to do things that Verizon doesnt want you to do. You can get rid of dumb apps that come pre loaded on your eris like stocks peep and such like that! Dont remove footprints though, you need it for sense u. Here is instructions to do that. Hope this helps!

    1. Download Better terminal from the store or some terminal program.
      you will get a $ sign. type in su to get to # sign that is super user.

      You should see a # sign, that’s the root terminal on your phone.

      In order to remove apps, you need to remount your system folder on the phone with write permissions. To do this type “mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system” (it won’t say anything it will just go back to a # sign again)

    I just received a refurbished eris running 2.1, My old eris got the ota to 2.1 and i rooted it in like 5 mins. This new one will not allow me to update with the when i run it on the eris it says “Main version is older! Update failed.” Please help me i need root again!

    New eris firm 2.1, baseband, kernel 2.6.29-8a03cb9a, build 2.36.605.1, Hboot 1.49 Most sites say its the Hboot that wont let me install! 🙁

  66. im new to this so if you can explain to me what to do with the two things i downloaded on that forum, i would really appreciate that. thanks

  67. Theshadower10

    Just wanted to know if i root useing your tech will i still have access to the market at the end of it all. and if not is there a way to patch it so i can in 2.1 since i can with 1.6.

      1. Theshadower10

        well last night i was screwing around with the emulator and there wasnt a market patch for anything above 1.6 that i could find. but good to no n ty VRY much 4 this site the best iv found imo.

  68. I already have the official 2.1 on my Eris but it’s not rooted. Do I have to do this procedure and reinstall 2.1to get it rootes? Also, my phone is flashed to Metro PCS will I lose my flash settings by doing this?

  69. I saw this asked a few times but no clear answer was ever given. I have the official 2.1 OTA update on my droid Eris. Can I use this procedure to root it? If not this image can someone point me to the directions to root my phone. Again, I am not rooted, running an official 2.1 OTA update. Thanks!

  70. The Unlockr,

    I’m trying to root my phone so I can move my apps to my sd card. I did the procedure and I do not believe it worked. Is this because I already have android 2.1 on my phone?

  71. The unlockr,
    i recently did a system update on my droid eris and after it was done the phone turned off. Once i turned it back on it showed a picture of a phone out of a box and there was a loading bar below it the bar only filled up halfway then it stopped. i turned off the phone and turned it back on and a picture of the phone and a triangle with an exclamation point inside showed up.. now the phone wont go past a white screen with little green android figures what happened? i would appreciate any input thanks.

    1. i had to get a “new” (refurbished) from verizon phone when i got to that screen. HTC and verizon couldnt fix.

  72. The unlockr,

    I’ve preformed this a couple of times and I tried to gain root access to my phone and flash Froyo 2.2 on it and it seems to not work. Please HELP!!

  73. I installed the firmware from this link, and the root didnt work. Now when i try to reinstall the rooted firmware, it tells me that it fails because the version installed on the phone is higher. Is there a workaround where i can still root the phone?

  74. I am having the same problem as Tony mentioned months ago. Nobody has answered his question. I have not been able to find any resolution on any other site. Your video shows the hboot menu have lots of options, but mine only has:
    FastBoot Mode

    could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? I am running hboot 1.46 and android 2.1 OTA

    I was recommended this site for guides to rooting/loading ROMs, but the one problem I am having has not been answered.

    1. Kelly,

      This procedure might now work once you already have Android 2.1, but regardless is your phone not just recognizing the .zip file on your sd card? It shouldnt matter what options are in the hboot menu.

      1. I’m in the same boat, I see HBOOT, (not HBOOT USB) and I have FastBook Mode, and Recovery. At this point in the instructions, there was no mention of putting an image zip file on the sd card – I’m on Section II, Step 2, in these instructions: “”
        Step 1 is download the Unrevoked App (did that)
        Step 2 is “follow instructions to install the modified HBoot drivers”
        – (Link takes me to Root Wiki)
        -> Dload driver (done)
        -> Turn off phone, boot into HBOOT via power + volume down (done)
        -> On EVO 4G… (skipped, I’m on an Eris)
        -> Connect phone to Windows machine via USB, wait for HBOOT USB PLUG on screen (never happens)

        What am I missing?

  75. Was just wondering if a safe root method has been found for the 2.1 version yet?? Have been waiting and watching but not noticed. I got the download for the 2.1 automaticly from verizon so its not the leaked version. Please help!!! Need to root so I can gain access to the wi-fi tether. Thanks!!

  76. i went to download the PB00IMG.ZIP and during download from megaupload .com , my computer turned off. now megaupload won’t let me try to download it again, because i “exceded my limit”; but it never actually got to finish downloading. now it wants me to pay if i want to try again. i do not see a link to download it from an alternate source. so i cant move on to the next step….

  77. hey! my droid eris doesnt turn on, when i press the turn on buttom, it stays where the 3 little guys are in skatebords, it seems like my phone doesnt have OS! i tried this method but it cant load the file, it says that is no image or wrong file… idk what to do, do u know whats my problem or better, how to fix it?

    thnk u!

  78. This post is far from irrelevant as says…. it is the solution for the problem if ur eris is stuck at the android boot screen

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