How To: Root Your Sprint Hero in One Click! (Updated 01.10.10!)



Here is the new Flashrec method to root your Sprint Hero in one click and flash a custom recovery image so you can start loading new ROMs!

I. Before Your Begin


2. After you finish this procedure and have a custom recovery image, you must then goto the next procedure and load a custom ROM to get root access for applications etc. If you JUST want Root access and have no intention of Flashing ROMs then use this procedure instead.

II. Flash the Custom Recovery Image

1. On your phone, goto Settings, Applications, and make sure Unknown source is checked ON.

2. On your phone, goto Settings, SD card and phone storage, and click Unmount SD card.

3. Then click Format SD card (it should automatically remount after this).

4. Plug the phone into the compuer via USB, then pull down the notification bar and click on the SD card notification. Then click mount.

5. Download this APK and recovery image and save it to your computer:

FlashRec.apk (Updated 01/10/2010)
Amon Ra’s Sprint Hero Recovery Image (Updated 01.10.10)

6. UPDATE: Do NOT follow the video instructions from this point on (use them as a visual aid only!) We have recplaced the Cyanogen Recovery Image with the Amon Ra one so when it says anything about the Cyanogen Recovery Image, just ignore that and put the Amon Ra one in it’s place. This is VERY IMPORTANT when typing into the FlashRec program. You will NOT be typing what is written in the video, type what is written here in this procedure instead!

7. Save both the Recovery-RA-HEROC-v1.5.2.img and the FlashRec.apk to your computer, then copy them both to your SD card (do NOT put them inside any folders on the SD card, just put them on the SD card itself).

8. Unplug the phone from the computer once they are downloaded to the SD card.

8. Goto the Market and download Linda File Manager or any file manager program if you do not already have one.

9. Open the file manager and goto SDCard and then find the FlashRec apk file and click it. If asked tell it to use Package Installer to open it. It should automatically install the apk.

10. Open the FlashRec program and click on Backup Recovery Image and wait for it to finish.

11. Once done, click on the empty text box in the FlashRec program and type (again remember we have replaced the recovery image from the one in the video so type what is written here, NOT what is written in the video!):


Then click on the Flash Custom RecoveryImage button and wait for it to finish.

12. Turn off the phone and turn it on into Recovery mode by holding down Home and Power to turn it on (keep holding until the recovery screen comes up has a bunch of text on a black background). So long as that screen comes up, you have done it correctly and can now go on to the How to Load a ROM video for your appropriate device!

13. To get Root access you MUST go to the next video mentioned below and load a custom ROM.

How To Load a Custom ROM On Your Hero

!UPDATE 01.10.10: If this method still does not work go to our old method  for a longer but more effective method.
How To Root the Sprint Hero

122 thoughts on “How To: Root Your Sprint Hero in One Click! (Updated 01.10.10!)”

  1. Hey guys I have tried rooting my Sprint HTC Hero using both of your methods and everything goes according to plan but the following. When I get to the Flash Custom recovery image mine on says “flash recovery image” and then I do the restart procedures and I do not get the screen shown in the video. It goes to a screen that asks if I want to erase all the data. I have lost the ability to communicate with my wifi at work. Its the only one I have checked since the rooting process. I can download some root apps but wifi tether doesn’t work for me either. I need help…

  2. Unlockr,

    I’m one of the .1% who have Cellular South as their carrier…

    Will these root methods work? Do I just need to try it?

    I get “access denied” messages when I try the other Root Method.

    -The Cat

    1. Thecatbywas,

      Carrier doesn’t matter usually, but do you have an HTC Hero or a different phone? If you have an HTC Hero you can try this method and see what happens (worst that happens is an error).

  3. The Unlockr,

    First, let me thank you for always responding so quickly. You guys really rock.

    Second, yes I have the HTC Hero… I’ve googles aroudn and found a handful of threads on this subject… can’t find anyone having luck rooting a Cellsouth Hero using any method.

    I couldn’t get past the flash recovery step, as it seems I’m running a patched cupcake (a phrase that always makes me snicker).

    Am I just out of luck? Any insight on where else to look?


    -The Cat

  4. phone htc sprint
    problem…flashinf img it does let me flush the img but whent i turn the phone holding home and power it takes me to boot loader not to recovery img screen.
    about phone.. 1.5 firware

    please i need help… thankssssssss

  5. ok I just got this phone and i am new to android. I did the update and then found out about rooting. I tried doing this but now my phone when i get to the part of going into recovery it just gets stuck on the HTC black screen what should i do?

  6. i also get BACKUP Failed: could not run command

    what does this mean? i know this is a really crucial part in the whole process so it kinda sucks.

    is there anyway to go around this issue?

  7. do I have to format my sd card???? should i back up that SD CARD first? i did not understand that Format SD card part at all.

  8. Just want to confirm something. Once we root and load a custom recovery image do you still suggest flashing to the newest MoDaCo Rom as discussed here: The article is from september, I’m running the most recent Official HERO (v 1.56.651.2) and I don’t know if the information still applies or if HTC already took care of the issue. Also, since i’m running this version is there anything special i need to know before rooting or loading recovery image?

    1. LoserBaby,

      That is an old article but all the newer Modaco ROMs are more updated than that so any lag issues have been fixed for a while.
      You will need to load a custom ROM to get root access with this procedure so after you flash the recovery image you flash a ROM and you are all set.
      Good luck!

  9. I have the 1.5 version of firmware. I see that a new version is available for download. My question is that if I root my phoe, can I still upgrade my HTC Hero?

  10. Hi guy`s. I have problem with downloading the .apk file. When i download it en try to extract it i don`t get the .apk file but few other files. Does anyone can help?

    1. Todor,

      You do not extract it. You computer made it a .zip accidentally. You need to not unzip it and just change it from .zip to .apk and then continue. Read the reported issues for more help.

  11. Hi unlockr, does this method also work with the gsm htc hero, or do I have to use the gold card way to root the gsm which would suck?

  12. does this method work for the vz eris. i am really familiar with this stuff i have ran cyanogen since 4.0.1 on my g1 and have rooted and flashed 3 g1’s and a couple mytouch 3g’s but a friend of mine brought me his eris and i don’t wanna mess up any vz proprietary drivers for his phone hardware. i heard the hero and the eris are the same physically. but what about virtually?

    1. Jay,

      You can try it, worst that happens with this procedure is it says failed and thats it. Doesnt effect the phone at all, just tries to flash the recovery imame and if it cant it displays an error and thats it.
      Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

    1. Chad,

      You cannot root after getting the upgrade it blocks it. And if you root and then upgrade it wipes the root out.
      But anything that the new update would do you can get from a custom rom and more. Just root and load a custom rom based on the upgrade.
      Good luck!

  13. Ok, so I’ve spend quite a while on this. And I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right.

    I’m trying to flash, and all seems to go well until I try to reboot with the recovery. When I press home then power and hold. The HTC logo comes on for a second, then the phone goes black, and nothing. I’ve gone through the method a number of times, and made sure that my files weren’t corrupt. I’ve noticed on some other forums people having this issue.

    Is this a problem with patch update to the phone? Does anybody know what is going on with this?


  14. There are many guides here how to root hero and I’m confused. I have upgraded htc hero firmware. Is there any other way to root it without resorting to downgrading?

  15. When I open the flash recovery program and type/sdcard/Recovery-RA-HERO-v1.2.3.img

    it just gives me option of “backup” or “download”

    no “flash” What have I done wrong?

  16. I also have an HTC Hero, europian version. Not a sprint I guess. I wanted to know this: Can I run/install apps via my sd after this? if so, how?

  17. I had the same problem as ErikG, you misspelled the file name in the instructions.. theres a c after hero..only took me about 2 hours to figure out =(

  18. I have the HTC Hero on Sprint and I followed the instructions exactly everything came up as explained or shown in the video, at first. Then when I got back to the home screen I noticed it said No Service then a whole bunch of apps force closed, I assumed these apps required a network connection. I attempted to make a phone call, as I was hoping that like my touch pro or mogul it would auto connect or at least prompt me to do so, but the phone force closed. I tried to go to settings and check the mobile network settings, that too force closed. I had to reset the phone and now I have it working again. Is there any reason this would happen? Is there anything else I need to do prior to this?

    1. Jon,

      When you say reset the phone, you turned it on and off and now it works? Do you still have root access?
      Ive seen two others with this issue, trying to figure out why…

  19. Thanks for responding, no, when I say reset I mean I cleared all user data. I had everything backed up though so it wasn’t a big deal, just a bit scary at first. Turning the phone on and off had no effect.

  20. rooted my sprint hero easy thanks unlockr. Now i installed the flash rec app and it wont back up the recovery image any ideas?

  21. Hi… I did ever possible step I read on this page and still was unable to root my sprint htc hero. After downloading and doing the first recovery flash the second two possible flashers won’t even work. When I tried to do hold down home and power button step I gt a white screen saying delete all user data?

    Help Please? I have a 8gb card and want to be able to get all i can from this phone.

  22. Thankx i finnaly figured it out. i kept just typeing the name of the recovery img insted on typeing in \sdcard\ then the name of the recovery img.
    if anyone is having problems this is what i did to help.
    i did steps 1-10 then i typed /sdcard/recovery-RA-heroc-v1.5.2.img before i did anything else, then click restore backup image, it might not work the first time but just hit it again. then it should say flash recovery image. click that then reset phone boot into recovery menu and everything should be fine 😀

  23. I have downloaded both apk files (flashrec113 didnt work). I can get my Hero to flash with FlashRec112 and get the message that the application installed. When I click Open I get the message that my phone type is EB11/32A. Both Download Recovery Image and Backup Recovery Image are highlighted, but in the selection area “” When I delete this Download Recovery Image deselects. If I put in /sdcard/recovery.img (I changed the name of the img file) and select Backup Recovery Image, I get a backup Failed: Could not run command. What am I doing wrong?

  24. I have got to stage 11 sucessfully, but it will not go into recovery mode, just sits on a hero screen, i have held the buttons for over 3 mins several times, please help!

  25. ive figured out one way to root your phone and install custom roms. Its kinda a pain in the ass but well worth it. If your already rooted or you have no available firmware updates follow the unroot your phone video on from this website after you complete that flash your recovery but holding power and home wont work to boot into it. what you have to do is follow all instructions and when you get to the part that says turn off your phone, instead go and do the “firmware update” it downloads the file and then let it “Install”(at this point you will already need your rom on the sd card) when it restarts to “install” it will actually come up with the custom recovery screen.Idk why it doesnt reset that one but thats the way ove been doing it and no problems yet!Just Figured Id Share

  26. Hi,
    ive tried so many guides on here to root my G2 Touch (T mobile) – im on latest RUU version so it could be patched. problem im having is creating a backup image. “Failed to run command” – any ideas would be highly appreciated.

  27. Hi! First off, thanks for an excellent guide. So, my one question, i have an european Hero, Norway more specifcally, does it then matter what root fili i use? (hero/heroc) I dont really get the difference here, gsm/cdma?

  28. At first I couldn’t get this to work, I got the white “erase all data” screen when I held down home + power after powering down following the steps.

    Same issue as Kwik Sannnd. However I figure what the hell, I’ll hold the buttons down differently and BOOM, worked. I dunno why but DEFINITELY be very careful how you hold down both HOME + POWER and you’ll make it to the right screen.

  29. I hate to follow the other instructions to root my phone, but the flasher file and the image y’all gave worked great… now got me a dope rom and my phone is fly as can be… thanks!

  30. Hi. installed root on my phone thanks. I go to the recovery screen and move apps to sd card, start the phone and everything force closes and i cant use any apps. any ideas? thanks

  31. Hey John, you get your issue resolved? I’m wanting to root my HTC Hero but havent seen anyone do it recently so didn’t know if it was still safe..

  32. how do I know if my HTC HERO from SPRINT has been rooted??? I downloaded Modaco 1.3 and it says that it doesn’t require to wipe the phone.
    My concern as I said I don’t if everything is been done correctly can you please help me..

  33. also i downloaded terminal emulator to check if my phone was rooted and when i type adb shell its says denied

  34. backup Failed to run command………… it wont let me flash recovery img

    aprint hero.

    any idea on what i need to do.???????????????

  35. Hi all,
    Quick question, does rooting the htc hero allow you to use any network sim card in the phone, or will i have to still find a way to unluck the phone.

    Thanks in advance.

  36. TheUnlockr,

    I just bought a Sprint HTC Hero and tired to root it using your tutorial (I haven’t tried to install a custom ROM just yet). I am not certain if i have rooted the phone successfully.
    When I press and hold Power + Home it takes me to the “Android System recovery” where I can choose from Reboot system, backup, wipe etc. I assume that means my phone is rooted. But, the other day I was trying to use an app that required root access (tetherwifi?) but I said I didn’t have root access!!
    Could you please help me understand what is that I am doing wrong? Do i HAVE TO install a custom ROM?

  37. Hey has anyone successfully rooted a cellular south htc hero? i have not found anyone that has if anyone has please respond.

    1. Peter,

      That means you need to downgrade, use the Before You Begin to downgrade appropriately. If you aren’t sure which to use, then use the last one with the goldcard method (for GSM Heros only).
      Good luck!

  38. Tried this about 10 times.. Always end up on the “clear storage” screen when I press Home and Power at the same time.

    Sprint Hero
    Firmware: 1.5
    Kernel: 2.6.27-533ce29d
    Build: 1.56.651.2 CL85027 release-keys
    Software: 1.56.651.2

    Any help would be awesome

  39. Hey theunlockr, i am wanting to do this root and custom rom but i was wanting to know what all does this do and whats the benefits of doing this

  40. mybad forgot to say i have the Sprint’s HTC Hero i just got it about a month ago and want to tweak it out please get back to me thanks alot

  41. One quick question… if i root and install the 2.1 ROM will i still be able to update the firmware regularly through the phone’s update firmware feature under settings/about phone/system updates/firmware update?

  42. Hi, I’m completely new to this and I have a HTC Hero with Sprint. I was just wondering, what is rooting your phone? Is it like jailbreaking an ipod/iphone? What can you do with it after you root it? Sorry, I’m a 100% beginner with this as you can probably tell.

    1. Andy,

      Welcome to our little site 🙂
      Rooting is pretty much identical to jailbreaking an iPhone etc. It gives us access to all the files and commands in our phone. Now why do we want that? Well developers make custom ROMs or apps that require you to be rooted to use them. Custom roms have faster performance, custom themes, new UIs (like the Hero UI on a G1 for example), and a big thing for a lot of people is WiFi tethering apps too.

      Hope that helps, good luck!

  43. I have a HTC HERO thru Ntelos (CDMA). The methods laid out here (to root the phone) and other places don’t seem to work for me. Is my phone’s programing different than sprint? My only goal is to be able to wifi tether my htc hero to the iPad coming Next week. I would be very happy and willing to paypal someone $50.00 if they can hold my hand and make this happen.



  44. The Unlockr,

    A couple of folks have asked if this works (or how to) unlock the cellular south htc hero……I haven’t seen any responses. Do you know, or can you tell us where to find this info?? thanks!

  45. Yo dawgs, Im having the same issue as Terry(#comment-11101) and that FlashRec said “flash successful” but when booting into recovery mode (either from HBOOT or home-power) it just hangs in the HTC boot screen forever. Im assuming that somehow, the flash wasnt successful, or it was the wrong recovery or something like that. I dont know exactly what one it was, but i tried all 3 versions of FlashRec, and whatever versions of the recovery I could find. Since it doesnt work, i was just thinking I should proceed to the Asroot2 method, because honestly I have no idea what’s going on there. Thanks for any help

  46. I would like to thank tha staff on this forum for a easy tut. on this phone…. i’m rooting my aunt’s htc hero for her bcuz i wanted her to enjoy tha freedom on her phone like i have with my #iPhone….. THANKS AGAIN…. follow me on twitter… @MrFuckThaFEDS

  47. I tried every method I could find on the internet and all i did was break my phone, but now on phone number 3 this method worked the first time!!! Great work and thanks for the easy to understand directions..

  48. Unlockr,

    greeting from indonesia. I have an unlocked sprint hero with local carrier. don’t know whether my phone rooted or not. but if i want to root and install custom rom, will with re-locked to sprint? and I must unlocked again it to use with my carrier?


  49. I just got my sprint hero phone today. I tried rooting it and did all the steps. It said flash successful but when I went to put it in recovery mode it never worked. What should I do so this wont happen again?

  50. I have the Sprint HTC Hero. I was able to flash the customer recovery image successfully and accessed the Android System Recovery screen. From here I will load a custom ROM.
    Do you have any suggesstion on ROMS?
    a link I can read about which ROMS have which features?

    Thanks in Advance

    And the walkthrough to for the custom flash recovery was very easy to follow & had good instructions.
    Good job!!!!


  52. hello i d/l the and i did not see the flashrec file? any ideas or help? my first time so i apologize.

    1. Curtis,

      Your computer made it a .zip file automatically. It is supposed to be a .apk Just take the .zip at the end and change it to .apk and then you should be fine.

      1. awesome! thanks for the insight. now i am running HTC_Sprint_Hero_MR_2.27.651.6 which i believe has the patch so we cant root will i need to load an earlier version that doesnt have the patch or am i fine to root? thanks again.

      2. alright…cant handle it anymore lol is anyone willing to give phone support for my Sprint HTC Hero.. ?
        Um in Vegas, so day or night lol anytime, id like to get this complete! Basically interested in making my HTC a HotSpot so my Ipad can access thru my phone and i can save $30 per month..
        702 528 3427

  53. hey i did everything but i get stuck at Flash Custom RecoveryImage button its not lighted for me to peform this option its grayed out so it wont let do the image helpp!

  54. hello i did as the one step method said and when i go to backup recovery image i get “backup failed: could not run command?”… and the download recovery button is greyed out… i am using the two files suggested from your site. i was running RUU.6 but down graded to .5 could this be the issue?

  55. i have the same prob as curtis please help i already lost all the data on my sd card when i formatted it remounted and formatted my sd so i would like to finish

  56. I did all the steps as mentioned above. I get as far as turning the phone on holding power and home, but no root screen pops up. I just get the black screen with hTC on it. What else should I try. Newby language please.


  57. Hey so i did the downgrade steps but when i run the RUU it installs and such, then once its done, it says that i chould check the USB to make sure its plugged in, and my phone turns to the black HTC screen, its been stuck on this for 20 minutes

  58. evry time i click on the apk file link on the intruction ot takes me to some cinfusing website and i dont know which apk file to download from the site.

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