How To Update the Nokia N9 Manually (if the OTA update won’t work)

You, too, might have been excited for the Nokia N9 update that recently came out. You, too, might have tried to do it on your Nokia via the over the air update method that is built in. You, too, might have been sadly disappointed.

I tried maybe a dozen times to get the update to go on my Nokia N9 to no avail. It would constantly tell me that the download was interrupted or the update installation was interrupted and there seemed nothing I could do about it. Turns out, though, there is.

Here’s how to manually update your Nokia N9 using the Device Software Updater and your computer instead of the OTA method on the phone.

I. Before You Begin

1. Make sure your device is fully charged.

2. Perform a backup by going to Settings > Sync and Backup > Backup > New Backup

3. Must have a Windows computer.

II. Download the Updater

1. Head to Nokia’s Europe support site (regardless of whether you are in the States or not its the only place that has the update for the N9).

2. Select the Nokia N9 as your device.

3. Click on Update Using your PC

4. Download the Updater.

III. Update the Nokia N9

1. Double click the exe file for the updater and install it by clicking next until it installs.

2. Restart your computer when asked to do so.

3. Plug in your device via USB cable to your computer when asked to by the program and select Sync and Connect mode on the phone.

4.When the Nokia N9 pops up in the program, it should find the update. Select Install.

5. The update will force your N9 to restart into update mode, wait for it to finish and don’t touch it.

6. Once the device restarts back to normal mode and the program says it Update Complete, you are all set.

18 thoughts on “How To Update the Nokia N9 Manually (if the OTA update won’t work)”

  1. Doesn’t work for me.. My NSU keeps saying there is no update. I’m from Netherlands and N9 wasn’t officially released here, so I cannot update in NL. Since my device was apparently destined for Switzerland (I bought it online in a dutch store), I can only update when in a country where N9 was released. Or flash it.. 

    1. Hmm. Didn’t know it would check against your IP address and know what country you were in. That’s strange cause I’m in the States and the N9 wasn’t officially launched here either but it updated just fine…

      1. I don’t know.. But I was told by a Nokia Support guy that I can’t update because the update wasn’t released in the Netherlands and because my phone was destined for Switzerland.. Someone else told me my phone just didn’t receive the update yet (checked on IMEI number and SIM tray number). I just don’t get it anymore.. 

        1. Ya, not sure why they would block yours and not mine (since I believe mine is Australian and I’m in the US). Try a different NSU, like I recommended to Osh13 above you. Let me know.

          1. I used the european one. Yesterday I did receive an app update, so I guess it’s just that the update for PR1.2 wasn’t released for my phone yet.. I’ll try the australian nsu though..

      2.  David, I live in the US with an Exspansys USA N9 from Australia and I still have not received the update either by OTA or NSU. Any suggestions.

        1. Hmm, which NSU did you try? The one I linked to or the Australian one? Whichever one you tried to use, try the other one (i.e. if you used the Europe one I have here, try the Australian and vise versa). Let me know if that works.

          1.  David, I tried the European,Australian and US versions of NSU and there is no update as of March 13th. Glad you got yours. Thanks for replying. Dennis

  2. i bought my n9 in australia…. but i m in india for a while and got message on my screen abt update being available….and i successfully did it… *happy-happy*

  3. hi david cogen, i installed the updater. when i get to the download of new software update using the updater, it keep on telling me “downloading software, please wait..” and “83 minutes left”..looks like it is not responding. it is normal??

    1. update: i’m using a slow connection 1mbps: could i unplug the usb cable, and continue the update on my computer? this is because the size is 1.1 GB. and it takes 14 hours to download all of it..

  4. Mehmud M. Saleyi

    Thank you, But it won’t work with my Nokia N9 (059J1W1_40.2012.21.3_001_64 GB) it just fail!!!
    Somebody help, Please.

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