HTC One M8 Review (Video)

In an effort to stand out last year, HTC built one of the few all metal bodies for their flagship Android device; the HTC One. Even though it got a decent amount of praise across the internet, its sales numbers didn’t really impress anyone. 6.4 million units sold in 2013 to be precise, which may not sound like a small amount, but comparing that to the 43.3 million Galaxy S4’s sold by Samsung in a similar timeframe, well, it sounds a lot worse.

This year HTC is on a mission to try and gain back (or at least stem) some of it’s falling market share and the device they plan to use to do that is the new HTC One M8. Let’s see if it is up to the challenge.

Screen, Appearance, Hardware

  • 5″ 1080P resolution display
  • Great 441 ppi density makes things clear (35% greater than iPhone 5S)
  • Solid feeling
  • Metallic back carved out of a solid piece for smooth edges.

Speakers, Sound Quality

  • Dual front-facing speakers
  • Boomsound software enhancements in conjunction with the dual front-facing speakers make for a pleasant listening experience outside of just using headphones.
  • Speakers aren’t the loudest but are louder than most  (while staying crisp sounding).


  • Dual rear-facing cameras used for unique depth of field shots (each 4MPs).
  • Front facing 5MP camera, highlighting a focus on “selfies”.
  • Dual LED flash
  • uFocus effect is novel and can be used to quickly convince friends your camera is better than theirs by blurring out the background.

Software, HTC Sense UI

  • Sense 6.0 is more minimalistic than other Android UI skins, and I like it that way.
  • Blinkfeed is a great addition to Android for quick access to RSS feeds and social network updates.
  • HTC’s font choices and widgets are beautifully modern (as always).

Links to the other videos mentioned in the video above:

HTC One M8 Camera Walkthrough
TV Remote Feature and the Havoc It’ll Cause
HTC Sense 6.0 Walkthrough

What do you guys think?

PS Stay tuned for comparison videos with the HTC One M8, including it versus the Galaxy S5 coming soon!

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8 responses to “HTC One M8 Review (Video)”

  1. Larry Whorley says:

    Nicely done. I also watched the sense video – quite detailed. I have the M7 and I’m still considering an update to the M8.

    • David Cogen says:

      Thanks! Yeah, it’s a tough call honestly. A lot of what I like about the M8 is present on the M7, so it’s not as big of a jump… Let me know what you decide! PS GS5 vs HTC One M8 coming soon!

  2. Dr. Ronisha Green-Castillo says:

    The Unlockr was once an awesome website for Android resources. Now it’s
    only a harbinger of VIRUSES under the guise of iLivid Downloader. This
    website SUCKS!

  3. chuckd05 says:

    Your sample pictures are bogus in a sense that you could easily have tapped to focus elsewhere and gotten a MUCH better picture.

  4. jesse says:

    the dual cameras on the back are 4mp and a 2mp.. you said they were both 4mp..

    • David Cogen says:

      The HTC material I have says “Dual 4MP camera setup” so that’s what I’m going off of. Do you have somewhere that it says 2MP for the sensor? I’d be happy to correct it. Thanks.

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