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Product Description

The World’s Smallest Portable Power Outlet

Power Anything, Anywhere.

A Wall Outlet In Your Pocket

No longer will you be stuck next to a wall or forced to sit on the floor trying to power your devices. Now you can finally have your own personal and portable wall outlet to plug in your laptop.

Power Anything

Laptops, Lights, Phones, Tablets, Televisions, Radios, Speakers, the list just goes on and on. Literally, anything that can charge by USB or by a standard wall plug using 90 watts or less can be powered.

Premium Panasonic Batteries

The same high capacity lithium-ion batteries designed by Panasonic and used in Tesla Motor Vehicles. These batteries store more power in a small format while retaining their charge for long durations.

Funded on Indiegogo

With the support of thousands of backers around the world, the portable power outlet raised over $400,000 through Indiegogo.


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