Replacement Battery for iPhone 5C_5S
iPhone 5C & 5S Battery with Tools

iPhone 5S Replacement Battery


  • Exact specs as the original battery in your iPhone 5S
  • Thoroughly tested and surpassed all regulations
  • Guaranteed to work as well as the original
  • Comes with all tools needed AND glue strips to keep the battery secure
  • Comes with a detailed video on how to install it

45 in stock (can be backordered)

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Product Description

Replacement battery for the iPhone 5S Exact specs as the original battery for your Apple iPhone 5S, has been tested thoroughly and surpassed all battery regulations, and comes with everything you need to install it including the replacement glue strips to make sure it is held down securely (which other replacement batteries don’t come with usually). Guaranteed to work flawlessly and is easy to install. Even comes with a video with exact instructions on how to replace the battery.

How to Replace the Battery on the iPhone 5S

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