Things to Do with a Broken Phone (Video)

I hate Sony. OK, that’s a bit harsh. I’m just disappointed in them, I suppose. The reason being that my Xperia Z stopped accepting my SIM card for some reason and when I sent it in for warranty, they sent it back telling me it wasn’t covered. I then called them and asked if I could simply pay them to fix it (as it seems the reasoning was a certain person put the SIM card in upside down and scraped the metal connectors that read the SIM card). After a lengthy hold, they came back to tell me… no. They don’t fix that and their only solution for me is for me to try and find a third-party repair store that would fix what they, the creator of the phone, wouldn’t attempt. Right…

So needless to say, I’m left with a useless phone that was designed with one of the worst SIM card trays imaginable (seriously, take a look, no way of knowing what direction to put it in so I’m not surprised it went in the wrong way) that the manufacturer won’t repair even if I pay them to. A dilemma, for sure.

This then got me thinking, “What does one do with a device that no one will fix for them?” So, I decided to put together a video of the various solutions I came across and here they are:

What other solutions do you recommend?

8 thoughts on “Things to Do with a Broken Phone (Video)”

  1. I suggest using it as a digital media device, just like Apple iPod Touch or its Android counterparts. Using everything else but telephone features do not require working SIM card, right?

  2. I have the same problem with the service centre. I think mostly outsourced. The service centre recommend me to go to a 3rd party!!!
    These are killing Sony

  3. I got one, stop buying those Droid devices, so many manufacturers have their hands in the cookie jar, what one will do, another won’t touch, I like my AppleCare with my iphone, I’m not a fanboy, but “anything” happens my fault or not, I walk into the local Apple store & walk out with a new working iphone, no questions asked.. How’s that 🙂

    1. CM-10.2.1-D2ATT

      Droid? Are you a troll or are you just an idiot. He clearly said Sony Xperia, Not a Motorola droid.

  4. Ctrl Alt Repairs

    Actually a third party would be able to fix it. (a good one tho, those sony are one of the most difficult to fix along with the LG nexus)
    We have fixed many of those broken sim card readers/holders/trays.

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