Amy Eichelberg

How To Install And Manage Ringtones In iOS 7

Tired of hearing the same Marimba or Xylophone tone when your Mom calls? Well, iOS 7 has plenty of ringtones designed for those of us who need a little excitement in our […]

How to Have Multiple Google Calendars on your iPhone / in iOS 7

Numerous iOS 7 users have encountered a problem where Google Calendars (as in from Google Apps) is no longer showing in iOS 7 Calendar apps. Also, Contacts don’t sync with […]

How To Set Up iCloud Keychain For iOS 7

iCloud Keychain is a new feature in iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks that syncs your Safari website usernames and passwords, credit card information, and Wi-Fi network information across your Apple devices. […]

Android 4.3 Headed to HTC One Developer Edition This Week

According to Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s president of global sales, HTC will go ahead and push Android 4.3 to the HTC One Developer Edition this week. Mackenzie took to Twitter to make the […]

Obama Administration Files Petition To The FCC: Urges Carriers To Unlock Mobile Devices

The White House filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday requesting that all wireless carriers be required to unlock all mobile devices so that consumers can easily […]

Our Own David Cogen Chats About The New iPhones On Fox Business News

We’re sure you witnessed Apple unveil the new iPhone 5s and 5c earlier this week, but did you know that our very own David Cogen was featured live on Fox […]

HTC America Terminates 20 Percent Of Their Workforce

HTC America announced on Friday that they have decided to terminate 20 percent of its workforce. The layoffs equate to approximately 30 employees out of the 150-person division. The announcement […]

Apple Elaborates On How The iPhone 5s Touch ID Fingerprint Reader Works, Won’t Store Images Of Fingerprints

When Apple first unveiled the new iPhone 5s, one of the hardware features that stood apart was the Touch ID fingerprint reader. Outside of demonstrating the basic concept, the company […]

Phonebloks Lego-Like Device Allows You To Interchange Single Components Of A Smartphone

When a smartphone becomes inoperable, we typically resign to tossing it in a junk drawer and buying a new one. What consumers may not realize is that the death of […]

Leaked Android 4.3 OTA Build Available for AT&T HTC One

If you are the proud owner of an HTC One and call AT&T your carrier home, then get ready for some hacking action. A recent RUU has been made available online and […]

iPhone 5s/5c Vs. Leading Android Smartphones Spec Comparison

The Apple event has come and gone leaving us with two new devices to wrap our brains around: the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C. The real question is how […]

Google Quietly Updates The Google Play Logo

Google quietly updated the Google Play logo across the familiar Play store that we’ve grown to use and love so much. In case you missed the change, the logo no longer says […]

Twitter’s Official Tablet App Leaks Out Of IFA, Download APK Here

Any die hard Twitter user will tell you that the official Twitter app for Android tablets has been missing in action. We know that iOS users have an app optimized […]

Sprint Confirms LG G2 Launch for October 11, $199 On Contract

Sprint confirmed that its very own variant of the LG G2 will be available for pre-order starting October 11. In order to secure the device, Sprint users can expect to pay […]

Nokia Not A Fan of Google’s Choice: Fires Back At Kit Kat Name Via Twitter

We were just as shocked as anyone else when Google came forth nonchalantly and announced “Kit Kat” to be their next Android version. This is the first time Google is […]