Samsung S24 Real-World Test (Day in the Life Review)

I take the Samsung Galaxy S24 out for a full day to test the battery, camera, and more while we get coffee from a clothing brand, figure out the secret navigation system inside Central Park, and get involved in an impromptu concert in the Bethesda Arcade. Come watch!

Best Electric Bikes for Every Type of Rider in 2024

There are so many electric bikes out right now that it’s hard to decide which to get. I went out and tested a bunch and these are the best electric bikes you can buy right now for every type of rider. Whether you want the best ebikes for commuting, cruising, or even ones that fold, here are the ones to look at right now updated for 2024.

Oppo Find X7 Ultra Real-World Test (Day in the Life Review)

I recently took the Oppo Find X7 Ultra out for a full day in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see how it did. From the original location of a local coffee chain to a historic park inspired by Versailles to an incredible build your own stir fry place, come explore with me!

How Smoking Food Works (& How It Has Evolved)

Humans have been smoking food to preserve it and add flavor for a long time. But how did smoking food start, how does smoking food scientifically work, and how is it evolving now thanks to technology?

The Current State of Windows on ARM-Architecture (& Its Promising Future)

We’ve heard a lot about computers based on different processor architectures lately, but what is the latest with Windows on Snapdragon? Well, in this video, I go through all of the major changes that might have flown under your radar when it comes to Snapdragon chipsets on Windows computers as

What is AR Actually Good For?

We’ve seen a lot of augmented reality being shown off lately but it begs the question what is AR actually useful for and what use cases are there for AR? So in this Decodr episode, let’s walk through some of the ways that AR could actually be useful (and why

Why You Should Pay Attention to the RAM in Your Next Phone

We’re all familiar with how RAM allows you to multitask on our phones, but it actually does so much more (and those letters next to the RAM on a spec sheet mean more than you think). Here’s why you should pay more attention to the RAM in your next phone.